Mercury Gemini transit and its effect on the zodiac

With our birth, a map is created that shows our purpose in this life, what kind of character we have and most importantly, our destiny and we astrologers call it the natal chart. Following the instantaneous movement of the sky, we get support from astrology at the point of reflection and interpretation of our lives. On Monday, June 13, 2022, Mercury enters Gemini by changing the sign. Formsanté Online Astrologer Funda Koç – Astrologer Hera Formsante writes about the power of Mercury Gemini transit and its effect on the zodiac.

On 13 June 18:27, the messenger planet Mercury, which represents our communication and mind, will move to Gemini, where it rules and where it feels extremely comfortable. Mercury will continue its Gemini journey, which began June 13, in this sign until July 5. If you ask how Mercury Gemini’s journey will affect us, here are the details of the article;

Mercury is in its strongest position in Gemini and our minds will work faster than before. The time will come when we will be able to express ourselves more comfortably. However, one of the negative effects of this period is that we will live in the days of “talking with one mouth”, so we will have plenty of time to gossip with our friends. I recommend that you analyze the accuracy of each piece of news under this influence, because I do not want you to act emotionally because of the effect of false information transfer. We will be more intelligent than before, leaning towards research and acquiring knowledge. Therefore, to our best advantage, the way we turn this time around; To create new projects related to your business, to receive new training or to focus on the work of existing books or articles. You can prove yourself more comfortable than ever and prove yourself to the boss in the business environment. It is important to keep in mind that you will have a quick change of heart during this time. Similarly, you can change the decision you made today, tomorrow, I warn you.

Aries and Ascending Aries: Mercury Gemini will take you to the influence of neighbors, siblings and education. Therefore, for the next 3 weeks, you will communicate with relatives like siblings and cousins ​​waiting for you. You may want to join a new training program and this decision may be very good for you, I tell you.

Rise of Taurus and Taurus Mercury Gemini is preparing to influence you on your finances and income. You can discuss various ways to increase your salary. On the other hand, those who do not have a regular income in Taurus can concentrate on job interviews at this time and I can say that they will be very confident in getting a job.

Gemini and emerging Gemini: Mercury Gemini will affect you in all cases. You are the sign of the zodiac which will be most positively affected by the Mercury Gemini transit, and this transit will take you to live in an active time in every sense. However, I recommend that you do not run into the problem of right and wrong in communicating with your father and your wife.

Cancer and ascending Cancer Mercury Gemini Transit can work as if you can hear the words spoken behind your back and it can make you retreat a bit. However, as the mountain is not aware of the annoying mountain, we will be at a very convenient time to talk openly with another person and identify the source of the problem instead of withdrawing into your shell.

Leo and Leo Ascendant: Mercury Gemini will influence you in the social environment. During this 3-week period, you may feel that you are becoming brighter in your circle of friends by spending more time with your friends. You will be in the spotlight with your favorite Lewis anyway, you will be the jewel in the eye of your friends with Mercury Gemini Transit.

Daughters and ascending daughters: Mercury Gemini will affect your career. You will be in a time where you can talk a lot about finding a job, interviewing, starting a new project or changing your position at work. However, some of you may find yourself working on new projects as the workload may increase.

Cotton and climbing cotton: Mercury Gemini will influence you in higher education and abroad. You can create travel programs abroad and even spend time with relatives or friends living abroad. Again, if you have news of your expectations in higher education, the expected news may come in this period.

Scorpio and Scorpio Climb: Going to Mercury Gemini can be a little difficult for you financially. This transit can give you active time and discuss debt, credit and taxes. On the other hand, during this time all kinds of ongoing problems like inheritance and maintenance can be eliminated.

Sagittarius and ascending bow: The passage of Mercury in Gemini will affect you in terms of partnership and wife. Since there may be arousing energy with your wife during this period, it is useful to take it from the bottom so as not to stretch the rope. Similarly, the other party may not be interested in taking it too lightly in the process. You can be nervous with your favorite Sagittarius partner, who also does joint business, be careful.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rise: Mercury Gemini seems to have an effect on your daily life and health. You may have to spend time with your coworkers, and you may have to make frequent phone calls. If you are Capricorn with a pet, your friend’s health problems may be on the agenda at this time.

Aquarius and Ascending Aquarius: Mercury Gemini is getting ready to impress you about love. There will come a time when you will meet and communicate frequently with your loved one. Aquarius people who do not have a love affair at the moment, they can enter a new love in their life at any moment. However, I must immediately warn that there may be people in this person’s life for whom he is responsible. I advise you to make sure that the person you just met is not married.

Pisces and emerging fish: Mercury Gemini will affect your home and family. You can communicate frequently on issues such as home renovations or home buying and selling. Time is waiting for you when your interactions with family members will increase. There may be disagreements in the family, which may cause you to feel uneasy. The good news of a new child may come to the family of the beloved Pisces.

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