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Love my city, whose work is it? Who is the author of the book My City is Love? What is the theme and main idea of ​​My City Profit? What does the book My City Love say about? Love My City Have a PDF download link? Who is Leila Epeki, the author of the book My City Is Love? Here is a summary of the book My City Love, its lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Laila Epeki

Publisher: Timmas Publications

ISBN: 9786050812923

Number of pages: 256

What does my city love say? Subject, main idea, summary

In her new novel My City in Love, Laila Ipeki depicts a layered journey of truth through four cities.

Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Istanbul.

To be in the presence of the Beloved, to be freed from the veil of the soul, to see existence differently, and to be in a stream that extends from everything to everything, from oneself to oneself.

I have come to you on this longest journey

Tired of living in millimeters

The desire to fall like a leaf

I have come to you with a spark at the tip of my finger

To complete my beauty

My city love quote – lyrics

  • How to prepare for something that has no beginning …
  • There is no such thing as ‘spontaneous’.
  • We all see ourselves in others. We’ll get up in a moment. We’ll start spinning, like everything in the universe. Together but separately.
  • When you only wanted your own people, when you only fought for yourself, you were humbled.
  • And whatever speaks to us and remains silent with us, we begin to realize that all your words are alive.
  • The easier it is to hold your breath, the harder it is to hold your breath.
  • I think the adventures of animals will come into existence in a state where there is no desire to meet …
  • To get peace and take a new breath, you must first fully return the half-breath you have left.
  • What they call life is a dashed straight line drawn between the date of the first and last breath engraved on the tombstone.
  • We are after the mystery of how our actions are worshiped …
  • To come into the life of my existence, I will follow my own path. Never being able to enjoy it, never being impatient আমার until my ship is wrecked. Kill me, my son. Let me repair my broken walls. Until I accept my humanity …
  • The desert is the path from which you must migrate.
  • Who knows how many more days there was to get the check-up done.
  • Our journey has many faces. Sometimes saying goodbye leads to new reunions, it encourages.
  • The gift of human plurality for human uniqueness begins with the same work …

My City Love Review – Personal Review

The book is written in Sufi style, reads with pleasure and adds a lot to the people. The book describes in beautiful and emotional language the journey of a woman and her husband to Mecca and Kaaba, what happened there and what it felt like. (Sumeya Nur)

In this novel you visit both cities and travel from soul to soul. This is a book that I believe should be read by those who go to the holy place, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and those who want to go. I took a sip, I digested it, I liked it, I recommended it to a few friends. (Angels)

Its distinct style and literary value make the work worth reading. I think it needs to be read carefully and attentively. When you pass the puzzle-like chapters, the meaning is complete. Thanks to the author. (Mehmet Ali Koenku)

Love My City Have a PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Leyla İpekçi – My City Is Love is the PDF link to My City Is Ask. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Leyla İpekçi?

Leyla İpekçi, (13 October 1966, Istanbul) is a Turkish journalist, screenwriter and writer.

Laila Ipeki, niece of Abdi Ipeki, graduated from St. Michel French High School and later graduated from the Department of Sociology at Bogazisi University. She married director Semih Kaplanolu in June 1999.

He was a reporter for the monthly magazine Kadınca (Development Publications) in 1985-86, the periodical in 1988, Adam (Güneş Yayınları) in 1989-90, Aktüel in 1991 and Tempo in 1922. He was the editor-in-chief of Rapsodi magazine in 1993, the editor-in-chief of Aktüel magazine in 1994-95, and the editor-in-chief of Esqurie magazine in 1995.

He was interviewed on Sundays in the Yeni Eugel magazine in 1995 and in the Hurriyat in 1996. He also published articles in the Gazetteer, where he was editor-in-chief. Epeki, who wrote articles for Radical Magazine until early 2006, later worked as a columnist for Zaman for 2.5 years, then moved to Taraf in June 2008. Continuing to write in his column under the name Satlar in Taraf newspaper for 3 years, he started writing his column in Zaman newspaper again from July 2011.

On June 26, 2008, columnist Ore Egin wrote in the Axam magazine that he had been educated in the United States on a Gulen-linked scholarship.[8] Leyla İpekçi told this news, “I have never set foot in America in my life. This kind of news seems very inappropriate and ugly to me.” He denied that he would seek his legal rights.[9] From his article titled “The Biggest Barrier to the New CHP”, published on April 3, 2009[10] Therefore, the allegations made against him in the Press Council have been proved to be baseless.

The author started covering his head in 2012 according to his beliefs.

Leyla İpekçi book – her work

  • Maya
  • The city of my love
  • Fire and garden
  • Where you are someone else
  • Sinan’s yeast
  • Living like a lover
  • Dame face
  • 1001 beautiful face
  • The second dream of the night
  • Banquet table
  • My dear friend goes
  • Layla’s notebook
  • The first evil

Leyla İpekçi Quotes – Lyrics

  • ‘Everything that exists – animate or inanimate – refers to the Creator in its own language. Consider the constant displacement of the shadow of an object. A swing of a leaf or … everything is moving. So he’s talking. Every creature knows him in its own language. Since even an atom knows its lord, everything is alive … if there is life there is no emptiness. Not just in the world, but in all cases. ‘What does it mean to survive everything?’ ‘They testify. For justice. At home your cat will testify to how you treat him. Occasionally sit in that seat. Our hands, our lips occasionally. The limbs that we clean with water while performing ablution … The manifestation of justice is reserved for a divine time. Justice is putting everything in its place. The real reunion. Not a stain is left from this reunion. There is justice in the meeting hall. A believer believes this with love. Because there is a balance. Divine scales. ‘ (Fire and garden)
  • “… came alive with the truth. It doesn’t leave us …” (My dear friend goes)
  • Every creature looks at the same face as it faces its Qibla. That’s why people always want to see what you’re seeing. He wants to understand, wants to understand. (The second dream of the night)
  • If you can’t surrender to it, it won’t go down your throat. Surrender is a hard bite. Where will the one who does not love begin to surrender? (Dame face)
  • Those who set out to change the world laughed under their mustaches and said, “How can they change the world when they cannot change themselves?” Every work of art can change the world. The world of writers and readers. (Living like a lover)
  • Your inner world is the only thing that no one else can take away from you.Where you are someone else)
  • “You’re a ghost ship tonight. The journey of my dreams is your name.” (Fire and garden)
  • The road you have taken is on your own. Being on the road can either make me less or increase me. Immutable in everything that changes. Perhaps this is what it shows me the most when it is passing. Because every passenger looks at the road with his own eyes from a distance. And what he sees: each passenger within his own eyes. (The second dream of the night)
  • I think the embarrassment that is seen in the face of man is not seen in the face of any other creature. … ~ … (Fire and garden)
  • Intense worship under the early morning sky, dinner on the verandah, following the trail of migratory birds, I thought I would be grateful for the blessings and be lost in the pursuit of a quiet life towards the end of life like a happy believer. .. (Dame face)
  • Fear of survival rather than death. No one will forget, will not forget. (Where you are someone else)
  • How cruel to see each other and everything as absolute in all these speeds and changes. (The second dream of the night)
  • He who thinks he will die, let him see how he sleeps at night. (Where you are someone else)
  • You still have a chance in my life. (Fire and garden)
  • I think the adventures of animals will come into existence in a world where there is no desire to meet …The city of my love)
  • Miniature opens the moment to eternity. Like a poem. The noise of the flying tool screen, the foggy sky, the hum of children’s voices. He left a cup of tea on the table. Lemon. All at the same moment. (1001 beautiful face)
  • It is open enough to accommodate territories within the state. Just like the heart. The universe can fit into a ‘well polished’ heart. (The second dream of the night)
  • People prepared the most bitter syrup with their own hands. (Dame face)
  • “Man is the soul of the universe.” (1001 beautiful face)
  • “… how conscious we are of narrowing our perceptions by reducing our spirituality / inner world to psychology and sociology …” (My dear friend goes)

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