Nobel laureate of Karbala: Alevis – Hussein Turhan, new message

I would like to start by saying that being an Alevi in ​​this geography means “being Anatolia itself”.

As you know, the meaningless and unnecessary ‘Alevism’ debate that started with the presidential candidate has been going on recently.

The talk show I watched last night on a TV channel reminded me of the negativity of the past.

On Alevism; Anyone who brings up a topic, regardless of their position, position, opinion or thought, knowingly or unknowingly is doing the greatest harm to this country!

Please friends!

Raise your head and look around!

Our four-sided ring of fire …

Our centuries-old and sworn enemy; Vampires around the world … they’re working hard.

The Greeks that we have poured into the Aegean Sea are playing with fire.


Let’s go back to the title.

Nationalism has been highly valued in this country.

Our generation and before that Alevi-Sunni, grew up with the right-left debate.

After all, we see that all this nonsense countertop!

Look at that head!

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Kılıçdaroğlu mentions, “If you are a candidate, they will not vote for you!” It is a shame to make such a statement!

What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?

Year after year this issue has been heated and served before the nation!

Some political calculations, different perspectives and understandings and talking about nationalism in this way is dangerous for our unity and solidarity.

It is a bigger danger than losing the presidency.

Specifically about Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu being discussed, it is unacceptable for a person (if he is interrupted) to be detained and viewed because of his country of birth, where he grew up, because of his beliefs and ethnicity. From a different perspective!

According to the Ankara deputy, whose apology is greater than his guilt, the fact that Kamal Bay is a “Alevi” may be a cause for concern for him and those who think like him, but as your “Sunni” brother who is the author of the line, I can clearly say. That this is not a concern, on the contrary, it is a necessity of democracy.

Mr Erdogan has the right to be nominated, as does Kılıçdaroğlu. They are all children of this country. There is nothing else!

Oh, he can’t win the election. This is a separate topic of discussion.

A divisive and poisonous language called “Alevi”!

Is such an illusion possible?

This is called ‘fascism’.

Unfortunately, our people have suffered greatly from the systematic game that has been practiced for centuries and from these and similar discussions and prejudices run by organizations like FETO.

For Alevis;

– The food he cooks is inedible.

– You can’t enter their house.

– The door will be crossed out.

– Perverted, ridiculous and dishonest jokes about candles.

I could list dozens more like this here.

Come on everyone!

Is there anything else to talk about?

Economics, hike!

Do not divide the society with such stale and artificial agenda.

The liter of petrol, which costs 30 TL, has reached the stage of stopping communication with the driver traders.

What a pity!

However, there is no such issue in the agenda of the citizens.

Inflation is the problem of citizens in the fight to survive in the bad gear of the economy!

In our opinion, bringing different issues to the agenda and paying a political premium is a country that goes to bed and wakes up.

No one else eats these words!

Citizens only talk about economy and cost of living in markets, bazaars and coffee shops.

While talking, “How can we get rid of this dark picture, who will reduce the price of petrol and diesel? What will be the price of flour, sugar and tea?” Said

As a result.

Taking our differences as our resources, we need to develop democracy, respect for the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and love in cultural and sociological terms.

The essence of the word.

The Alevi spirits who adopted the ancient word of the roaring hockey Bekatas-i Valley, “even if you get hurt don’t hit” as their guide, and did not come close to any deception … they were killed in Maras. They were killed in Koram. They were burnt to death in Shivas. They were shot in Ghazi. But they never compromised on love and tolerance for motherland, race, flag.

I love you Ehle baitHer boyfriend Harz Hossain’s comrades. The great descendants of Karbala did not bow down to oppression.

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