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It is affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. DiabetesObesity increases in parallel with the prevalence. Type 1 and type 2 are the most common Types of diabetes Lecturer Fanda Tunser, who says it’s usually high energy and Fast food A sedentary lifestyle with a Western-style nutrition model, where foods are predominant Development of diabetesIt is said that the primary cause is tuners, just like healthy people DiabetesHe emphasizes that people with healthy food should take adequate and balanced nutrition in their daily life. Tinsor, DiabetesIt recommends that people with diabetes eat fruit and high-fiber whole grains, vegetables and lemons instead of fruit juices.

Fanda Tunser, a lecturer in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Yuscudar University, talks about the causes of diabetes and shares important nutritional recommendations for people with diabetes.

The main fuel for carbohydrate development
Carbohydrate use requires insulin, the basic fuel that provides the energy needed for life to develop and sustain, Lecturer said. His official Fanda Tunser said, “Diabetes EyeWhat? Pancreas It is a disease that develops due to insufficient insulin secreted by the body or inability of the body to use it. The smallest unit of carbohydrate Glucose Accumulates in the blood Hyperglycemia It reflects the situation. ” Says

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are common

DiabetesMention that there are several types of assistant funda tuners, “Type 1 and type 2 are the most common types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetesAll diabetes accounts for 10 percent of patients. It usually occurs in childhood and adolescence. Type 1 DiabetesA. InsulinWe can talk about the absence of these people need to take insulin supplements several times a day, before meals and at night. Type 2 diabetes is a type that occurs in adults with the development of nutritional, genetic and environmental factors. In this disease InsulinIt cannot be used by cells. We can say that the production of insulin decreases in the later stages of the disease. He said.

Diabetes affects millions of people worldwide.

Tunerser says that with the increase in the frequency of obesity due to changes in nutrition and lifestyle habits, the tendency to diabetes has increased significantly and his words continue as follows:Diabetes It is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is reported to have killed 5.2 million people worldwide. In addition, uncontrolled Diabetes In later years, it may lead to the development of some diseases, such as nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy, and cardiovascular disease. Because DiabetesIt is important to prevent and control Western-style diets and sedentary lifestyles, which usually include high energy intake and fast food. Diabetes This is called the primary cause of its development. In addition, it is said that body weight and especially belly fat and liver fat contribute to the development of diabetes. Diabetes In its development, environmental factors such as sedentary lifestyle, sleep duration and quality, smoking, depression and stressful life and socio-economic status are found.

Adequate and balanced diabetes slows down development

DiabetesThere are questions about nutrition habits, obesity, genetic structure and many environmental issues, said the lecturer. His official Fanda Tunser said, “Diabetes Such as affecting the development of chronic diseases Nutritional habits There are growing effects. Adequate and balanced nutrition of the person for a long time, DiabetesIt can slow the progression of the disease, as well as unhealthy foods such as western foods, where eating high-fat, sugary and low-fiber foods can accelerate the onset of the disease. Says

What should diabetics pay attention to nutrition?

Diabetes treatmentYour goal is high Blood sugar levelsTake control of them High blood sugarLecturer said that it is to prevent diseases caused by the disease and to achieve healthy eating habits throughout life. Officer Fanda Tunser went on to say: “Just like healthy people DiabetesAdequate and with individuals Balanced dietThey have to adapt to it in their daily life. Energy and nutritional requirements of diabetic patients; It can vary depending on age, body composition, sex, blood results and the person’s existing disease. That’s why it’s important to create a personalized nutrition plan. In order for a person to meet the required energy and nutrition, they need to choose nutritious food and give importance to food diversity. In addition to these DiabetesThese people should eat every 2-3 hours, as long-term hunger can lead to high blood sugar. DiabetesIt will help bring them under control. “

Fiber helps control blood sugar

DiabetesYou in particular Blood sugarEmphasis on the need to pay attention to carbohydrate intake, which affects Coaching Officer Fanda Tunser“Because of the high sugar content of food, digestion and absorption of food is faster, Increased blood sugar Can happen. Also, the presence of fiber in the diet slows down the digestion and absorption of food. Controlling blood sugarFor this reason, it would be more appropriate for people with diabetes to choose fruits because of their fibrous content instead of fruit juices and to eat whole grains, vegetables and lemons with high fiber content. Also, it is necessary to eat fat and protein foods, which gradually increase the amount of sugar in the blood, with a balanced diet of carbohydrates. Diabetes controlIt will help to ensure that. ” He said.

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