‘Jurassic World Domination’ hits theaters today. Legendary director Colin Trevoro has spoken with the Republic

“Jurassic World Domination”, the movie “Jurassic Park” fans have been waiting for, is being screened today. The movie is directed by Colin Trevro. The movie I saw the day before was like a visual feast.

The movie happened four years after the destruction of the Nubla. The second film tells the story of a time when dinosaurs and humans, who were able to scatter around the world from where they were kept, lived together for the first time in history.

Dinosaurs have now joined us, even living and hunting with people all over the world. “Jurassic World Domination” is actually the end of a 30-year story. We see in “Jurassic World Domination” that we should actually respect the forces of nature. Because if we fail, we can be destroyed like dinosaurs.

The director of the movie not only finished the story that started with Jurassic World in 2015, but also the story that started with Jurassic Park in 1993. Just to make it clear, emphasis was placed on including all the characters of the legend in the movie. The acting is very successful, but the fiction, the subject does not surprise us very much. In the photo, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard with Laura Darn, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neal. The new cast members in the movie are Dwanda Wise, Mamudu Athi, Dichen Lachman, Scott Hedge and Campbell Scott.

The director has even created a role for the new character Mamudu Athi. “He’s one of my favorite actors and the one I want to work with,” Trevor explains.

The film’s cinematographer John Schwartzman deserves applause. The visual effects of the movie were not just done on the computer. More than 100 sets have been created and embedded in the digital animal and animatronics hands-on environment. The team has worked hard to ensure that most of what we see on screen is hands-on. Animatronics (animal-shaped robots) are used more than in previous films. While watching the movie, we see that more than a dozen dinosaurs appear on the scene at once. In fact, the team has focused on all the paleontological discoveries of the last 30 years. This is why you will see feathered dinosaurs in the new movie.

The legendary director has spoken to the Republic

Colin Trevro, who is also the producer and author of the film “Jurassic World Domination”, spoke to the Republic about the film being released today.

Did you get excited about this project?

Jurassic World Domination is a movie I’ve been waiting for all this time. The coexistence of dinosaurs with humans in the modern world is something I have wanted to see since I was a child. This game we play in the sandbox with our players. I thought it was a great honor to bring these ideas to life, a great honor to bring back the characters of Sam Neal, Laura Darn and Jeff Goldblum, to understand how they have changed and how they have seen this new world.

How did you manage to make Jurassic World dominance bigger, bolder and more breathtaking than previous films?

I think our story needs it. This movie is two linear stories that run parallel to each other and come closer until they meet. It gave the movie a great perspective, allowed us to place dinosaurs in a variety of environments, and put people all over the world into new kinds of horror and adventure. Our goal is to show viewers something they haven’t seen before. So we go to the movies. Making this commitment, especially to children, is the best part of my job.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom We have seen how the island of Nubla was destroyed. But some dinosaurs were rescued and eventually escaped into our free-roaming world. What has happened so far in the last 4 years?

They are just animals trying to adapt to a new environment so alien to them. They were taken from their natural habitat to other continents. This is something that happens every day in our world, it can be very dangerous and harmful in many ways. Despite being out of their time and not being there, they were comfortably taken from an island where they grew up and kept elsewhere. As a result, they are surprised, frightened, and apprehensive about new things. In some cases, they feel threatened and attacked. It can become very dangerous in a very short time.

Dinosaurs walking among us adds a whole new level and look to the story. As a filmmaker, the possibilities have to be endless.

There’s a lot I wanted to see and it was hard not to make an endless movie. But I think the last movie is in a very good place. We didn’t get caught up in the possibilities too much and didn’t forget the characters. When I saw it again, I forgot everything that had happened in my life and went on an adventure. Being able to give this kind of escapism to the audience means that we have arrived as a filmmaker and I think we need more now than ever before.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas re-starred as Howard Wayne Grady and Claire Deering.

Chris, Bryce and I made three movies together and we grew up making them. We were relatively young when shooting for Jurassic World. We were given a great responsibility, but we jumped in and did something very important, real and new for all of us. We gave our all and fortunately the movie was a success for us. When this happens you are given another chance and in this case two more. The most important thing for us was that these characters have changed and evolved since we first met them. The Claire you see at the beginning of Jurassic World is completely different from the Claire we left at the end of Jurassic World domination. The same can be said of Wayne Grady, who takes on a different level of responsibility in this movie. She is not just a parent, she has truly created a spiritual bond with these animals. Both Claire and Owen really want their daughters and these creatures to find their place on earth. For both of them, that evolution was crucial for all of us.

The power between them on the big screen is very good.

We are trying to choose actors who have some common character with the character. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. When you cast two people who have the same power as Chris and Bryce, those characters are more likely to have the same power.

What was it like for Laura Darn, Sam Neal and Jeff Goldblum to recreate their memorable roles and dynamics from the original Jurassic Park?

I really tied the knot with Laura and Sam about the idea of ​​having a second love story in this movie. We thought it was beautiful and rare. In rehearsals, they got up in character and talked to each other, and we found moments in the movie in that process. We wrote something that was realistic and original to them. I did the same with Jeff. Ian Malcolm’s idea was what his view of the modern world was and how it had changed. At the beginning of the movie, he has a lecture he gives to a group of young scientists and I think he has a voice for Jeff as well as Ian Malcolm. Seeing the actors as officers of their character helped us to do something very intimate and real. And that was the only way we could make a film that truly honored a film made by Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg.

The movie also has new characters and actors. What did Mamudu Aathi and Dwanda Wise come up with in the roles of Ramsay Cole and Kayla Watts?

Mamoudou Athie is one of my favorite actors and I wanted to work with him so I made a role for him. They did not like. For the first time, Dwanda Wise feels fortunate to be able to share an energy and talent with a global audience that will be part of the movie for a long time to come. I have no doubt that there will be thousands of girls dressed as Kayla Watts on Halloween. Iconic

Then there must be dinosaurs …

This movie has taken a huge step towards depicting dinosaurs on the screen. In previous films, we still believed in Jurassic Park’s basic idea that genomes are complete with frog DNA. They were alike amusement park monsters. But in this movie Biosyn has new advanced technology and has given us different rules. We’ve taken all the paleontological discoveries of the last 30 years and taken the opportunity to be more precise animals. So we made dinosaur feathers.

What were the major technical challenges here after that?

The visual effects of our movies are not just done on the computer. We’ve created over 100 sets and placed digital animals and animatronics in a hands-on environment. We have learned a lot from the three films. I’m glad we didn’t put dinosaurs on our planet until this movie because we needed all these lessons to understand how to make it real. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that most of what you see on the screen is hands-on. We have used more animatronics than ever before. I think at one time there were more than a dozen dinosaurs on stage. It was a dream come true.

How do you view the whole experience as someone who has made movies since the end of the Jurassic World trilogy?

I’m not sure I’ve digested the whole process yet. I have been with this movie for almost ten years in my life. My kids were very young when we started, now they are teenagers. I am honored to have the opportunity to create these stories and share them with the world. It was the adventure of my life.

What should visitors expect from Jurassic World Dominance?

They should hopefully move away from the world we live in for a few hours. Then when it’s over, I hope they come out of the theater thinking that this movie has something meaningful and resonant. Dinosaur evidence that we have been on this planet for a very short time. Our existence is very sensitive. Even the strongest living creatures on earth did not live forever.

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