When everyone said it was over, another lasting effect of the nightmare appeared. You may be deaf

Since the onset of the Kovid epidemic, the disease has most affected otolaryngology after the lung and vascular systems. Odor and taste disorders, which were frequently observed in the first wave of the epidemic, were replaced by “sudden hearing loss” with the last dominant variant Omicron.

Ear, nose and throat specialist Professor. Dr. Ismail Kokak noted that they have often experienced sudden hearing loss, especially after covid, and stressed that the treatment is very different from the treatment of classical hearing loss. Sudden hearing loss due to covid is most common in the middle-aged group, and is more common in people who have had the disease vaguely. Most hearing loss, which is rarely permanent, can be corrected with adjuvant treatment.

Professor Dr. Kokak emphasized that hearing loss, which they have often seen in people with a debilitating disease, is more common in middle-aged people and that, unlike treatment for hearing loss after a viral infection, it can be treated with immune-supportive therapies.

Professor Dr. Kokak underlines that the history of covid should also be questioned, and that those with symptoms such as sudden onset of tinnitus, cessation of hearing, difficulty hearing, and wheezing should be treated accordingly.

“Revealed in the last wave of Covid”

Explaining that in the early stages of covid, they saw mostly patients suffering from odor and taste disorders, Professor. Dr. Kokak said, “Later, problems like sleep problems and brain fog came to the fore. But in the last Kovid wave, we began to see a tendency to sleep and hearing loss. The most common hearing loss during an infection is a fluid retention in the middle ear or middle ear infection. But especially in this last variant, the hearing loss related to the inner ear and the nerves related to the ear attracts our attention. There is a spectrum of hearing loss from mild to severe, sometimes 30 decibels, sometimes 70 decibels. So we can’t usually say it’s like this, “he said.

“More often than not people who have covid and don’t”

Note that hearing loss does not seem to be very much related to the severity of covid pass, Professor. Dr. Kokak says: “Our experience shows that we have more nervous problems in people with mild symptoms of covid, such as fever and fatigue. In other words, those with or without the disease are more likely to have problems with hearing or brain damage. Patients who applied at an early stage received the treatment they received in a short period of time. Even when they applied late, they improved with the new generation of treatments. There were those who recovered on their own, but we should now know that covid not only causes odor and taste disorders, brain fog, and hearing loss. The rate of permanent hearing loss is very low.

“Viruses affect cells that support hearing”

Talking about the recently published research on the causes of hearing loss due to covid. Dr. Kokak provided the following information: “These articles show that we see that cells in particular have an effect that supports hearing. Patients also show successful recovery by supporting cells that support hearing through medication. If you ask if a certain age is affected, there is not much effect on children. We often see this in middle-aged people. It is also present in older people, but it is more common in middle-aged people. Patients with tinnitus, hearing loss and congestion are the three complaints. He says that right after the infection or for a while, ringing in his ears, an unusual sound comes to his ears, some in the form of humming, some in the form of high-frequency cries. Some people say they can’t hear. “

“Treatment differs from standard hearing loss”

Explaining that they observed a different clinical picture from hearing loss due to external ear infections, called “summer ears”, Professor Dr. Kokak emphasized that the treatment is different because of this and concludes by saying: Ear problems can be seen because when water comes in contact with the outer ear canal, the tissues there start to become fungus after a while. Then it takes bacteria and causes classical infection which we know. Can be done or sometimes in very mild cases the person recovers on their own. However, in viral infections, the inner ear can be directly affected. Therefore, it is very easy to differentiate it from others. We focused more on antiviral treatments, but we found that they were not very effective. I have focused on. High powdered vitamin C, glutathione, we have created healing with fa lipoic acid and similar drugs. We have generally benefited from treatments that enhance the cell’s own healing and regeneration. Therefore, post-covid hearing loss treatments are not as common as sudden, sudden hearing loss. These treatments must be performed under clinical conditions and under the supervision of a physician.

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