The bereaved mother said, ‘You will die there.’

Ramzan Dursun’s mother, Melek Dursun, who beat his wife, Ojelem Dursun, to death in Riyadh, said her son had intervened when his daughter was beaten several times and her son had beaten her several times, “I don’t have a son. You will die there.” ” The bereaved mother, Ramzan Dursun, said that one night after a quarrel with her brother, her husband’s aorta ruptured and his wife died as a result.


Ramzan Dursun’s mother, who brutally beat and killed his wife, Ojelem Dursun, last week, said the son of 67-year-old Melek Dursun was a troubled man and often had problems with himself.

Note that the murderer had a quarrel with his elder brother before Ramadan Dursun, his artery burst due to fear of his husband and his wife died in it, Melek Dursun could not hold back his tears while describing. What did his son do, who beat his bride to death nowadays?

“My son used to beat me while I was protecting my daughter.”
Melek Dursun says he was beaten by his son while trying to save his bride. We were in court. Again, I said if they put my son in jail, the kids would be alone, so we withdrew our complaint, “he said.

“My son died of a heart attack because he had an argument with his brother at home.”
Melek Dursun says her husband’s artery ruptured after Ramadan Dursun argued with his brother one night and his wife died. Melek Dursun said: “My eldest son is from Istanbul. I got up. I woke up. I saw that Ramadan. He had an argument. He tore not only his brother’s face but also his palate. I fell asleep on the back of Ramadan. I jumped on his neck. He took me around the house. He took me around the house. He ran to the back porch and was about to stab his brother. I’m not getting on his back. Because he will kill. Then we tried a little and kicked him out of the house. His brother then went to the police station and complained. So they took Ramadan. His brother also dropped the case. We did it. “We’ve been suffering for 17 years. Her father’s arteries also ruptured after this incident. When we went to the emergency room, the doctor said, ‘What is this fear?’

“She was buying medicine with the money she got.”
Melek Dursun, who said there was no problem between him and his bride and he loved his bride very much, said, “There was nothing wrong between me and my bride. I loved my bride. I sold second hand. I went and collected. “They are from Istanbul. I bought a house for them here. I have been taking them for 16-17 years. I brought her to Samsun for medical treatment. She did not respond to treatment. I covered everything for her. She gets what she gets.” So he drank. He also bought medicine with the money he got. After going to Antalya, his condition got worse. His wife entered the shop and said to his wife, “Did you go to the shop to talk on the phone?”

“I wish I could take care of them, but I can’t take care of my grandchildren.”
“They were sitting next to my younger brother. My younger brother also called me. Sister Angel, do you know anything? I didn’t say that. She said. She shot him. They shot her.” He was operated on at the hospital. He said, “I was hell at home. I couldn’t go to the hospital, I couldn’t believe myself. I fell there, I was paralyzed, I would have one. Heart attack. I am a woman of suffering. No one endured the ordeal I went through. I buried my son. My other child was involved in a traffic accident when I was 4 years old. “” I struggled a lot with my son. I went to Istanbul for his treatment. There is no place I can’t go. My body battery is dead. I can’t go and see my grandchildren. If I see them, I will have a heart attack. I can’t look at them. Face. I look at them financially. I look at them as much as I can. I request I look at them but I can’t look at their bodies. I will have something when I see them. What will happen. If my orphan child becomes something of mine. . His brothers have finished eating my khidar. 100 thousand TL of gold for one of them and the same for the other. They ate my baby. My child writes and sells books. We made money by crawling on the ground. His brothers ate with money. He caused a quarrel in the house and his father’s artery burst. They have orphaned me. My battery is dead. I can’t do more than that. I can’t even serve myself. I can’t stand it anymore. “

“He killed my bride, orphaned my children and orphaned my grandchildren.”
Melek Dursun underlines that his son Ramzan Dursun sent him news from prison: “Ramadan sends me news from prison. Tell my mother, ‘Call my mother and tell her that Ramadan is in prison.’ “I do not care. Him.

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