The teacher and the muezzin couple set an example for those who have albinism with their two children.

PendicThe MD family, consisting of a father, a teacher, a mother, a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, working as a muezzin trustee in a mosque in Istanbul, continues their life happily and consciously despite some difficulties. From their differences, which are commonly referred to as “albino”.

Every year, June 13 is celebrated as “World Albinism Awareness Day”.

Albinism, a rare genetic difference found in 1 in 17,000 people, where human skin, hair, eyebrows and eyelids turn white or have various difficulties due to the inability to make melanin pigment in the body.

Albinos, who do not have a deep sense of depth due to differences in eye physiology and cannot choose specific occupations due to vision problems such as not being able to notice details, sensitivity to bright light and involuntary trembling of students, still have many success stories in Turkey.

Pendic Murtazin Trustee of Hazrat Yahya Mosque in Kurtki, Hikmet Mdi and his wife Kurtki set an example for everyone, including Anatolian Imam Hatip High School geography teacher Sefa Mdi, their children Berra and Selim, who are successful in their profession and face many difficulties and prejudices. .

Ann Sefa MD told AA Reporter that nothing changed in her life when she first realized she had albinism.

The MD says he learned to make a diagnosis of albinism when he started high school and there are situations where they sometimes find it strange because of their appearance.

MD says people from Albinism also get married and say, “Like other people’s lives, like my other friends, I attend this school. I have about 300 students. I teach my students geography lessons and I try to teach them. We are in life. There are people with albinism who are physiotherapists, pharmacists. “There are many success stories, not just as a teacher. In fact, I’m just an example. We will be involved in life. We just hope for more understanding and tolerance from other people, “he said.

“I’m not too concerned about educating my kids, including albinism.”

The MD explains that there is a big difference between his student life and the present and says that his two children are approaching the age of 3 years.

The MD noted that there are studies for those who are disadvantaged in the education community and continue as follows:

“During my time, we had problems not being able to see the blackboard, especially when reading. Because of this, we were always confined to the front row, but my kids are lucky with advanced technology. Since they live in the age of technology, Not important. For this, assistive devices are more common. They can use telescopic glasses or use them at work. “There is a smart board directly in the classroom. They can use. Tablets, they can use a magnifying glass or tool that magnifies the text while reading a book. When they receive a report from the school, large printed books may be printed for the students. This is why it is so different between my word and the present word. I don’t worry about my children’s education anymore. “

Sefa MD says that as awareness about albinism grows, people’s awareness and attitudes change.

The MD says there have been more negative examples in the past and people’s attitudes are now more beautiful and moderate. He said.

The MD noted that sunscreen is extremely important for people who are described in public as “albino” and said, “When we don’t use sunscreen, our skin will burn. These burns will go away over time, but they will be harmful.” Skin. When it persists year after year, it can result in skin cancer. To prevent it and take risks. “We must use sunscreen to reduce it. Our association has provided us with free sunscreen. They are with us in every spiritual sense. “

The MD reminded that June 13 is “World Albinism Awareness Day” and said that they are alive for 365 days, not just one.

Emdi stressed that all people who are different should be respected and added that they want to be together in a tolerant way.

“I thought I was the only one in the world.”

Father Hikmet MD said that he realized that he had albinism because of the harassment of his peers in primary school.

The MD explained that because of this he had a very difficult process, “I thought that this situation was only for me in the world. I felt that I was the only one in the world where I did not live. He was not a person with Albinism. My parents don’t use sunscreen. He didn’t know it was necessary. ” Says

“I was so sunburned that my arm became blistered and blistered.” The MD, who used the expression, said they are now looking for suitable sunglasses and creams for their children before they are one year old.

The MD noted that they did not feel the care they had received at a young age, suffered a lot and their families were not very aware of these issues.

The MD, who has been working at a mosque in Kurtko since 2017, explained that he chose the profession under his father’s guidance, saying, “I came from Karabuk. I didn’t have the opportunity to work in heavy industry there because I had vision problems. My father told us , ‘This is the best thing for you.’ “It didn’t require vision and it was understandable to us. I had the power to memorize, I used to take part in hadith competitions. That’s how I chose my profession,” he said. He said.

“People who don’t know about albinism come to me and say, ‘Your hair is heavy, why aren’t you retiring?’ They ask. “When I tell them my age, they don’t believe me and they want to see my identity. That’s how we deal with the situation.” He said.

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