Beware of Botox which does not remove skin wrinkles

Is there any Botox that does not reduce the signs of aging on the skin? Dr. explained the question. Nihat Mustafayev, “Botox is one of the most effective treatments for wrinkles on the face. When Botox application is performed by a specialist, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired results. Sometimes we meet people who say they are Botox resistant, and complain that Botox has little or no effect. You may think that you have developed immunity to Botox as the underlying cause of this condition and you are wondering if there is any cure for it. However, the reason you encounter resistance to the Botox applications that you have created to eliminate skin wrinkles may not be an immune problem and you can certainly do something about it.

“I will try to explain the situation, which is defined as the prevention of Botox, that is, the lack of Botox in the public, within the professional perspective and the framework of medical opinion. Botox resistance is a condition in which a patient produces antibodies to botulinum toxin or metabolizes the Botox drug very quickly. For these patients, Botox injections provide very short-term effects or no side effects. True Botox resistance is extremely rare. Studies show that less than 1.5% of patients have true Botox resistance. “

Botox Resistant Skin Wrinkle Prevention 4 Reasons

“Most of the time, patients have little effect, but in reality there is no Botox resistance,” said Dr. Nihat Mustafayev lists the reasons for not achieving the desired results after Botox:

1. Botox may not have the full effect

Although many patients notice less wrinkles within 48 hours, it can take up to 10 days to notice the full effect. In other words, you have to be patient. If it’s been more than 2 weeks and you still don’t see the results you expected, it’s a good idea to consult your specialist.

2. Your new doctor may try to determine the appropriate dose.

Starting with high doses of Botox treatment is not a very reliable method. Therefore, it is important to complete the missing dose and proceed. If you change your doctor who administers the Botox procedure and you are continuing treatment with a new doctor, your new doctor may make a controlled application to determine the appropriate dose. Therefore, when 10-15 days of Botox have passed and you are not able to achieve the desired effect, keep in touch with your doctor and do not delay in applying the complementary dose.

3. You may be facing another problem where Botox alone is not enough.

It should not be forgotten that the aging process continues in the background despite being applied to the skin. In Botox applications, the same dose is applied, but you can no longer get satisfactory results; Your skin may lose collagen and elasticity and / or your facial oil may be reduced. In both cases the lines can be deep. In such cases, increasing the dose or duration of Botox is not the best solution. Instead, Botox enhances the effect and improves skin appearance; A youthful look and natural facial expressions can be achieved through injectable fillers and mesotherapy products.

4. Botox may be applied to the wrong area or in the wrong dose

Having extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and the ability to apply appropriate doses in keeping with the patient’s expectations and skin quality is very important for anyone who injects. For this reason, in the manner performed by non-physician practitioners; Wrong doses or injections at the wrong points in the facial muscles can have unintended consequences.

Is Chronic Botox Possible?

“High doses of Botox and frequent application increase Botox resistance,” he said. Nihat Mustafayev said: “These medical applications, created by skilled health professionals, require some precautions to be sustainable.

Just as it is important to use sunscreen in summer and winter, it is also important to use moisturizers and zinc supplements to maintain skin moisture balance. It is important to avoid using devices with massage functions in the Botox area, hot water and steam baths and movements that force facial expressions. The success of Botox is largely related to the application. When the desired results are not obtained, treatment can be rescheduled with appropriate dose adjustment.

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