Master Sergeant protested with applause. New update to that event.

According to DHA News; On his return to duty, the dismissed Aladagali claimed that he had been hit with an opportunity for an administrative investigation. The farmer is dismissed. An inspector appointed by the health ministry began speaking to 85 hospital staff who protested with applause.

Sergeant Ali Aladagali, an expert in charge of the Yatagan Gendarmerie Command, was taken to the Yatagan State Hospital by ambulance when he fell ill around 14:00 on March 14. After the intervention there, Aladagali, who was transferred to Mugala Training and Research Hospital, was admitted to the emergency room who wanted to examine himself. He argues with Tahir Tarim. The security guards of the hospital intervened in the incident. Dr. Tarma claimed that he was beaten separately during the discussion. Claiming that he had a rash on his body and his glasses were broken, Tarma received a report of an attack and filed a complaint against Aladagali. Ali Aladagli, who received similar reports of the attack, was later diagnosed with appendicitis and underwent surgery.

Complaint ‘pushed, strangled’

In her statement to the police, Dr. Tarma described the moment of the incident as follows:
“The patient was referred to Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. I told him it was not possible without blood tests and other tests. He wanted to leave the emergency room. His papers. I told him. I didn’t let her go out after that. She got angry and pushed me away. “
Specialist Sergeant Ali Aladagali, who was discharged from the General Surgery Service after appendicitis surgery at Mugla Training and Research Hospital, said health workers, “You were violent, beaten, insulted. We treated you, we let you go.” They protested with applause in their slogans. Aladagali, who was kept in the party car, was taken to Commissioner Hamdi Bay Police Station for his statement.

He said ‘I was spoken to’ and that became a complaint

Specialist Sergeant Ali Aladagli, who was taken into custody, fell ill again at the police station. Aladağlı, whose statement could not be obtained, was taken by police to Mentes State Hospital on charges of severe pain in the area where he was operated on for appendicitis. Aladagali, who was later released after treatment at the hospital, was again taken to Commissioner Hamdi Bay Police Station. In his statement, Aladagli said he was the real victim here. “I did not insult the health worker, I did not physically intervene. I was beaten unjustly and slandered in public. So, I am complaining against the doctor.” Says
Aladagli, who was transferred to the court after his actions in the police, was released on condition of judicial control. Also, an administrative investigation was launched against Aladagi, which was suspended as a precaution.

Pictures have been provided, an administrative investigation into the doctor has begun

Security camera footage of the incident showed Doctor Tarmar, who claimed he had been attacked, took his documents from officers at the table and pushed specialist Sergeant Aladagali, who wanted to leave, when he slipped. After the photo, the hospital authorities said. He started an administrative investigation against the farmer.

The specialist surgeon returned to his position

With the emergence of the image, the expert Sergeant Aladağlı, Dr. He filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office on the grounds that he had slandered himself. Aladagli, who was fired as a precaution, was reinstated.

Administrative investigation

The administrative investigation of the Chief Physician of Mughal Training and Research Hospital has been completed. Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Within the scope of the investigation conducted by Turhan Togan, footage from the hospital’s security cameras was seen and participants in the applause protest were determined. First, it was determined that 25 people, including doctors, took part in the protest. As part of the extended investigation, the number has reached 85. An inspector appointed by the Ministry of Health began speaking to the protesters.

It is learned that the complaint against the Mughal Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office is nearing completion.

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