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Historical data shows that many societies have disappeared from the scene of history due to lack of strong family structure.
However, this situation is contrary to the old and medieval Turkish tradition.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that our forefathers, the Turks of Central Asia, did not attach any importance to women other than the Turks.
The name of the Turkish woman of Central Asia is ‘paternal mother’.
Ancestor mothers are far more active in Turkish society and state administration than their peers on other continents.
In the Kultigin Monument, one of the oldest known Turkish sources, the name of Ilbilge Hatun, wife of the second Gokturk kingdom Khagan, is included among the people created by God so that the Turkish nation is not destroyed.
This situation, which reflects the political position of women in the old Turkish state tradition, is regarded as an expression of the value women are given in Turkish society.
The inscription “God raised my father Il-Thirteen Kagan and my mother Il-Bilge Hatun” in the Bilge Kagan inscription indicates the height of the political and social value of women in Turkish culture.
There are many descriptions in Turkish mythology that women have a leading profile.
At the beginning of these; The myth of Umayyad mother and the narrative of the leadership traits of the Scythian female ruler Tamaris Khan, where the traits of the Turks have a matriarchal social structure.
In fact, BC. Tamaris Han, who is believed to have lived between 500-600 years and is described by many sources as the first female ruler, is considered a brave Turkish female ruler who “did not bow down to the Persian king” after the death of his wife.
It is said that although the Scythian queen Tomris Khan lost her son in a battle with the Persians, she successfully destroyed the Persian army of two million men with tactics away from emotion.
The courage shown by Tomris Han in this battle is exemplified to the men.
In the early days, the Turks were seen as a community who could not fully establish their civilization by another state because they lived as nomads.
Despite this view, Turks have always valued women more than any other community.
The fact that the Turks do not discriminate against the sexes of children clearly indicates their attitude towards women.
Similarly, in the Turkish state tradition, the mother represented the family after the father.
For this reason, mother’s place is always more valuable than father’s relatives.
During this period, behaviors that undermined women’s position in society or in the family were generally avoided.
At that time, no matter how much the husband and wife quarreled, the man would never kick the woman out of the house or divorce her.
Although the men died, the widows lived in the same family.
So they will not return to their father’s house.
Widows have always been seen as the first priority in the family.
In Gokturk inscriptions, the word “mother” is always preceded by the word “father” and dates back to the Uyghur period.
Another example is the word “chief ancestor” in the Dede Korkut inscription.
To understand the importance of women given by the ancient Turks, stories, inscriptions and legends of the time were studied and various works were used as sources in this regard.
The respect shown to women at that time was much better than it is today. The Oguz Kagan epic has also given women a lot of space. Bilge Kagan’s mother is the most important person in the establishment of the state.

For today.
Experienced today on the basis of many problems; The fact that our women are not given the necessary attention.
The rights that our women have lost with Islam, unfortunately, have made our women second class people.
In fact, because of this position, our women are the victims of insignificance. Again, as a result of this attitude; It is combined with unpleasant words that are not in Turkish.

Here is the thinking of the government (!) That has ruled our country for 20 years with our women.
* “I don’t believe in gender equality anyway.”
Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech at the meeting with the Women’s Association
* “I don’t know if it’s a girl or a woman.”
Excerpt from Tayyip Erdogan’s speech at Dilşat Aktaş
* “Violence against women is exaggerated.”
Excerpt from Tayyip Erdogan’s speech on homicide, which has increased by 1400% in the last 7 years.
* “The woman who is left alone reaches out to either the drummer or the jurna player.”
Tayyip Erdogan’s statement on the assassination of Muneva Karabulut
* “Those who say my body is mine are feminists.”
Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on abortion controversy.
* “I see abortion as murder.”
Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks on abortion controversy
* “These are rotten, these are slut …”
Tayyip Erdogan’s speech on participants in the Gazi resistance

And the views and thoughts of other members of the ruling party on women and rape.
* “Let the one who was raped give birth, the state will take care of it if necessary.”
Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech on abortion debate.
* “Rape abortion is more innocent than rape.”
Speech by AKP Deputy Ayhan Sefer Üstün
* “Women have to be moral, so they don’t have to have abortions.”
Former Mayor of Ankara I Melih Gokek’s speech
* “Once nothing happens …”
AKP woman (!) Family Minister Sema Ramazanoglu’s defense after Ansar Foundation rape
* “The media exaggerates the facts. Violence against women is an electoral perception. “
AKP’s female minister (!) Fatma Shaheen’s wonderful (!) Determination
* “Unemployment is high because women are looking for work.”
Great (!) Scene of AKP Deputy Mehmet Simsek Effendi
“When girls fall, boys can’t find a girl to marry.”
AKP Provincial General Assembly member Erhan Ekmeki
* “A woman who smiles in public is not holy.”
Bullet Arin’s view of women.

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