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Whose work is Love Blowing Nejan? Who is the author of the book Love Bluing Nejan? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Love Blowing Nezen? What does the book Love Blowing Nezen say about? Is there a love blowing nezan pdf download link? Who is the author of the book Love Blowing Nezen, Adam Ozbe? Here are the summaries, songs, comments and reviews of the book Love Bluing Nezin …


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Author: Adam Ozbe

Publisher: Tutku Publishing House

ISBN: 9786054308170

Number of pages: 299

What is love blowing called Neyzen? Subject, main idea, summary

After Nigen Hurray, he used it at night for the last time and then he penetrated his heart by sharpening the nipple and inserting it under his ribs. What you have blown with your lips and lungs many times before, now you are blowing with your heart. Blood began to flow from Ney’s mouth, from Ney’s hole, and from Ney’s mouth.


The novel is a tragic love story between Saber Sevi’s wife Serera, who came to the palace during the reign of Awsi Mehmet, and a young madrasa teacher, Neigen; In shedding light on the history of time, it also bears witness to the fact that love always brings the same pain everywhere.

Love Blowing Nejen Quotes – Lyrics

  • The biggest poverty in the world is living without friends.
  • What a virtuous deed to cry in the world. Cry, don’t hesitate.
  • – I wish you all the best ..!
  • If spring comes inside the person and the flower buds show themselves, neither winter nor frost will affect him.
  • Mostafa Pasha, money always comes, but when peace and security are gone, you can find it so that it can exist again. Our most important capital in our land; Our geniuses are not our cannons, our peace and quiet. That way you know
  • “The sky hides all secrets within itself. Only God can reveal the unknown in the darkness of that place. I have filled my sky and my earth with it so that I do not forget my secrets.”
  • “… which means that as long as people lived in pain, they would prepare themselves for the legend.”
  • “You are in a state where you are half-believers, half-unbelievers. Love for those who understand how many souls you have in one body.”
  • “If spring comes inside a person and the flower buds show themselves, neither cold nor frost will affect him.”
  • “If he could name the feeling that began to sprout inside him, he would have crossed many steep hills and crossed many deep valleys with his heart that it could not contain. But he was restless and uncomfortable.”
  • “-Welcome, you have made the garden of our hearts beautiful. – The Creator, who has created the beautiful, must always be welcomed. To welcome, to make the heart happy, and to leave is necessary.”
  • “Everywhere I look, I see birds perched on the branches of trees, you are the honey of those flowers, the wind of my sea, you are the light of my day … My fatigue is not clear from my feet but from my road, I hit my life , They are always orphans … that, the waterfall of my sorrow drips from my hand, it flies away from my ney, the alphabet of my pain “# askuflenenneyzen # ademozbay # pameyyayinlari # poetry # ask # kitaphanindayiz # separation ozlem #pain
  • “When you start reading this letter, I will already be leaving this heaven where your breath is flowing. If God promises me a hell where my flesh will be cut to pieces every day but you will be by my side, I will not swear for a moment. Hesitate, I’ll accept it at that moment. I can’t be with you. ” I think all levels of heaven are a thousand times more painful than hell. You, my heaven, are the reward for my almost suffering. Forty years. “

Love Blowing Negin Review – Personal Review

It’s an extra wax and romantic-scented narrative. It is written in a style that supports and even condemns dissent against the Ottoman Empire. I wanted to finish when I started, otherwise I would never recommend it. Waste of time (I read)

| Love Blowing Nejen | #bookinterpretation #okudumbitti হাই Hi everyone. I always want to play ney. In my opinion Ney has a different sense of peace. What happened during the Ottoman period was the claim of Christ by the Jews who declared themselves the Messiah … Under the conditions of that time, young children were separated from their families and their education, the sword was used. .. The full story of the plot awaits the reader. In the book, we read with transcendental subjects, our history is at the forefront and there is the concept of unavoidable love with details. While reading the book, I liked that it has a calm side and a simple and fluent language. # Quote “Now he thought that as long as people lived with pain, they were preparing themselves for the legend.” # asküflenenneyzen # azkitap #booklovers #instalike #booklikes #bookstagramturkey #bookphotography #okurun commentu (A y ş such as ü l)

The book begins with Sabet Mehmed Sevi, who considers himself the Messiah, being brought to the Ottoman palace. The Sultan said, “Either give your life back or not” and the so-called Messiah seemed more valuable. This is how our story begins. The story tells of the confusion and confusion that the so-called Messiah lived in the palace. The so-called Messiah also has a wife, Sarah. We are a girl whose family was murdered as a child and wherever she goes she tries to take advantage of … when she sees men as lustful, she meets Silahatar. A teacher in Delashir of Shilahata. He is a Nejen and a poet. He tastes the purity and clarity of love. But their love is so great that they sacrifice themselves, sacrificing their lives for others. Dies as an atheist, dies as a bad woman. The book is very smooth and simple. Although there are many things to read, one of them may be Love Blowing Nejen. But what comes to my mind is Hekimbaşı etc. living in the Ottoman Empire. Were the returnees really interested in such a conspiracy? I will do research on this … Also, the story of Lilith and Christ is something I did not know, I will also do research on this … (Tugse Iqbal Sivan)

Is there a love blowing nezan pdf download link?

One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Adem Özbay – Neyzen Blowing Love is the PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Adem Özbay?

I was born in the mining town of Jonguldak as the son of a miner. Our Çaycuma district, where I live, was a small and charming town. I grew up smelling the soil and the sound of the wind. These made my childhood very good.

Then I went to Ankara for university. After studying at METU and Hacettepe, I won in the philosophy department of Istanbul University and went to Istanbul.

Now I am studying language and literature in a school abroad.

The learning process is a lifelong journey for me. I will continue to read and learn new things until my last day.

Adem Özbay Books – Work

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  • Wait for me if I’m not …
  • Love Blowing Nejan
  • Hello life, I arrived!
  • I went to make love and I will never come back
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  • I took the grief of losing
  • How to be a writer
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  • Word dictionary without you
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Adem Ozbay Quotes – Lyrics

  • What else is there to give except the heart of the lover? (Word dictionary without you)
  • Reading a book is not an activity to fulfill leisure time, it is an activity that is done with time. (How to be a writer)
  • Mostafa Pasha, money always comes, but when peace and security are gone, you can find it so that it can exist again. Our most important capital in our land; Our geniuses are not our cannons, our peace and quiet. That way you know (Love Blowing Nejan)
  • Kindness is the cheapest but most expensive quality in this world. (loveperest)
  • When you want to get up, you look up. I look down .. Nietzsche (Discover yourself)
  • In the end, when there is no solution other than taking refuge in the heart, tea is drunk. (Wait for me if I’m not …)
  • You know, books were once man’s friend. They thought about each other at night, they missed each other during the day. From father to son, from son to grandson, the most valuable legacy was the home library. (Kevkib)
  • Love is building bridges. Instead of building bridges, people fall alone because of building walls. (Hello life, I arrived! )
  • The best teacher is life. (I took the grief of losing)
  • “Tomorrow is not for tired and exhausted people, but for hardworking people who can give up their comforts.” # Cicero (I love you success)
  • “Unconscious flocks are nothing but dry crowds; in fact, they are all destroyed for slaughter in the slaughterhouse.” (Line for Wisdom and Wisdom)
  • My heart says hello to you. (My heart greets you)
  • If the answer to “What’s wrong” goes to “No problem, God is there!”, It means you’ve reached the station of gratitude. (loveperest)
  • The heart is given like an empty notebook, you are responsible for what you write in it! (Ashkakal)
  • If one day you get lost, if you keep silent when you tell me where I am, if the purple of your window fades, if no wind blows your ship to the beach, if there is no relief in your feet, if you can hold your heart No, there is no hope, if you do not get help from a compass, if you are suddenly alone in the middle of the road, if the sun does not warm you in the middle of spring, if the rain does not warm you, if it hits your face with loneliness, if Strong tea does not accompany your conversation, if the seagulls do not get the bagels you throw, if the flowers turn their faces, when you stretch out your hand, when you lose your sails, when you are sad like a migratory bird, when you bend your neck like an orphan girl, when Your eyes turn red, when you restrain yourself not to cry, go back to your heart, your heart. Your home, return to love, your love is your heart. (I took the forgotten letter)
  • Earth is a huge planet and if you didn’t come I would be lost in that endless dark emptiness. (I went to make love and I will never come back)
  • “Thank you, I’ve learned that if a person has nothing to say, he must have words to keep quiet.” (I took the forgotten letter)
  • If you have a beautiful mind, if you have compassion, if you have a heart, if you have love, you are the most beautiful flower in the world …Ashkakal)
  • I read the book and cried. I cried after reading the fairy tale. I read poetry and cried ..Wait for me if I’m not …)
  • He left a sad heart for our love, a sad man, because in learning we stumble and learn to live, first to grieve, love had to be left in the void like a child whose candy was taken when your foot slipped and fell in the middle of the road, There was a frown of shame, love, love is one thing, “all other things” was love. (Love twice)

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