Mudnia University opened its doors on 11 October with 7 departments

On October 11, 2022, Mudanya University opened its doors to students of 7 departments on the 100th anniversary of the armistice. Giasetin Bingol, chairman of the board of trustees at Mudanya University, said their goal was to be among the world’s universities.

Giassetin Bingol, chairman of the board of trustees of Mudanya University, who met with agency representatives in Bursa, said all preparations have been completed for Mudanya University, which has been approved by the Higher Education Council (YOK) and the presidency, to serve 103,000 square meters on the ğağrışan campus. Standing with architectural design, laboratories, libraries and modern classrooms and social facilities, Mudanya University will begin education with the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design, Social Sciences and Health Sciences on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

Noting that they have completed all the procedures, Giassetin Bingol, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Mudanya, said: “We have completed the installation phase. We have received approval for education and training. We have many departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences, in the Faculty of Psychology, Engineering and Architecture, in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing, and in the Vocational School. We have made all the preparations for a good education. ” Our laboratories, libraries, classrooms and infrastructure have been completed, ”he said.

“We want to be a world university”

Expressing that they have traveled with ambition, Bingol said, “We are a team of academics. Our job is education. We have taught thousands of students. We are currently serving 16,000 students in examination colleges. We’re going to get that 20,000. In addition, we would like to use our knowledge and experience at our Foundation University here. We want to be a world university. We have traveled the world and studied. We have made very serious preparations in both architectural, infrastructural and academic aspects. We believe that we will become a university that will be discussed in the world in a very short time. ”

“Endless benefits”

They mention a university in the forest, where the physical condition is great and close to the sea and the highway, Bingol said, “We are 1 hour from Istanbul, 2 hours from Izmir and 3 hours from Ankara. All these are seen as advantages. We think we will come forward with its library and laboratory. First of all, we are thinking of a good start with 7 episodes. We were planning to open our university in 2020. But we could not do that because of the epidemic. This year, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Mudan ceasefire, we will present it as a gift by inaugurating it on 11 October at 11:00.

“We will use every corner of Bursa as a training center.”

Incorporating the city, they will be a privileged, boutique university, Bingol said, adding that “one of the goals of establishing a university is to move the current university far away from the city, which makes us uncomfortable as educators. We want to pass it on to the new generation.” Absolutely. “We believe that our departments, faculties and units should be located in the historic places of the city. There really will be three pillars of the university. We want to be on campus. The city has connections with universities and abroad. Children will know both the world and our city. “

“We will bring together teachers from abroad with students”

Underlining that they have visited many universities abroad, Bingol said, “During this visit, we met many Turkish professors. They are all householders. Among them are the people of Bursa. The point is not to come, to support that aspiration of the homeland, that expatriate environment, like the zakat of his knowledge. They want to be together with our university students and teachers 1 month a year. We will try to attract them here with the opportunity of their aspirations. I would like to thank everyone who has added value to the bursa. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this university. We have signed more than 100 protocols. There are many who want to walk this path with us. It is a foundation university. We gave it to the people of Bursa. This is our university as well as the residents of Barcelona. We want him to contribute financially and morally to this place, “he said.

Mentioning that the university has been established on 103 thousand square meters of forest land out of 1,650 square meters, Bingol said, “At present we have created 30,000 square meters of land. We did a third. At present our capacity is 6 thousand. We will accept at least 350 foreign students and probably many foreign students. City buses and minibuses will come to the university. We will give 100% scholarship to 20% of our students. With today’s figures, we’ve spent 500 million lira on building the campus here. “

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