Attractive defense from the suspect who stabbed the bus driver: ‘It opened itself and sank’

The incident took place last February at Kumhuriyat Kadesi in Muttalip Mahalesi in Tepebasi district. Allegedly, 2 women tried to get on the municipal public bus with single number ticket with line number 59 and number 26BL571 waiting to leave the station.

The bus driver, on the other hand, did not allow passengers to enter the vehicle with a single ticket as the HES code registered on the transport card was mandatory. After arguing with the driver, the women got off the bus and talked on the phone for a while.

He stabbed her and fled

After the phone call, a suspect named Gokhan P (30) came to the stop with his car. The suspect, getting on the bus and getting involved in the discussion, started hitting the driver one by one.

The suspect, Gokhan P., who drew a knife as the fight escalated, injured bus driver Baris Odabasi, 42, in the legs and abdomen. After getting off the bus, the suspect fled the scene in the car he came from.

The case has been upheld with a heavy sentence for non-jurisdictional decision

Injured bus driver Baris Odabasi was released after treatment at Eskihir City Hospital, where he was taken by 112 emergency services to an ambulance. The suspect fled the scene and surrendered to police the next day. The suspect Gokhan P., who was transferred to the court after his approach to the police station, was arrested by a criminal judge of peace from where he was brought, and sent to jail.

Regarding the incident, the Eskihire Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has ruled in a non-jurisdictional case against Gokhan P, 26, a public prosecutor. (27) Eskihir argued with the 3rd. Initially, the criminal court ruled that the incident could be an ‘attempted murder’. The complaint was accepted by the 3rd High Criminal Court in Eskisehi.

6 years to 6 months jail was demanded

The indictment alleges a total of 3 years, 8 years and 6 months imprisonment for the accused Gokhan Pir. Defendant Perihan P was sentenced to 1 to 2 years in prison on charges of ‘threat’ and ‘insult’.

Join the first session

In the first hearing of the case held in Eskişehir 3rd High Criminal Court, the arrested accused Gokhan P. And his brother Perihan P., who was on trial, were present. Complainant Barış Odabaşı and the party’s attorneys were present at the hearing.

My intention was to print the card. “

In his first defense in court, defendant Gokhan P., who described the incident and the moment of struggle with the bus driver, “I was sitting in the coffee shop at the time of the incident. City bus came forward. My mother and sister were also getting on the bus, I was watching them. They got on the bus and got off the bus after a while. I drove to the municipal bus stop, wondering why they got off. When asked, they said the driver would not allow them to print the card. So I got on the bus to know the condition of the driver. I asked why my mother and sister did not print her card. “Not a single card was printed,” the complainant said. In the meantime, I took the Escard out of my pocket, my intention was to print the card. “ Says

“The knife opened manually, installed on the client”

Gokhan P. “The complainant was muttering to himself. I did not fully understand what he was saying because it was a mask, but I heard him say something like ‘coyote’ to me.”

“He said something like ‘two cards need to be printed.’ Meanwhile, the complainant tried to stop me by lightly touching my chest. Meanwhile, I told my sister and mother who were off the bus to get on the bus. The complainant insisted that he would call Gendarmerie, muttered. Then he cursed me. Then I punched him and he came towards me. We started fighting with each other. And in the meanwhile the knife was opened by itself due to struggle.

Otherwise, I would not have struggled like this, especially with the nail in my hand. During our struggle the nail knife was opened during the struggle and it got stuck next to the complainant. I did not specifically injure the complainant with a nail knife. I did not have a knife or a cutting tool. I didn’t particularly use the nail knife. The client’s injury is an accidental injury. I apologize to the complainant, I did not act with criminal intent. “

The court has decided to continue the detention of accused Gokhan P and keep the accused Perihan P awaiting trial, adjourning the hearing to a later date.

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