TVHB calls on Parliament: ‘No discrimination in healthcare’

In a statement issued by TVHB, “Grand National Assembly of the General Assembly of Turkey”Legislation proposes to amend some health-related laws and decree Act No. 375A call was made to include veterinarians.

In a statement, “Veterinarian; Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect human health, including studies on protective and combating zoonotic diseases transmitted from animals to humans and significantly threatening human health across the country.Proposal and Decree Act No. 375 to amend certain laws relating to health. Not including them is unfortunate not only for the veterinarians but also for the health of the people of our country.

In general, 61 percent of infectious diseases in humans, 75 percent of newly and newly identified pathogens (such as SARS, Mars, Zika, Ebola, Avian Flu, HIV, Covid-19, Monkeypox) and 80 percent of pathogens are associated with biological terrorism. Origin of animals. Still; About 90 percent of food-borne public health risks come from animal feed. The number of zoonotic diseases has exceeded 200.

– It is known that according to Article 36 of the Civil Servant No. 657 Act, specialist doctors, physicians, dentists, specialized veterinarians, veterinarians are in the health service category. In the addition-1 table of the same law, they have now received 3600 additional indicators. Veterinarians under many laws such as 1593, 5996, 6343, 5393, 5216, 5199: public health, (food security, fight against infectious diseases from animals, production of vaccines, serums and biological substances used in humans and animals, etc.), animal health, Animal Welfare They are working to improve the country’s cattle and make it more efficient.‘It was said.

Veterinarian, excluding preparation, at the end of 5 years of training “DegreeWith a “level diploma”VeterinarianThe statement, which states that they graduated with the title “”, included the following statements;

He worked in extremely difficult situations and dangers in the healthcare department, both public and private, and was constantly confronted with many tragic events, such as the death of veterinarian Vulcan Lal, a former Yozgat veterinarian who was stabbed to death in the line of duty. Cause; This is clearly seen in the provisions of Act No. 657, it is unquestionable to evaluate the duties and responsibilities of veterinarians only in the field of animal health.

In the past, in the name of humanity, as well as virologist scientist Professor. Dr. Let’s not forget that Aykut Ozdarendelli is a veterinarian. The Ministry of Health published in the Official Gazette on 14 December 2012 and in the Official Gazette No. 22497 “Health Profession Board Regulation” dated 22.05.2014 and stopped subscribing on 29007. Again, with Acts 7146, 5510, 1219, 6283, 6197, those who are considered healthcare professionals and who work in preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services for human health are entitled to an increase in actual service time of 60 days. Veterinarians are excluded.

The following explanations were included in the continuation of the statement;

“AAlso; TR adds additional section 84 to Retirement Fund Act No. 5434; Among physicians and dentists, those who have been granted pensions, general disability or duty disability pensions on the basis of physician or dentist staff and position, and those who are not entitled to authority compensation with their pensions, the indicator figure has been increased. Indicative figures (13.000) and non-experts according to the relevant law (17.000). It is said that the amount that can be obtained by multiplying the salary coefficient of a civil servant with the pension is made as one. Paying extra monthly, enriching the healthcare class environment after retirement, veterinarians directly related to human health did not participate again.

– The participation of veterinarians in additional instructional control studies is mandatory for staff working in health care classes. Arrangements in accordance with the principle of equality in our constitution is also a situation that needs to be taken into consideration. Although Act No. 657 accepts physicians, dentists and pharmacists from health professions as health workers, regulations that do not include veterinarians only are not legal and are not justified. It also negatively affects work peace. As the Turkish Veterinary Doctors Association, we would like to represent on behalf of the 40,000 veterinarians in our country that “Veterinarians should be included in the draft law and decree law No. 375” amending some health-related laws. In the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

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