Decision on the accused who killed his sister by cutting her throat in the middle of the road

The verdict was announced in the trial of Kamal Balkaya, who strangled his sister Ildiz Gul in Essenler. The court has decided to sentence Kamal Balkaya to life imprisonment.

On 19 April 2021 in Essenler, Kamal Balkaya, 40, cut the throat of his older sister, Ildiz Gul, with whom he had an argument. The verdict was announced about Balkaya, who left her sister injured on the side of the road and died while being caught fleeing at the bus station. Defendant Kamal Balkaya Bakarki was present at the hearing of the verdict in the 24th High Criminal Court. Gulsun A., daughter of Yildiz Gul, who lost her life in the hearing, was present at the hearing while lawyers for the party were present with the CGBIS system.

Victim’s daughter changed her expression to “My mother attacked me,” she said

The statement he made at the first hearing of the case, the complainant Gulsun A. He said there was no argument at home on the day of the incident, explaining that he could not tell the truth because he had been scared before and said, “I want to tell the truth in this hearing that I know. My uncle has not been to our house for many years. Curious, I told him that he had threatened me. My mother was angry. He walked towards me with the knife. My uncle intervened and calmed my mother. Then I went to the market. When I came back, my Mom said they were going to buy a phone with my mama. Sometimes she locked the door on us. She didn’t lock the door that day. I was surprised too. And I followed them. They started walking. They started pointing at each other while talking. We were 50 meters apart. My mother punched my uncle. My uncle answered. They punched. My uncle turned his face towards my mother. My mother made a movement with a knife. She took it out of her bag Fell to the ground. I did not see my mother being stabbed. I was scared and left. In the first session I was under the influence of my mother’s death. My mother attacked me while I was at home. I followed because I was worried he would do something to my uncle. My mother always carried a knife with her, “he said.

“He destroyed my life and the lives of my children as he destroyed his own family.”

In his defense, the accused said, “I did not want my sister to be harmed in the slightest. I do not know what happened to my sister’s condition. She hurt her family in one way or another. My sister destroyed me and my children. She destroyed her own family.” Gave. “

Sentenced to life imprisonment

The court’s board announced its decision after the defendants defended themselves. The court has sentenced Kamal Balkaya to a further life sentence for the crime of “intentional murder against a brother”. The court then reduced the sentence to life imprisonment.

From the complaint

The allegations, prepared by the Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, describe what happened in Essenler on April 19, 2021. It is alleged that the deceased Ildiz Gul was crawling along the road adjacent to the Bashbia Military Barracks when an ambulance carrying another patient spotted the injured woman. It is alleged that the ambulance carrying a pregnant woman intervened and took the injured Ildiz Gul to hospital. The indictment, which states that he lost his life despite the intervention, stated that blood stains were found about 50 meters from the road where the incident took place. According to the chargesheet, Kamal Balka, brother of the deceased, came to his sister’s house on the day of the incident and they went out together and an investigation has been started to arrest him. Accused Balkaya was on his way to Bursa when he was apprehended at the bus station, and was further sentenced to life in prison for “intentionally killing his brother with horrific feelings.” – Istanbul

Source: UAV

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