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The return Kurol film Kumbara was screened in the National Competition section of the 2nd International Izmir Film and Music Festival.

The movie Kumbara tells the story of a man who goes through a lot of hardships in his life struggle and becomes a different person after starting extra work. It makes us question how much life can separate us from the people around us. Ferrit Carroll asks, “How can our expectations, our fears, our attempts at self-existence be separated from those close to us?” He added: “This question was the inspiration for the film.

After the movie premiered, film critic and writer Burak Goral conducted interviews for the film. Director Ferrit Corol and actor Murat Kilik took part in the conversation. In an interview, the film’s director, Ferrit Coroll, said: “It’s a script we wrote based on my father’s story. I learned that my grandmother had Alzheimer’s and then I thought; My father was an only child, and everything would be left to my grandmother when she died. I started thinking about this. What was my dad feeling? Would he want my grandmother to die because he was rich? Then a question comes to my mind, how much can life separate us from the people close to us? I wanted to ask this question in the movie.
“I am a person who lived through the events of the movie, I am married, I have a child, I went through an economic crisis and we lived together in solidarity,” said Murat Kilik, the actor in the movie.

Ahmet Muwaffaq Fale, the artist who introduced Turkey to the world
The documentary film, directed by Deniz Yuxel Abalilu, meets art lovers as part of the “Maffe’s Jazz” festival. The documentary project, which began in 2016 with a tour of Abaliolu at the home of Ahmet Muwaffaq Fale in Sweden, lasted 5 years with significant contributions from the artist and an uninterrupted study. The documentary about the life and musical adventures of world-famous jazz trumpeter Ahmed Muwaffaq Fale, popularly known as “Maffey Fale”, who died at the age of 92, speaks of Maffey’s loneliness after his lost generation and music. Before the speech, trumpet player Ugur Sainbatu presented a short concert for the guests.
In a pre-film interview directed by Vekdi Sayer, the film’s producer and director Deniz Yuxel Abaliolu described the documentary that he shot at Mafi Faley’s house at various times, as follows: “Mafi came from Izmir and I came from Izmir. So it is very important to show this hall and Izmir today. We met in Izmir a few years ago. After that our communication was not cut off. Went to Sweden for movies. If you watch the movie, you will understand that I have made this movie by surviving little by little. Wasn’t a very big team because I wanted it to be in a more friendly environment. I wanted it to be in an environment as if someone had taken it from inside the house. I hope I succeed. ”

The story of a woman whose life is never at war
Directed and scripted by Love Is Cold from Death, the film by Canaan Gared has also met audiences. Love Is Cold Than Death, in the special screening section of the festival, is a fictional film inspired by the experience of the famous singer Bergen, who was the victim of violence by her husband.

Belgin, who is a belly dancer in a pavilion, feels close to casino owner Ali, who rescued her as a result of a police raid and they get married. After a while, they break up with the look of Ali’s ex-girlfriend. When Ali, who had been missing, returned, Belgin became a famous singer. Ali, who does not leave Belgin, continues to interfere in the young woman’s life …

After the screening, an interview was conducted with the film’s director Kanon Gared and actress Bennu Gared in an interview conducted by Vekdi Sayar. Canaan Garrett; “Bergen was a very different woman who always interested me. I made a movie called Roberts Movie. That movie was a completely foreign movie. And since I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a Turkish movie, I chose Bergen. As a result, I wrote the script, “he said.” I was actually working behind the scenes. I contributed a lot to the screenplay. I memorized the script. I said let’s play. .

Movies with song conversations with Murat Merrick
In his interview for the festival, music writer and critic Murat Merich talks about the changes in music policy in Turkey at different times, as well as the reflection of important periods and breaking points on music throughout Turkish history, by way of example. Movies with songs.
Meriç, who for one hour created an informative and pleasant atmosphere with the songs heard with her fluent narration; “Today I will talk about music and movies. I would rather see and hear something than say more. What we call a movie with a song has actually taken place in the lives of all of us in one way or another. We all grew up with songs and movies. Since the 1930s, the songs have been in the movies and the story has started there, “he said.

Concert feast from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Pop Orchestra
The concert, held at Kulturpark by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Pop Orchestra with the concept of nostalgic love songs, gave the audience an unforgettable musical feast.
After the concert, the 1953 movie Waited Song was performed at Kültürpark Open Air Cinema.

Violet Pine Caricature Exhibition
The Milky Way Portrait Cartoon Exhibition, one of 25 works by Meneke Kamer, where he works with portrait cartoons of local and foreign celebrities from the world of cinema and music, was opened in Izmir Sanat with his own unique interpretation.

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