At first they performed their traditional dance, then they played the horn to all the African students in Gumshun with their local costumes.

Foreign students studying at Gümüshane University are introduced to their countries through their open stands. In the program, students from the African continent performed their traditional dances and then they played the full horn with Kemens.
As part of the Gümüşhane University year-end event, foreign students opened a booth and introduced their country and culture to the organization of the Foreign Student Union Club. The foreign students, who showcased their country’s products, food, clothing and many other products in an open stand in front of the university’s social facilities at Gumshan, hosted by 380 students from 32 countries, wore their local costumes and performed their country’s dance with music. .
G ছাত্রmüshane University students, academics and citizens participated in the local dance, Gümüshane University of Health Sciences Department of Occupational Health and Safety Dr. Instructor Aydın Kıvanç immersed himself in rhythm and performed local dances for students from the African continent.
Gumushan University Rector Professor. Dr. In the program, which was also visited by Halil Ibrahim Zebek, the students, who performed their traditional dance, played the horn in their local costumes, as well as the Kemmensi music performed on the field.

“Each one is more colorful than the other”
Rector visited the stand to take part in the program. Dr. Halil Ibrahim Zebek said, “In 2017, we had 32 international students from 4 countries, today we have 380 students from 32 countries, our goal is to increase it to 1000 in 23 years. Turkey ranks first among the countries receiving international students in Europe and the world. We are increasing the number of our international students in parallel with the international student policy of our country. Today is our university graduation day, just before the graduation ceremony, our students have established a student club here, there has been an association and opened stands representing 19 countries. We also visited these stands and learned about the stands to promote their own country and culture. Each one is colorful. “We have neighboring countries from Asia to Bangladesh to the Central African Republic, from Morocco to Somalia,” he said.

“I had nostalgia for myself, I thought I was in my town.”
Harun Mahamat Jema, a university student at Chadli Gumushan, said he misses his traditional dance and feels at home here. The purpose of this event was to introduce our countries. For example, I came from Africa. There are 54 countries in Africa. Each country has its own tradition, civilization, culture, language. We are here to introduce it to our Turkish friends. We haven’t been doing our traditional dance here for a long time, I was so excited. I hadn’t been doing it for a long time, it was nostalgic for me, I felt like I was in my town, ”he said.

“I have the ability to play all kinds of games”
Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Gumushane, with local dances by African students. Coaching member Aydın Kıvanç said, “Culture is universal. People are found wherever they are. Therefore, sharing these cultures gains universality. I also have a style that can adapt to any environment, I have the ability to play all kinds of games, so be it “tamam”, jabek, horn or bar, these are all cultures of humanity, I was happy with that. Respectfully, I have had the opportunity to learn about different cultures. They know us too, and I think that’s a good thing. “

“I loved Turkey before I came, I still love it”
Hassan Ali Brahim, a student in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Gümüşhane University in Chad, said: We are standing here, we have put everything, and we are dancing, we are happy. Turkey is a beautiful country, hospitable, I like it. I loved it before I came and I still love it. ”

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