Project that gives morale to mothers of children with leukemia

Mentioning that children from families treated for leukemia are facing a major financial and moral devastation, Dr. “We support not only our sick children, but also their parents,” Ezer said. Through the ‘My Mother Is Smiling To’ project, we save them from depression and even from the brink of suicide.

Project that gives morale to mothers of children with leukemia

Leukemia is a disease that requires intensive and long-term treatment. Therefore, seeing their children struggle for life, their fear of losing and financial difficulties overturn the family psychology. Mentioning that they cannot ignore this picture and the way to cure a child with leukemia was to keep his mother mentally healthy and strong, LÖSEV President Dr. “The ‘business treatment’ we do with this awareness saves our mothers from depression and even suicide,” said Uston Ezer. He answered my question about this project …

This is a heavy process

■ How does leukemia affect family diagnosis and treatment?

Anemia, paleness, loss of appetite, pain in the legs, enlarged lymph nodes, red spots on the body and finally bleeding from the nose – ‘Unfortunately, your child has leukemia and needs to be hospitalized’. At that moment, parents who experience the first shock begin to wonder why the disease was found in them on the one hand and how the very difficult treatment taken in 3 years on the other will be cut short. First denial and rebellion, then guilt, wanting the culprit, hiding from the child saying ‘you have nothing, mother’ and crying, sadness, anxiety, destruction and helplessness. Fear of losing her only child, feeling all the events of the hospital during the treatment, her daughter’s hair becoming ringlet, burning with fever, melting due to its effect became inevitable. Drugs in front of the eyes.

I think you have seen very heavy paintings in this sense …

Unfortunately yes … a few years before LÖSEV was founded, one day a father whose child had recovered slapped us in the face … because a huge ruin remains from our family. I closed my business due to financial difficulties, I had a car and sold it. We always took care of our sick child and neglected others. The eldest daughter has left home, the youngest son has dropped out of school, the youngest is frustrated because ‘you don’t love me’, she is angry in life. ” Read …


When did you decide on the project about mothers?

Many mothers say, “God, why have you given me a heavier burden than I can bear? We couldn’t help but be indifferent to the cry “How can I stand alone, please heal my baby and take my life”. Therefore, LÖSEV is aware of the fact that it has been alone with mothers in this situation for many years and the way to cure a child with leukemia is to ‘keep his mother mentally healthy and strong first’. For this purpose, the treatment process of both hospital and outpatient patients; We have implemented the project with the theme ‘My mother is smiling to’.

We connect with life

What is in this project?

As part of the project, we have opened production workshops for mothers. In other words, by associating them with life through ‘occupation therapy’ we make them feel that they are not alone.

Projects include cutting, sewing, knitting, ceramics, paint workshops, home cooking, healthy food, pastry making, artistic and musical instruments, choirs and folk dances.

Thanks to this workshop and effort, mothers stay strong during the treatment process of their children and are happy to produce.

Mothers of children with leukemia are connected to life through workshop production, and are happy to contribute to their own budget and to the treatment of children.

The beautiful and natural products produced by our mothers are sold on the LÖSEV website and health is earned and income is transferred for the cost of treatment and free education of children with leukemia who are hospitalized. We always say that mothers of our children with leukemia are the crown on our heads. The pain and suffering that these puppies go through cannot be described in any way. Nothing can forget them.

We, as LÖSEV, strive to do the best for them, saying that there is nothing more precious and important than the life of a child. In short, we support not only children with leukemia, but all family members financially and morally, and connect with their lives.

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