What is 2 year old syndrome? What are the symptoms of 2 year old syndrome? How long does 2 year old syndrome last?

All human beings have certain transitional periods and periods in their lives when they go through the syndrome. It is seen in infants and children as well as adults. During the transition from infancy to childhood, the most common 2-year-old syndrome, some symptoms are seen, just like the transition from adolescence to adolescence. What is 2 year old syndrome? What are the symptoms of 2 year old syndrome? How long does 2 year old syndrome last?

The 2-year-old syndrome, also known as the transition from infancy to childhood, reveals some differences in reactions and behavior in children. The child who has embarked on this journey of self-recognition is in the race to gain his own identity. During this time, when the child’s desire to run at an uncontrolled pace, without talking and crawling, the parent’s attachment to the parent decreases, experts call it a time where various psycho-motor skills are much more developed. This is the time when children question everything and look at the surroundings with curious eyes. Experts explain the 2-year-old syndrome, where most children experience events such as getting lost at home, going out and running away at a young age …

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2 year old syndrome

What is 2-Edge Syndrome?

Children, who freely set out to explore the world around them, want to capture, taste and throw away any object with their energetic and curious nature. Experts say that the words and behaviors that mothers and fathers use or say on their children in this process are hereditary; He claims that an impatient, angry, harsh parent makes the child shy, uncertain about his success, insecure and doubtful about his abilities. During this time when conflicts and conflicts with parental statistics began, experts said that parents must master the problem of 2-year-old syndrome.

2 year old syndrome

2 What are the symptoms of Edge Syndrome?

  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Decrease appetite and start food choices
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Attacking parents and people in the neighborhood
  • Mood
  • To be very stubborn
  • Struggling and stubborn to get what you want
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Throw things in your hands
  • Seeing self-harming behavior
  • The mantra of unspoken crying

2 year old syndrome

How Long Does 2-Age Syndrome Last?

Explaining the average duration of the 2-year-old syndrome in the transition from infancy to childhood, experts said that it can start at the age of 1.5 years and last up to the age of 3.5 years and as a result it has been published. Studies have shown that at the age of 4, when he calms down and starts socializing, he becomes more individual. However, if the child learns how to manage the family while going through this syndrome, experts warn that during this time he can carry on some of his habits at a later age and warn the parents about this.

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2 year old syndrome

How can children with 2 year old syndrome be treated?

Although patience varies from family to family at this time, which is a part of human development, psychologists who recommend that impatient and difficult families get help from experts, argue that attention should be paid because this time has a very lasting effect on the child. During this time, noting that the child should be given the opportunity to emit as much energy as possible, the psychologists further emphasized that he should not be hindered and that he should be given the opportunity to express his anger. Don’t force him to do anything and don’t let him argue over the boundaries you have set.

2 year old syndrome

You should say and emphasize that there is a family that lives within the framework of the rules, so that the children who grow up indefinitely change their attitude towards the inner and outer world, so that they do not meet with dissatisfaction and burning syndrome. At a young age, experts, who said that they should refrain from using any word unnecessarily and constantly, explained that it is essential for them to understand that there is something they should not touch or do when they hear a clear number. He said parents should not be able to get around the child, and by taking time for themselves they should realize that each person should make time for themselves.

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