Bloody murder! Husband-wife killer defends himself: I hit him with stick, I didn’t check if he is alive

The trial of Mehmet Senem, 29, who wanted to join the separatist terrorist organization PKK, began after his wife, Hatice Senem, 23, was beaten in the Derins district of Kokley. Mehmet Senem said his wife cheated on him and beat him with a stick during the quarrel.

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Mehmet Senem, who had beaten his wife Hatis Senem on the night of the incident in Fatih Sultan district on September 24 last year, left home in the morning and went to the HDP Kokeli building to join the separatist terrorist organization. Mehmet Senem, who came out of the party building, was taken into custody. A 60-centimeter-long wooden stick, a 69-centimeter-long donor knife with red spots, 10 rifle cartridges and an electro-shock device were seized. In the autopsy report, it was determined that Hatice Senem had died as a result of general bodily injury and cerebral hemorrhage. Mehmet Senem was arrested “for deliberately killing his wife with a terrible feeling”, then a case was filed against him with a more complex life sentence.

‘I drew my hair and left it on the ground’

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The trial of Mehmet Senem has started today in Kokeli 3rd High Criminal Court. Mehmet Senem, whose defense was taken, claimed that his wife had cheated on him. Cenem later said that the issue of cheating was discussed again and he said, “There were sticks and knives standing side by side in the house. I hit my wife with the stick. I certainly did not use the shock device. On my wife. I saw it in the indictment and I I just hit my wife with the stick. I threw the stick. While I was washing my hands and face in the bathroom, my wife came and hit me. Back with the stick. I took the stick from my wife’s hand. I pulled the stick from my hair and threw it on the floor. He hit his head on the floor. I threw the stick again in the kitchen. The baby’s voice was heard. I went to the baby’s side and took care of him. He sat down. He asked me for water. I gave him water, he drank 4-5 glasses of water. Then he lay down on the sofa.

‘My goal was to take my child home’

“I had no intention of going to the mountains. My intention was to take my child home. After leaving my child, I wanted, I want, that my I’ll take the child home. Go abroad. I feel uncomfortable seeing the police, thinking my wife has complained about me. “

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‘Through me’

“I do not support the accusation of the accused. I can’t stand his speech either. He says he can’t see his child, that he is a victim. Where is my daughter? She is a man named Ö.G. He also had a lot of problems with my daughter. When we warned her, when we offered her a job and money, she scolded me. “I called my daughter several times, but I could not reach her. I reported that the accused had beaten my daughter and told her to arrest her before.” I complained about this incident. I demand the harshest punishment for the accused. Also, the event has been designed. My daughter Hatice was saying that the accused would kill her before this happened, “she said.

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‘Shall I kill your brother and knock on your door?’

Youssef Kurban, the brother of Hatis Senem, also said:
“When I came home about 2 years ago, my father Hussein Qurban was crying. When I asked what happened, I found out that the accused had beaten my sister Hatis. I wanted to talk to the accused on the phone. Said, ‘What happened? Don’t interfere. The accused was trying to shut my brother’s mouth. I even heard that he had beaten my brother. Later, I offered him in a polite tone,’ Come to Istanbul, come. ‘ He said, ‘I’ll think about it and let you know.’ He asked me again, ‘Do you want me to bother you too?’ He spoke threateningly like a man. One day later I spoke to him again like a man. I told him not to hurt my brother. We are constantly sending him money. For this reason, we gave him a statement, ‘I will stop the call.’ Or shall I throw it at your door? ‘ Statement, “he said.

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‘Kurds, but we are not traitors like you’

Hussein Kurban, who intervened in the defense of his son Yusuf, said: “After killing my daughter, the accused will either flee abroad or join the PKK in the country. We are Kurds too, but we are not traitors like you. We are alive. Under this flag. Witnesses to hear. He’s like himself. They’re involved. If the accused had answered my phone and told me where my daughter was, then maybe my daughter would have survived the injury, “he said.

The court board warned Hussein Kurban because he spoke without a word.

He said to his friend, ‘My wife has left me.’

8.A., who was caught in the same vehicle as the accused Mehmet Senem on the day of the incident, but was called as a witness after judicial authorities confirmed that he had nothing to do with the incident, said in his statement to the court:
“A few days before the incident, we talked to Mehmet Senem. He was working with me. I told him that I would pick him up from the house one day before the incident. We were going to the market together. I went. I would call, he would come down. I called through the window. I clicked but he did not answer. So I got it. I drove to the market in my car. , ‘Will you come for my child?’ He said, will you see me in 1-2 days? ‘ “I did not find it strange because Mehmet had been working for me for so long. I had a job in the market, on the way back we handed the baby to my wife. I told my wife what the accused told me. My wife agreed. Later, I left Mehmet at his house. ”

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‘I didn’t know about the death of Hatice Senem’

After a while, Mehmet Senem called him again and informed him that 7.A. “I took the accused back from his house. After we went to Dogukisla market together, Mehmet said to me, ‘Let’s go to the HDP building.’ I was in Kokali for a few years. The accused and the people there speak Kurdish. I did not understand what they were saying. Then we went there. After a while, the police caught us. I thought we were caught with drugs. So I tried to help him at the time of the incident. I didn’t know. I was just trying to help Mehmet’s statement, “he said.

After hearing the defense of witness HD and lawyers, the court evaluated the file and adjourned the hearing until October 4 to wait for the report requested from the Forensic Medicine Institute.

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