Encouragement to graduate in Ino .. “We have graduated 152 thousand so far”

Ino University has held its graduation ceremony for the 2021-2022 academic year. Rector Professor Dr. spoke at the graduation ceremony of 6 thousand students. Ahmet Kızılay said the university has graduated 152,000 in 47 years. Rock band Kalpa gave a concert at the graduation ceremony.

At the University Stadium ..
Graduation ceremony held at Ino University Stadium; Maltese Governor Hulusi Shahin, 2nd Army Chief of Staff and Garrison Commander Maj. Gen. Selami Arslan, Maltaya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Suleiman Bayram, Ino University Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmet Kijile, Deputy Chairman of the Bar Association Vulcan Durhan, Provincial Gender Murder Commander Senior Colonel Erkan Altin, Provincial Police Chief Erkan Dagdeviren, Yelliurt Mayor Mehmet Chanar, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Abdul Qadir Baharchek, Professor. Dr. Ibrahim Turkmen and Professor. Dr. Nusrat Akpolat, Member of the Senate, Secretary General Mustafa Gezer, Head of the Department of Health Culture and Sports Hakan Tunch, academic and administrative staff, students and their families were present.

The graduation ceremony, which began with a concert by singer Fatih Jensi and her band, continued with a moment of silence and the singing of the national anthem, followed by the graduation students’ Cortez March.

“Our main goal is to work hard and be successful”
Mertkan Öncü, a student at the university’s top sports science faculty for the 2021-2022 academic year at Ino University, said:

“I am fortunate to spend our time on this beautiful campus in beautiful Turkey, with modern educational structures, social spheres and facilities and countless opportunities for research, development and application that enrich our educational life. In addition, I would like to express our satisfaction that our education and training life continued uninterrupted through the correct and expeditious decisions taken by the university administration at the most acute and difficult time of the global epidemic, which had profoundly affected our country. By. For this reason, I would like to express my gratitude to all our administrators and professors, especially the rector of our university, who has worked tirelessly day and night. From today, when we graduate with great effort, investment and hope under the patronage of our state and nation, it will be our most fundamental duty to work, strive and succeed for the bright and happy future of our country as professionals and responsible. Person. “

“We’ve given 152,000 graduates so far.”
Inonu University Rector Professor. Dr. “We have come together today for our students’ graduation ceremony,” said Ahmet Kijile. The happiest day of our university; We welcome all of you to our young graduates who are the guarantors of our future and the jewel in their eyes that we will deliver to our country. For the last two years, we have not been able to graduate because of Kovid-19. We’re glad to have a graduation this year. ” Says

Noting that the main objective of Ino University is to create useful information for humanity, to raise qualified people and to provide quality services to the society, especially for health, Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmed Kijile says:

“Under the guidance of science, respecting human rights and universal values, drawing strength from our ancient values ​​and our national history, free-thinking, open to innovation, creative, respecting individual, social and universal values, respecting the environment. Where they live, high self-confidence, love to serve their country, the ability to solve the problems they face. We hope to raise young people who are today, we are proud to be able to graduate 6,000 deserving and deserving students. ”

Providing information about Inuni University, Rector Kijile continued as follows:

“Our university, which is 47 years old, is one of the most well-established and advanced institutions of higher learning in our country. We have graduated about 152 thousand graduates so far. We make a great contribution to the development of our cities, regions and countries through the quality of human knowledge we provide, the scientific knowledge we build and the quality services we provide to society. Our university has 14 faculties, 6 institutes, 2 colleges, a state archive and 4 vocational colleges. Diplomas are awarded in 450 programs, including 46 associate degrees, 152 undergraduates, 261 undergraduates and doctorates. Our university, with 6,200 academic and administrative staff and about 40,000 students, is one of the most beautiful campuses in our country and in the world. “

Emphasizing that the campus of Ino University has been chosen as the 2021 campus of the world, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmet Kizilay used the following statement:

“Very valuable parents and the family of our graduates, you raised your children and sent them to our university. You entrust it to us. Today is a very happy day for you. You came here to see the graduation of your sons, whom you raised with devotion. Your children have not wasted your efforts and the opportunities our country has given them. They have shown great success. They deserve a diploma from our university. Be proud of your children. I sincerely congratulate you. My highly respected colleagues, respected teachers, you have equipped these young people, who are our future, with knowledge. You have prepared for the future and graduated. I congratulate you for your hard work. I would like to thank all the administrative staff of our university who have ensured a successful continuation of education and training. ”

Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kijile also talks about graduates:

“Dear student! I congratulate you. A graduate means a person who has the skills to be licensed and qualified to work. Today, you have successfully graduated from our university, where many years ago, as a well-equipped, qualified person, you You are the jewel in our eyes, the source of our pride. You are the source of pride for your parents who raised you. You are the future of our country, our future to which we are confident. With that we will hand over all the work we are doing today. We have full confidence in you. You have the knowledge and skills to take our country forward. Then, keep working, keep learning, educate yourself. Don’t sever ties with our university. Let the knowledge you have acquired, the national and moral values ​​you possess, and the universal human values ​​be your guide. Try to do your best. Young people, good luck. Good luck. ”

“Inun University is a Multi-Solved University”
Speaking at the event, Maltese Governor Hulusi Shahin said:

“I am just happy to be here with your strength. You are here as a genius of the future. Ino University is a very well established university. It is now half a century old. You too are proud to be a graduate of this well-established university. Of course, you will contribute to the university with your success in your future life. Remember: You will succeed in the long life waiting for you. Know that your university life will always be a part of your identity. No matter how long you live, you will say that you are from Ino University. You will definitely be very successful in your next life. I congratulate you very much, I wish you all the best. “

After the protocol lecture, awards were given to the students who were placed at the undergraduate and associate degree level in the University Rankings for the 2021-2022 academic year.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, while the famous rock band Kolpa took the stage, the Vice Rector of Ino University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Nusrat Akpolat gave flowers and gifts to the Kolpa group and a fireworks display was performed at the end of the concert.

2021-2022 Academic Year Degree Ranking ..
University Degree Rankings at the 2021-2022 Academic Year Graduation Level; Sports science student Mertkan Öncü took first place, Arts and Science student Mehmet Izmirli second, and Arts and Science student Nazan Epic and Nursing student Kansel Goke third.

In the ranking of success at the associate degree level, Ayaz and Marve Shaheen shared the first place with the students of Vocational School of Health Services, Tuge Polat second and Duyagu Ishbasaran third.

In the International Undergraduate Students’ Rankings, Arts and Science student Umeem Ahmed took first place, followed by Arts and Science student Yara Shahkayad and Engineering student Bayan Errahim. Nur Kulali, a student of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, came third.

In the ranking of international students at the associate degree level, students from the Vocational School of Health Services, Muhammad Hamish, came first, Muhammad Abdullah second and Yasmin Tirkavi third.

Source: inonu.edu.tr- UNUHABER (Eren Sakalli- Furkan Burak Abak- Leilanur Chelik- Marah Suleman- Habibe Kulam)

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