Her own little heart is big … 8 year old Goke has donated money for her bicycle

Her own little heart is big … 8 year old Goke has donated money for her bicycle

Gokey Kaya, an 8-year-old elementary school student in Marcin, donated the money she saved with the dream of buying a bicycle to help Humera, who is suffering from a chronic illness and is fighting for her life in Antalya.

The benefactors, who were aware of the exemplary behavior, rewarded Goke by presenting the bike they wanted to buy.

8-year-old Goke Kaya, a sophomore from Mersin Elementary School, donated his savings with the dream of buying a bicycle to help Humera, who lives in Antalya and is fighting for his life due to his chronic illness. Aware of this, the social workers rewarded the little girl for her exemplary behavior by giving her the bike she wanted to buy.

Hilal Tunke, a volunteer from Erdemli district in Mersin, and Aye Isin gave information to teachers at the school to support the governor-approved aid campaign, for 3-year-old Humera Topal, whose SMA type-1 patient lives in Antalya. The teachers also informed the students that they can help in promoting the aid on a voluntary basis. Goke Kaya, a second-year student at Erdemley Primary School, was impressed by Humaira’s condition because she was his sister and asked to help his family. After the family said that our situation was not very favorable now, 8-year-old Goke took money from his piggy bank to buy a bicycle with the permission of his family. Through his exemplary behavior, Goke touched the hearts of his family, teachers, and volunteers. Afterwards, the volunteers bought the bike of his dreams and gave it to Goke as a gift.

He can be in my brother’s place, everyone should be fine. “

Explaining his feelings, 8-year-old Gokey Kaya said, “My teacher told me about the ‘Breath to Humera’ campaign. I was very upset. I wanted to bring money to my piggy bank. I thought about bringing it earlier. I told my mother.” “Later, I brought it with permission from my mother. I could have bought my own bike later, but Humera,” he said. He could have been my brother. Thank you and everyone for buying a bike.

“We were stuck with his father. We couldn’t find a word to say about him.”

Recalling her daughter coming home that afternoon, mother Huru Keya said, “My daughter came and said, ‘Mom, we have to help with the money.’ I want to send them an envelope. “My daughter is not available at this time. Maybe another time she said,” I’ll take the money to my piggy bank. “My daughter said,” I’ll buy you a bike with him. ” I’ll buy the bike later, but nothing after Humaira. “We clung to his father, he would say, of course, we couldn’t find a word. You know your own money, I don’t want an envelope, I told your teacher what That’s what you said. We wouldn’t be able to live without our teacher. The child was so deeply entrenched in his heart that he was very upset, “she said.

Didn’t say when to donate the bike money

Expressing that he was very impressed with the process, teacher Çiler Demirci said, “I learned it when he contacted his mother. But I was really touched. It was a very high feeling. It was a great feeling that he gave up. Humera, her dream has not been postponed. And she is such a beautiful child that ‘my own bicycle money’. She did not say, maybe we will not accept her. She just brought it to me and said, I want to keep it. ‘”

“He who does good finds good”

“We all know that Humera Topal, who is in the press, also lives in Antalya. A charity campaign has been announced in our school. The one who learned it gave his student a bicycle. We concluded that ‘he who does good finds good.’ Gokche, who donated for Humaira, is the best example of this. I thank our student for this normal behavior. “

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