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Specialists in infectious diseases and microbiology. Dr. Songül Özer made an assessment about ringworm.

Shingles is the activation of chickenpox

Note that ringworm is not a disease in itself, Uzm. Dr. Songül Özer said, “Jonah is the reactivator of Chickenpox. Chickenpox is a viral disease with a rash. It usually ends in childhood. It is transmitted by inhalation or contact with the fluid in the rash. It starts with chickenpox, flu, flu, high fever, nasal congestion, which we call coliza, cough, and then redness and swelling, most often on the back, face, and body. In some diseases, the fluids are dark and swollen, but in chickenpox, the fluids are clear. “

“Chickenpox is very itchy, and since the virus is in the liquid it itches, the liquid explodes and the virus spreads,” Uzm warns. Dr. Songül Özer said, “In fact, if nothing is done or treated, the chickenpox dries up and ends on its own in 1 week to 10 days, where it first appeared. Of course, itchy creams and syrups are used in this process. Says

The chickenpox bacterium manifests itself as ringworm after the age of 50

Note that the virus called varicella, which causes chickenpox, never leaves the body, Uzma. Dr. Songül Özer says, “The disease is gone, although there are no symptoms, the virus comes to the nerve endings and sleeps there for years. It may not be active at all or the person may not have the disease like chickenpox till the end of life, but in some people, the varicella virus, which was taken into the body with this chickenpox, later manifests itself as herpes. 50 years old. Shingles means a reactivation. It’s not a relapse, “he said.

Beware of these symptoms!

Note that there are general symptoms of weakness, fatigue, discomfort, headache, muscle aches, gout. Dr. “Usually, itching, stabbing pain, stinging and liquid-filled skin lesions like chickenpox – all of a sudden there are skin rashes on the back, face and chest,” said Songul Ozar.

Chickenpox causes skin rashes all over the back and chest, but not in grandparents. Since the varicella virus settles and hides at the nerve endings, lesions appear on the skin along the nerve line. In other words, there is a rash in the shape of a line from where it started backwards. Or in the lower part of the back, along the gluteal nerve line, it is not seen in any other area of ​​the body. Or the mouth may be in the upper part of the nerve that feeds the eye, not in any other part of the body. “

Shingles is associated with mood.

People who have been infected with chickenpox, those who have survived chickenpox and those who later have a deficiency in the immune system are more likely to have ringworm. Songül Özer said, “However, the following research was conducted; In black-and-white studies, women, obese people, and white people are more likely to have ringworm. It depends not only on race, gender, weight, but also on mood. People who are under severe stress have lower immunity and may experience herpes reactivation as they lose weight. Says

In addition to the itching, herpes is accompanied by pain.

Ringworm is a curable disease. Songül Özer says: “Like chickenpox, itching is itchy, but it’s a lot like stabbing pain. Usually, the lesions occur unilaterally, not symmetrically on both sides. Patients actually come diagonally to one side because of the pain. That’s why we intervene with painkillers. Since the herpes nerve is reactivated from the roots, it shows a neural distribution. In other words, to treat the inflammation at the root of that nerve, we need to give helpful treatment like vitamin B. Drugs that destroy varicella, such as chickenpox. He said.

Is ringworm contagious?

Mention that the herpes does not go to another person, but if a person who has not been vaccinated and has not had chickenpox before comes in contact with someone who has had herpes, that person will get chickenpox. Songül Özer says, “Jonah doesn’t spread through breathing like chickenpox. It is transmitted through fluid contact with fluid-filled skin lesions. To warn

Babies and infants do not have ringworm

Dr. Songül Özer said that if the person had chickenpox before coming in contact with the fluid in the herpes zoster, the disease would not be transmitted to that person and said, “The person who comes in contact with that fluid will not work to reactivate the rash in the body. The body.” Noting that shingles can not be seen in children and infants, said. Songül Özer said: “Since the baby is not infected with herpes, but with the varicella virus, the baby is infected with chickenpox. The virus is the same in both diseases. Babies and infants do not have ringworm. To be a person’s grandparents, they must have had chickenpox before. When a person with chickenpox comes in contact with granules, that person does not become infected because that person is immune. “

Herpes is a recurrent disease

Mentioning that shingles may be repeated, Dr. Songül Özer said, “The number of reactivations in the zone is unknown. When the right condition occurs, a person can get herpes again. During the treatment of herpes zoster, the current infection is treated. A person does not have permanent immunity from ringworm. The important thing here is to eliminate the necessary conditions that will create shingles. Examples include strengthening the immune system and ensuring that there are no mental disorders such as stress, extreme fatigue and depression. So if we can eliminate the predictable conditions, we can prevent the shingle reaction. “

Bacterial infections can leave a trace

Noting that a trace will not be left until the herpes and chickenpox bacteria are added, Dr. Songül Özer says, “However, itching in both herpes and chickenpox can lead to bacterial infections if the person’s hands are dirty and the skin is itchy. This situation is likely to leave a mark. “

A major disease after the age of 50

Dr. Songül Özer noted that, according to a survey, shingles were found in the United States between the ages of 80 and 90, and said, “Typically, it occurs in 3 cases per 1000, whereas in the age of 80, it occurs up to 35 per 1000. And 90, in Europe. It usually grows slowly after the age of 50 years. But what many studies have in common is that after the age of 50, ringworm becomes an important disease for us, “she said.

Dr. Songül Özer says the number of shingles cases has increased in recent years, adding: “Since children are now being vaccinated with the chickenpox vaccine, the incidence of chickenpox among children is declining. The number of elderly people in the world is increasing. Since ringworm is mainly seen in older people, we are seeing more ringworm nowadays. Also, the number of chronic patients in the world is increasing, the number of people with repressed immune system and mental disorders such as stress, chronic fatigue and depression is increasing. That’s why the situation is right for shingles, and we’re seeing an increase in ringworm today. “

Is it possible to prevent ringworm?

Emphasizing the importance of vaccination to prevent ringworm. Songül Özer says, “A person who has chickenpox or has been vaccinated with chickenpox does not get ringworm. So one of the first things we do is get our kids vaccinated against chickenpox before they start school. If you ask what to do when a person has not been vaccinated against chickenpox as a child and then chickenpox has reached 40-50 years of age, two solutions will come up. These two solutions are two different vaccines: live shingles vaccine and recombinant shingles vaccine. Says

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