Cengiz Ceylan – Report Card Day Approach, Mom and Dad Please Note!

Shortly after the school closed. According to the statistics published by the Ministry of National Education, a total of 16 thousand 125 schools, 16 lakh 85 thousand 943 students After an intense period of education and training June 17 In 2022 He will go on leave with the report card.

Mothers and fathers are just as excited or more excited than children when it comes to report cards. The question in mind is the same: “I wonder if my child will get a good report card?”Although the day of the report card is a day full of joy and excitement for some families; For some families, this is a stressful and stressful day. Not much is said about a good report card, but a bad report card is a problem for the student and his family. In general, families cannot digest and accept bad report cards.

Whether our children’s grades are good or bad, parents’ perceptions on each report card have a significant impact on their children’s school success, and more importantly, on their psychology, such as poor self-development, anxiety disorder or depression.

First, do not forget that; Every child’s intelligence, perception level and learning ability are very different from each other. For this reason, it should not be assumed that the reason behind not showing the report card that the student will receive is not enough study for the lesson.

So, on the day of the report card, how should the child be contacted, what should be done and what should be avoided?

We must remember that there are many reasons for failure in school.

We can summarize these factors under three main headings.

  • Causes arising from mental and physical problems of the student,

  • For family reasons,

  • School-teacher-related reasons,

If you want to make an assessment about your child’s report card (it will be done), it should be evaluated considering the above factors.

The most challenging thing for the family; How to communicate with a child who has a good or bad report card can be extremely confusing for the family. “Shall we reward his success or treat it as normal?” There is a question

If your child’s report card is good …

Do not overestimate or overlook his success. Say words that will make him happy and joyful without exaggerating his success. On the contrary, avoid ignoring his success. On the other hand, ignoring success can make the child feel that he and his actions are not important because he is not appreciated and this can lead to his weak self development.

Don’t say “yes” to everything because it brings a good report card! Avoid unnecessary gifts. Otherwise, he always expects to be rewarded for everything he does and if that doesn’t happen he will be unhappy.

Avoid self-praise: Don’t praise your own arrogance like “this is my son / daughter”.

If your child’s report card is bad …

The scorecard is a result, but it is not informative in itself. Grade sometimes does not reflect the child’s actual skills, interests and efforts. Because school success is often not a measure of success in real life. Therefore, when approaching a child with a bad report card, parents should view this situation as a process, not an outcome.

Mistreatment and punishment of a child can lead to depression. Don’t use derogatory, self-improvement sentences like “nothing will happen to you”.

Also, be sure to avoid “you already stupid” nicknames that label and insult him.

Sometimes, sometimes the child’s report card; Successful siblings or other peers should not be compared. This situation creates a feeling of jealousy and enmity towards the people being compared in the child.

Your child’s report card is actually your report card as a parent. It is important to find the answer to why you did not succeed with the child. As a parent, it is helpful to review your own perceptions of success. Review your attitude as a family, critique yourself. Because sometimes family stress factors can affect a child’s school success and cause a bad report card.

The high expectations and pressure of parents about report cards will cause children to play with report card notes and lie. It is also important not to bring children’s holidays through the nose. It is not possible to achieve positive results by constantly dealing with unsuccessful report cards. It should not be overlooked that students may experience frustration, extreme anxiety, fear, panic and stress due to the negative behavior seen from their family.

Although excessive stress will cause students mental health problems that are difficult to solve in the future, we see reports of attempted suicide and running away from home for this reason, though not often.

The important thing is not to overreact to the child who received a bad report card and to treat the child who received a good report card in a controlled manner. Regardless of the outcome of the report card, it is important for the child to feel loved, cared for and stood by.

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