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For the first time in almost half a century of my journalism and documentary life, I enthusiastically write news, publish articles and continue shooting for documentaries.

As journalists and documentaries, we’ve witnessed Gabez live, and we’ve made a note of Gabez’s history with the articles we write every day.

On Sunday, after visiting the graves of my late father and aunt at the Gebz cemetery, I ate fruit from the seedlings planted by my late father, aunt and mother in Belikbagi Yavuz Selim district and broadcast live as a Gebz newspaper and documentary TV program around the world.

Fruit saplings planted by his ancestors

I read Yassin Sharif for their souls under the Ihlam tree and ate mulberry from the mulberry tree with fruit saplings planted by my late father Mustafa, my late aunt Fadeem and my late mother Emin in Yavuzselim district in Kokayeli Gab.


The live broadcast that we have prepared as www.gebzegazetesi.com attracts a lot of attention. The live broadcast that we had on June 11, 2022, from the Beilikbagi Yavuzselim district in the Gabe district of Kokley, the center of science, technology, art and culture, attracted a lot of attention while talking to Yavuz Selim’s headman and a citizen.

Kocaeli Gebze Yavuzselim District Chief Şükriye Kavran Gebze gave information about the live broadcast of the newspaper www.gebzegazetesi.com.


Meeting of 55 year old friends

The legendary Yalakoba Highlands shepherd, Geresun Espie, answers questions from Ismail Kahraman, founder of our newspaper and documentary director of the world, Ahmed Kavran (brother-in-law of Gosikgil, son of Jeanne) of Dickmen village in Sokpinar. Live broadcast of Gebze Newspaper www.gebzegazetesi.com.


I’ve been doing journalism and documentary in Gabes for years, writing articles every day for decades. Although it is very difficult to make documentaries intermittently, we will continue journalism.

Today, I am sharing with you the memory of my journalism in Gabez and the article I created about the establishment of Gabez magazine.

My memories of Gabez journalism

We arrived in Gabes in June 1982. I had relatives in Gabze and Darika Osmangazi. We started renting a house with my military friends and student friends. Our first job was to sell ice cream. Later, we opened a small store for books and stationery, and here we changed a bit more in journalism as a reporter for TRT, Anadolu Agency … Dates September 21, 1982. As Gabe’s only newspaper, the first author of Wanishek, “Tuesday to Tuesday.” And the headline of my first post was “Hello at the beginning”. Every Tuesday, I was trying to finish my article for the newspaper, and in each article I was expressing my opinion about Gabe and the region. Later, when we became a correspondent for GABZ and became a reporter for many newspapers and published a joint newspaper called Economy, the years when we were correspondents with Erkan Sarim in GABZ for the Sun Minute newspaper, the first newspaper we published under the name GABZ. With Katie … it seems like yesterday.These are all past, but as very important memories, they were an important milestone in the development and growth of our journalism.

How was the Gazette newspaper founded?

I would like to tell you the story of the establishment of our newspaper which we established on March 25, 1985. There was only one newspaper in Gabes. There was the Jagrat newspaper, which was printed neatly by hand. We searched, believing that there should be polyphony. We met with the late Mayor Bulent Atasayan from the journalism profession, we had meetings, then we had other meetings, but they failed. Despite this, we certainly believed in publishing a newspaper in Gabe, I am 25 years old. There was no printing press in Gabes to print newspapers. We went to Izmi. There were very difficult conditions. Sometimes we were in the morning, the headlines were lined with bullets, they were hand picked, the clich সম্ভাব possibilities… but it was a great pleasure. It was enjoyable that we would sometimes fall asleep, sleep in a pile of paper, or sometimes go hungry. We were going to Izmit by truck as there was no service facility. Traveling occasionally three times a week, we have been publishing and distributing the Izmit newspaper for almost 2 years. We were very happy when you set up the first printing house in Gabez in 1987 and printed our first newspaper.

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