Mostafa Kesar and Bulent Ersay’s fight flared up again!

Famous artist Bulent Ersoy and Mustafa Kesar were on the court because of the excitement they felt after the “No Compromise” show, which they presented together. Despite the argument between the two, Mostafa Kesar spoke for the first time in a few months.

One semester “No one is like us” Program co-presentation Bullet Ersay And Mostafa case The tension between them is endless. After the program, which continued to air for only 2 episodes, the couple, who got into a fight, brought their problems to court, but their anger did not subside.

Someone program like us

Finally, Bullet Ersay himself “Kurdish” Mustafa Caesar, who claimed that Ersay had insulted and humiliated him and that his personal rights had been violated, has filed a lawsuit seeking 1TL compensation. A few months after all this happened, Mustafa Keesar made a startling statement about the reflection of the camera in the bedroom.

Bullet Ersay and Mostafa Kesar

“I don’t need anyone”

“I’m not dissatisfied with Bullet Ersay.” Caesar says, “I have no problem. If there is an offer in this format again, I will not accept it. I have already joined the request. We have been broadcasting live for 30 years. The ratings are increasing every day, so there are buyers. I don’t need anyone. I haven’t talked to anyone yet. It doesn’t suit us. ” Just needed to say something, we did Used phrases.

Mostafa case

What happened before?

Master artist Mostafa case And Bullet ErsayCo-presented by “No one is like us” He said goodbye to the screen after the second episode. After the ceremony is over, there is no water settlement between the two, who criticize each other harshly. “Oath crisis” Famous names vomiting with each other are now preparing to settle accounts in court.

Mustafa Kesar and Bulent Ersay have sued

1 Lira case has been opened!

As a result of weeks of negotiations between the two, Bullet Ersay brought his problems with Mostafa Kesar to court. Master Artist, Advocate Serkan topper He appealed to the Istanbul Civil Court of First Instance and filed a lawsuit against Mostafa Kesar for non-financial loss of 1 lira. Bullet Ersoy, who said he had insulted and personally assaulted her, included the following statements in his appeal:

“This attack, which has spread to his profession and industry, has deeply hurt the client. . “

Bullet Ersay

“Reached as standard!”

Mustafa Kesar shared on his social media account targeting Bullet Ersoy, who sued him. The master artist shared on his Instagram page. “Compensation lawsuit filed against the other party is the same as the plaintiff’s value!” Used phrases.

Instagram case of Mustafa case

The fight is not over!

Bullet Ersun’s anger does not subside

“I refer you to God!”

Recently “I will not stay unless I say so.” Bullet Ersoy, who participated in the program, was angry that Mostafa Kesar cursed his mother and used the following expressions:

“My mother died a year ago. When I buried my father, I said, ‘Dad, say hi to my mother.’ “Dad, you’re dead, my mom is dead! My right hand is gone with my mother, you are dead and my left hand is gone “I refer.”


After listening to Bullet Ersoy’s statement, Mustafa Keesar responded to Ersoy with a video posted on his YouTube channel. Caesar said Bullet Ersoy did not swear to his mother. “I’m telling jokes there, people are laughing and calling them blasphemous. My face is definitely not blasphemous. No one can say, ‘Mostafa Kesar has cursed me’. I will keep the original video of that video and I will do it. He replied, “I will come out with the documents. There are no documents yet.” He said.

“They made you day or night!”

Presented by Bülent Ersoy and Mustafa Keser “No one is like us” The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. After bidding farewell to the show, Mustafa Caesar sharply criticized Bullet Ersay and “They make you a diva, not a diva.” The expression used.

“I’m sitting in that seat from him!”

Bülent Ersoy, who participated in the “I don’t tell” program, responded to Mostafa Kesar by saying the following:

“Although I do not care at all about what has been done for me, if I think it is necessary, I will respond to those who are out of line. I put concrete hints and data on their tables. I refute. Witnesses and evidence. Including what has been said. The program is my program anyway. “There is a material difference between the two, he doesn’t know? I don’t like Mostafa Kesar. If I had a love for people who act like that, I would be there. There will be no love left for them. If they weren’t called Divas, they would make me Divans. I gave all of them to Mr. Bilal along with the file. Everyone. “He covered the matter, and I should have answered, should have presented. Incident. That’s why I’m here.”

He said he was doing a “copy of space”!

Caesar, who said the program ended earlier, had a bullshit, and was sharply critical.

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In his own post on his Instagram account Bullet Ersay For “Wrong whimsy” Mostafa case allegations, “I will have a statement that will create an event” He became the most talked about name in the agenda.

“I was confused!”

The 76-year-old artist made an interesting statement about Bullet Ersay on his YouTube channel. The famous artist made the following statement in his speech:

“I’ve never worked on stage with Bülent Ersoy, but of course, we always hear his mood, his water, what he does on stage, from here and there, from musicians. Mistakes and behavioral disorders. I thought I was older. I’m older in the industry than this friend. It’s a wrong move for us, wrong. I thought he wouldn’t take any action, not in music or art. I was wrong. I tried to run the program as much as I could, I tried to close its gaps. In my 56 years of artistic life, I did not delay 56 seconds to do my work. I was there at 13.30 for the shooting at 14.00. Wait. Come be honored! It came out at 16.00. “

“No respect!”

The master artist, whose resentment against Bullet Ersay continues, continues as follows:

“What is it? No respect. She went to make-up, 4 hours. She came out at 8:00 pm. As soon as I started I realized that my positive thinking was wrong. Her Majesty thought I was stealing. From her. A role from. I don’t need a role. I pulled it to one side behind the stage. I told him, “We have 100 people working with us. If you multiply by 4, we’ve helped 400 people eat bread. I said don’t make any unreasonable jokes. Sing your song too, let’s work like humans and go. I’m older than you, I have 30 years of live broadcasting experience. Let me present, let the show flow like water … ‘I said. He said, ‘All right.’ There was not much dust in the first show, but in the second show he treated me like a maid in front of him. I am a man 6-7 years older than him. From there he was shouting at me, ‘Keserrerr’. I didn’t look because I was uncomfortable, then he called me ‘Kurdu’. “

“Who are you?”

Speaking about the backstage of the show, which aired for two episodes, Caesar concludes:

“Who are you? I didn’t look because I was uncomfortable with this style. And he says, ‘I called Caesar, he didn’t see.’ Screaming … The voice isn’t right. It’s an insulting reading. It can’t match the vocals. There’s no internal part of these problems in channel management or polat. “

You can watch the video:

Serdar Ortach fell on the stage!

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