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Dogan, a 5th grader at Kaşüstu Cumhuriyet Secondary School, won the right to wear a national team jersey in the C division of the Paralympic National Swimming Team at the Turkish Physically Disabled Swimming Team selection competition held in Gaziantep in February.

Dogan, who is a very successful student in sports as well as in school, is preparing for the Turkish Physically Handicapped Swimming Championships to be held in Konya in July, with his coach Mehmet Akif Ersoy training 6 days a week in the indoor swimming pool. Ozan Saglam.

National athlete Dogan says he started swimming at the age of 4 on the advice of a doctor so that his hands could move comfortably and continue at the Trabzon Olympic Sports Club.

Mentioning joining the national team at a young age was a great feeling, Dogan said, “Sometimes I put myself in people’s shoes and when they look at me I want to remind them, ‘This girl has worked hard, she’s very tired, she’s very He is determined to be the best of the best. ” Says

Explaining that he was very tired, crying and thinking of quitting while preparing for the audition at Gaziantep, Dogan said:

“One day when I was very tired, my teacher said, ‘Don’t get tired now, your tears will be tears of happiness tomorrow.'” There was a time when I didn’t believe in myself, but I survived those days and as a result, I reached a beautiful place. “I was tired, I fell, but I’ve come so far from standing. I hope as an Olympic champion I will raise our glorious flag and read our national anthem. I really want to.”

Noting that he continues to play school and sports together, Dogan said he did his homework and improved himself by reading books on the weekends in the few hours he set aside to make the best use of time after training.

Alia Doga Dogan says she has turned her disability into an advantage and continues her remarks as follows:

“People were like, ‘How can you use that hand?’ They say, I say this from birth. If one day someone comes out and says, ‘We can heal you, we can do your hand, you can have surgery’, I say ‘No’. Because I love this hand. Without this hand. I will be incomplete. I’m calling people with disabilities from here, don’t worry, your disability can give you a lot of benefits. Being disabled doesn’t change anything. “

The national athlete asked parents to instruct their children in sports.

“Of course everyone has a talent waiting to be discovered.”

Dogan coach Ojan Saglam said the club has 12 athletes with disabilities aged 11-18.

Noting that Alia had worked hard to be selected for the national team, Saglam said: “We were at the national team camp in Istanbul on April 22-26. The process was quick but tedious. However, I think we will get better. As a successful athlete. He is in a good position. I hope his success will continue to grow from now on. ” He said.

Noting that joining the national team at a young age is a big advantage for Ali, Saglam noted that they are continuing their work for the final round of the Turkish Championships to be held in Konya in July.

Advising parents, Saglam said, “Every child who plays next to the school and adopts this discipline will be successful both in school and in sports. Everyone has a talent that is waiting to be discovered.” Used phrases.

Zia Akgul, principal of Kasustu Kumhuriyat Secondary School, said she was proud of Alia’s selection for the national team and said, “Alia has set an example for our other students at our school. We thank those who have contributed.” Says

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