Last minute: Earling Holland signed for Manchester City! There has been a lot of talk about the transfer video! After 22 years, ‘Baba’ details …

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Defending English Premier League champions Manchester City have announced that they have signed Erling Holland for a five-year deal.

The 21-year-old Norwegian striker’s five-year contract will take effect on July 1 and will last until 2027.

First statement from Holland: I chose the city for my father

After signing, Holland made a statement on Manchester City’s official website; “First of all, I chose the city because of my father. I was born in England. I’ve been a City fan all my life. I knew a lot about the club. Two things were different: feeling at home and being able to play my best here. Proud for the family. It’s an award day. I’ve always followed City and I really like what they’ve done in recent years. It’s hard not to appreciate the team’s performance. There are a lot of players from all over the world and we are the best in history. Guardiola is one of the best. I can easily say that I am in the right place in the team. I can. I’m looking forward to the start of the season. ” He said.

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First, I chose the city because of my father. I was born in England. I’ve been a City fan all my life. I knew a lot about the club. Two things stand out; That I feel at home here and be able to play my best game here.

Erling Holland

Begiristan: “We have been following for a long time”

Manchester City football director Tikiki Begiristan says the following about Holland:

“A great talent … we’ve included some of the best forwards in Europe in recent years. His goal figures in the league and Champions League with Dortmund are incredible. The highest level. He’s a player who will fit perfectly into our squad and our system.” We have moved forward. We’ve known him for years, but he’s only 21. We are sure that he will be equal. It’s good to work with Guardiola. “

Price of independence granted: Euro 60 million

Manchester City have simultaneously signed Erling Holland for a সাথে 60million release clause in their contract with Borussia Dortmund.

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He will be the most winning footballer in the Premier League

Holland’s salary has not been officially announced since he signed a five-year deal with Manchester City, but it was previously claimed in the English press that he would earn 27 27 million a year and become the league’s highest paid player.

The top 6 winning football players in the Premier League (annually)

Erling Holland: 27 million
Cristiano Ronaldo: .4 26.4 million
Kevin de Bruyne: £ 20.8 million
David de GEA: £ 19.5 million
Jadon Sancho: .2 18.2 million
Rafael Varane: .6 17.68 million

7 signed with his father on the same date

Erling Haaland’s father, Alf-Inge Haaland, played for Manchester City from 2000-2003. Manchester City have honored Father Holland by signing Earling Holland on 13 June, just like his father.

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Last Moment: The video signed by Erling Holland for the Manchester City transfer was talked about 22 years later, Dad details ...

The transfer video is viral around the world

The transfer video made by Manchester City for Erling Holland has attracted a lot of attention on social media.

A picture of Erling Holland, whose father was born while playing in Manchester City, was often on the agenda during the transfer period, including the Manchester City jersey as a child. Manchester City, in the video of the transfer announcement, created almost the same atmosphere in that photo and put Holland in the same position.

The transfer video made by City has received a lot of response on social media.

How did Earling Holland return from the gates of Galatasaray?

Earling Holland could have been relocated to Galatasaray, but economic conditions did not allow it. In Galatasaray, who tried to transfer the young striker while playing for Molde, the club demanded 3 million euros in installments. However, this transfer did not take place if you asked for advance money in the mold. The Norwegian club then sold the player in Salzburg for 5 million euros.

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Holland word from Fatih Terim

Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim, while explaining that they were interested before Erling Holland, explained the process about the Norwegian striker with the following words.

Since Holland is from the same city as Linus, we’ve been in touch with his father, talked. We have reached the point of agreement. Guess what would have happened to Turkey if a 20-year-old player had paid 8-9 million that unfortunately did not leave Norway. It is now worth 150 million euros.

Fatih Terim

Nekati Aates: This baby is flying

Mustafa Demirtas, who was part of the Yellow and Red Man scout team for a while, said that in 2018, he saw the 20-year-old Norwegian footballer in Galatasaray.

We followed Erling Holland in 2018 and reported to Terrim. Hodja liked it so much, he immediately sent Davala and Necati Ateş to watch live. Ateş called the teacher in the 10th minute and said that this baby is flying. An offer was made in installments and did not.

Mostafa Demirtas

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