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Death is right, the earth is mortal, God (CC) remains. There are lies in the property, there are lies, and you will be a little late.

Dear reader, we are deceiving ourselves by saying something insignificant to resources. This is of course certain and crucial at some point. But this is not the most important thing in the world. We don’t live for it alone, and so do those who make mistakes. People who put all their energy into collecting goods become the gatekeepers of the goods they have accumulated and do not understand it. What happens next? Death finds the man and discusses how to distribute what they had saved before the funeral home was destroyed. Death is right and inheritance is halal.

Of course, we can talk about business philosophy from night to morning. We can talk about inheritance issues from a legal standpoint from morning till night. After all, there is a huge branch called inheritance law. What we are going to talk about is how a childless couple shares their inheritance.

You can say that this is the biggest problem of Europeans, there is no one in our country who does not think of children, look at our young population and you will see. Not so, though. Everyone in the world has a test. By all means, the number of people without children is increasing. Indeed, there are concerns in the medical world that after a certain stage, there will be no people who have children in a natural way. Over time, you may find that the number of pregnancies increases with treatment. Is it a process or something else involved after the genetic manipulation of food? But one way or another, lately we don’t have children, the question of who will be my wife’s heir has started to be asked a lot as a lawyer. The answer to the question varies according to different possibilities.

1. If the deceased has no children, who will inherit?

– If a deceased person has no children; If the deceased’s parents are alive, the inheritance is left to both the spouse and the husband / wife and both the parents. In this case, half of the inheritance goes to the spouse and the other half to the parents.

2. If the wife of the deceased is alive but there are no parents, then who will inherit?

Now, it is not possible or clear that the deceased’s parents have died, but if his wife is accompanied by his grandparents, then the inheritance is divided between his wife and grandparents at this time. In this case, 3/4 of the inheritance goes to the surviving wife and the remaining quarter goes to the grandparents. This means; If the deceased has no parents, the grandparents are entitled to inherit. In other words, because the head of the clan is alive, his siblings have no share in the inheritance. In other words, the head of the clan prevents the lower clan from inheriting.

3. Who will inherit if the deceased has no wife and children?

It is a pity that this man is an orphan, does a person have no one? But sometimes we meet such people.

In this case, if there is no mother and father as the head of the family, the inheritance goes to the siblings.
In addition, if none of the above-mentioned relatives, i.e.; Wife, children; Parents; If there are no siblings, the inheritance goes to the state treasury.

4. If the spouse of the deceased is alive but the parents, grandparents have died, does the inheritance go to the siblings or nephews?

We come to the most difficult question. Inheritance law has the concept of group. Inheritance is the distribution of the first rights of any group within the framework of specific rules. If that group does not exist, it is distributed to the next group within the framework of certain rules. The most likely legal problem is the division of the inheritance of the child, the mother and the father, and the person who does not have grandparents. Because of the events we have described above, the bond between those who share the inheritance in one way or another is strengthened, and hostility increases when siblings, nephews, etc. are involved. Aunt, father-in-law, cousin, nephew etc. When there is a main character in this movie, then of course a war movie appears. Among these people, there is always someone ( I apologize to you ) Sees him as a vulture.

If the parents and grandparents of a childless person do not survive, half of the inheritance goes to the surviving wife and the other half to the siblings ( If there are dead siblings, his children, nieces ) Remains. Here, especially in the case of the death of one of the couples who bought a house just for their head, the rest of the wives suffer a lot. Imagine that one of the couples, who had taken care of each other for years and bought a house with two rooms, died, and the surviving wife, whose life had faded, suddenly became a partner in this house. Unfortunately, some of this can be very dishonest and can lead to big complaints all of a sudden.

We strongly believe that new legal regulations are especially necessary for such situations. We have a legal system that places great importance on the family organization and it would be very helpful to consider such a possibility.

5. Couples who do not have children and parents should make a will, if they have bad siblings and nephews.

Dear Reader, Our purpose is not to look down on anyone or to look down on siblings or nephews. But let’s not forget that there are people who have unfortunate brothers and nephews. The meaning of your life is that you have no one but your spouse, and this request of those who do not want to inherit when you die, that no one came to you even for a day, did not ask you. The need, which was not with you at the time of your illness, should be met with understanding. Shares reserved by law. The heirs of the hidden part are parents, children, wives and grandchildren. Their rights are protected to a certain extent. That rate cannot be violated even if desired.

Here, in our case, only the spouse inherits the reserved portion among the people whose spouse survived and whose parents died. In other words, siblings and their children do not inherit the reserved portion. It gives you the freedom to make a will. In other words, after you die, you can leave your property to your spouse through a will, especially to prevent your spouse from becoming a victim. In this case, siblings or nephews cannot inherit. As long as you do not violate your wife’s reserved share rate, you can allocate a share from your inheritance to others.

At this point, you will keep your brothers and nephews away from your inheritance. Since these people do not inherit the reserved portion, they cannot sue for the revocation of the will. We have to think about these things while we are alive, we have to calculate what will happen to my wife if I don’t have children and my parents die. It is important that you think about your spouse, the one and only one who has always been with you even after your death. Mr. Lawyer, don’t say you’re bothering us, these are the realities of life. We don’t know who died before whom, but it’s better to live well and think about his wife, clear! Best wishes.

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