If his title was not ‘Coach’, would you have made Mostafa the president of the company?

RAM Founder of Holding Vehbi Coke, The best grandson Mostafa Kok At age 18, Beko Tikaret’s general manager A.Ş. Genghis SolakogluSent to him.

He started working as a salesman at Beko Ticker in 1967 at the age of 24. Solacoglu, He was constantly roaming around Anatolia, not neglecting his warm communication with dealers.

During the period 1978-1979 SolakogluIts Kaisari tour has come to the fore. Usually Mostafa KokHe thought he should be taken to Caesarea. However, it did not fit. Your thoughts Vehabi coachOpened:

Sir, you know, mortal things happen almost every day. In this environment, I do not want to take Mostafa to Kaisari.

Vehbi Coke, He immediately objected:

My son, Mostafa lives and will stay in this country. You are also a child of parents. Mostafa will go to Kaisari with you …

Years have passed, Mostafa Kok He completed his education and began to hold important positions in the holding company. Solakoglu, Mostafa KokShe has followed closely since her first internship year:

Mostafa was working on one side, on the other side he was spending his time as a pilot, fishing, playing golf, playing sports.

Mostafa Kok One day he saw himself close SolakogluHe opened:

My grandfather is not bringing me to the position of president of the company.

Solacoglu, Submit his proposal:

It is better to write a letter to Vehabi Bek. Write a letter and present your request in an appropriate language.

Mostafa Kok, The source of the letter was found to be appropriate. Solakoglu Go to the computer, Mostafa KokHe wrote the letter from his mouth. Letter Vehabi coachBy sending

Vehbi Coke, The next day SolakogluCalled:

Mostafa wrote the letter … he wants the presidency.

He extended the letter. Solakoglu Read:

Sir, very nice letter. It’s pretty well written.

Vehbi Coke, SolacogluHe asked:

Last name “RAM” If not, will Mostafa be the president of the companies?

Solakoglu He answered as follows:

Sir, last name first “RAM”A

He then continued:

Sir, may Allah delay you. Rahmi Bay will take over the presidency after you and Mostafa Bay will take over from him. Allow me now. If there are any deficiencies and mistakes, look for survival. Make way for Mostafa Bay to grow up.

Genghis Solakoglu, Sunday at Next Academy Levant ErdenWas its guest Solacoglu, The program featured his newly published book:

38 years in Koç with memories of Anatolia.

Erden, He sets the conversation title as follows:

  • Professional management of family business.

Genghis Solakoglu, Late Vehabi coach And Mostafa KokHe shared his memories with the program and added:

Mustafa Koç has successfully served as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Koç Holding. He adds to his success that he can make himself a favorite with people of all walks of life. In fact, with the flood of people he was sent away on his last journey.

SolakogluOf “38 years in Aries” His book contains his memoirs, each line of which is full of lessons.

Boy, cut out the tongue, pierce the ear

17 He has worked as a consultant, board member and chairman in 12 different family companies over the years. Genghis Solakoglu, He said he had traveled to all provinces and districts of Turkey during his tenure at the Kos Group Company, especially at Beko Tikare:

I learned a lot from the Anatolian people.

Six years before his death, Vehabi coachHe emphasized that he was always with her:

One of the things I can’t forget is that before he spoke to the politicians, he said: Boy, cut out the tongue, pierce the ear.

It opened the word:

Vehbi Bay said “He can pass on the word he receives from others to you and what he receives from you to others.”Meaning.

I opposed Arsেলne’s foreign partners, who called him a ‘chauvinist’.

Genghis Solakoglu, He said that the foreign partner always stood in front of Arcelor when he said something in the group:

In fact, it took Arsেলne 3 years to travel with a foreign partner.

Vehabi coachHe emphasized that during the discussion, he listened patiently to each speech:

A professional manager friend who was in the group at the time, Genghis SolakogluLet’s not be influenced by its chaotic speech. It will be up to us to bury Arselik after he retires. ” Says

Vehabi coachHe said that after listening to these words patiently, he looked at her, then shared the following information about that foreign partner:

In the years that followed, Arcelor’s rivals partnered with that foreign team. The group’s boss, our rival, explained in his memoirs that his son’s suicide was due to his experience after that partnership.

Don’t teach me to work, tell me to go for tea

LevantBeing online “Next Academy” In the meeting Genghis SolakogluThe following questions were asked:

Your father was in business. Why did you choose professional life without working with your father?

Solakoglu Answer:

My father was very authoritarian. He will never interfere with us. When we say something “Don’t teach me business, tell me to have tea” He will say that is why I did not stay with him. I saw the advertisement in the newspaper and applied for Beko Ticker. Thus, I have had the opportunity to work at Koç Group for 38 years.

Then he added:

My brother used to work with my father. He has doubled his fortune. I am very happy working in Koç Group for 38 years.

It then gave the following message:

More than my wealth “My moral deposit account” Increased a lot. My social network has expanded a lot. It made me happy too.

We have always stayed away from the culture of doing business leaning towards power.

Senjiz Solakolu, Vehbi CoachHe explained the business culture he had acquired for 38 years, working at a point very close to the Koç Group:

The culture of doing business based on political power has always been far from us.

Vehabi coachHe defined it as:

Veby Bay was a money changer. Even in grocery stores, he would choose people who would run the business well and he would have authority. He also kept strict control.

He cites an example from former Kos Group executives:

Hulki Alisbah was a manager Vehbi Bay found with this method. Hulki Bay was a general manager at Sumerbank.

Vehabi coachHe also mentioned the following features:

Vehbi Bey will not interfere in daily affairs. However, with the question he asked, he would prevent wrong action in advance.

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