A model in tourism Yalsin Bayer

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Minister Topaloglu Given the unique scent of our hills, juniper trees and orange blossom cologne, he told the story of his transition from DSP to CHP in February (previously, he was mayor of Gaynuk Town for 2 terms from CHP).) He explained that those who are more successful in the position of mayor in the background of teachers, and he has set himself as an example.

The President tells us that today a tourism professional and builder, who was born in a village in Kavdir district of Bardur. Sukru SilanHe advised us to listen to his biography.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Sherwood Hotel, a large number of businessmen, tourism professionals and members of the media, who already number 7, Eval Sam They were invited to his concert. (Sam should always include Black Sea folk songs as well as Balkan folk songs from other regions.)

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From Burdur Sukru SilanIf we tell the success story briefly.

He studied electrical engineering at the Art School. While studying, he lived in the Foundation Student Dormitory. When he joined the military, he was the first in Turkey to pass a technician test to establish a TRT transmitting station. He was assigned to Diyarbakir. However, his father objected “Look, we are siblings. We need livelihood, look, I have 5,000 lira gram, start a business with it.‘She understands him. He opened his own electrician’s shop; He started earning a lot of money from the business of delivering electricity to the villages of Bardur. “My father did another good deed for me, he gave me his land in Antalya, and built a house for himself and gave your brothers what they deserved,” said Shakru Bay. Says

With this he built the 21-room Prince Prize Hotel in Lara. He then began building and selling and built 4,000 homes in Antalya.

“So I prefer construction to tourism.” He said he decided to travel with these resources. She educated her two sons and daughter at Anatolian High School and until three years ago they became a chain of 7 hotels. Aydin DoganThe first tourism investment of 140 decares Gaynuk ‘The Silans who bought Milkan in one town … if it weren’t for the tourism crisis, they would have invested in a hotel like this with their land stock, but now they have taken a break!

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At the head of the family business, his eldest son is studying economics in Canada. Hasan Ali Silan Here. Brother Aydin Silan Also the largest water company in the region SisuSister manages Email Cosc (Ceylon) He also studied law.

Thousands of tourists from Turkey and 70 countries

Service Sherwood Resorts and Hotels, which are in the top three according to the criteria set by the Exporters Association (HIB), host thousands of guests from 70 countries of the world and internally, especially from European countries like England, Germany, Switzerland. And the Netherlands. The hotels are above the sector average, with an area per square meter per person, he said. “We offer our customers more space and more green space,” Ceylan said. Said

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Another model of production and service

The 7 hotels have a bed capacity of 6,499 and about 3,000 employees. Their investment is not limited to hotels; The group has invested 15 million euros since 2019, creating a system that sets and maintains its own standards. It produces all bakery and pastry products for all the facilities established in the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone and its natural ice cream is also very popular. Again, the integrated meat facility, which will meet all the meat needs of the group at AOSB, was launched in May this year. Among the facilities of integrated facilities, a textile washing factory serves their own hotel, a fresh fruit and vegetable business as a wholesaler and more than 1000 cattle and sheep farms have established Solar Power Facility (GES) for their own power generation.

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A family works 18 hours a day

Mentioning that he built a shopping mall in an area of ​​36 thousand m2 in Burdur, father Shakru Silan said, “My kids and I work 18 hours a day, I get up at night and read a book. Reading is a virtue ” He said their main goal was to develop Turkish tourism.

I met the hotel staff. I saw interesting locals at their hotel. From Adana to Diyarbakir and Batman, there were young people who were educated in tourism. Parents sent them with full mind. Two young marketing experts caught our attention. Rabia Kukukusu is from Germany, and Maria Pluchy is from Gagauzia. They listen carefully to their boss’s speech and take notes.

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Is called RANT CHP

IZMIR Member of the Metropolitan Council Tanor Kazanoglu He took his experience in Istanbul to Izmir. He filed a lawsuit against the city lease irrespective of the party regarding the coupon land taken in the commercial housing area by changing the zoning plan by IMM, won the lawsuit and the zoning plan was canceled. The city has won Kazanoglu Criticized, especially members of his own party. In a statement, he said:It is my duty to protect the city I have voted for, I have done my duty. Says

You know what

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IZMIRIn addition to the Bronze Age ceramics, a Mycenaean statue, about 5 cm in height and width, whose head and legs have not been found, has been found in excavations in the Ayasuluk hills of the Selchuk district of Turkey.

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