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DBitter news came from the search for two young men who mysteriously went missing on the evening of June 9 in the Serinhisa district of Anzali. According to Mustafa Akkos, 30, who was taken into custody, it was determined that Ismail Yalkin and Hassan Akkos had been killed and thrown into a water well in Serenhisa district. Fire service personnel launched a search operation in the water well.

Ismail Yalkin, 17, who lives in Akipayam district, called his mother Asuman Yalkin on the evening of June 9 and asked for pocket money. When Ann Yalsin said she could take it from her wallet in the drawer, Yalsin drove out of the house with 20 TL in her wallet. Ismail Yalkin arrives in Serenhisar in his car in the evening. Here he met his friend Hassan Akkoser (19) and went to the city center.

“I’m washing the car,” he said.

Suspecting his son would not return home, father Adnan Yalsin called his son. Ismail Yalkin, who told his father he was washing the car and coming, could not be reached after that hour. Father Yalsin went to the police station and lodged a complaint against the missing.

In their investigation, police teams determined that they went to the town center of Denizli on Thursday, June 9, 2022, from the vehicle license plate registration system used by the youth and then entered the town of Serenhisa. The vehicle was caught during a search in the district and went to the forest.

Blood stains were found

In addition to the Gendarmerie, AFAD and AKUT teams, tracking dogs also participated in search and rescue efforts supported by civilians. He used tracking dogs to find traces of Ismail Yalkin and Hassan Akkos in the forest of Yenis Mahalesi. During the search, Ismail Yalkin’s car was found with its hood open and a stone placed in front of its tires in the Bardak Damlari area. Two broken mobile phones and blood stains were found 200 meters away from the car.

Although the two young men who went missing during the search could not be reached, Gendarmerie and police found that the last two people to talk to Hassan Akkos on the phone were his girlfriend and cousin Mustafa Akkos. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that Hassan Akkos secretly pressed the call button of his phone and called his girlfriend a few seconds before the murder and said, “Don’t hang up the phone. Mostafa is killing us.”

The killer confirmed his crime

It was later learned that Mostafa Akkos, who was detained by police, in his first statement, shot Yalsin and Akkos in the woods with a hunting rifle, then fled the scene and said he did not know what happened to him. These people. However, during interrogation, Mostafa Akkos admitted that he had killed the young men and thrown them into a water well after arguing over the girl’s case, in the face of evidence shown to him.

Digging wells
A search of the Serenhisa water well was launched on the basis of information provided by the murder suspect. Firefighters determined that the bottom of the well, which was 30 meters long and where only one person could go down, was filled with rocks. Excavation work started in the water well with construction equipment.

Detention number 9
After Hassan Akkos’ cousin Mustafa Akkos, who last met with the youths, eight more suspects were arrested who were believed to be related to the incident. While the interrogation of the 9 suspects in custody continued, it was learned that Mostafa Akkos, who was the first detainee, entered the prison 10 years ago because he had killed his uncle and was released with permission. Of the epidemic

What is the heart of their evil heart?
The relatives who followed the work of the water well with anxious eyes could not hold back the tears. He tried to calm down the relatives of the victim’s family members. Ishmael Yalkin’s mother cries, “We’ll see our baby. Are they pulling my baby out of the well? Has it hurt you? Will this little soul suffer? Has anyone seen these murderers, have you not seen these children?”

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