Bursa City Hospital became the “health foundation” of South Marmara in 3 years

Bursa, which serves a population of 6 million in South Marmara and has become the forward dispatch center for the surrounding provinces, City HospitalMore than 5 million patients have recovered since it opened.

Within the body of the health institution with a capacity of 1355 beds, the construction of which was completed in 2 years at an area of ​​745,365 sq m in Doganko district of Nilufar, 6 departments including general, gynecology and pediatrics, cardiovascular, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR). There is a hospital called High Security Forensic Psychiatry (YGAP).

Bursa City Hospital, which started accepting patients on July 16, 2019 as the 10th city hospital in Turkey, is preferred by patients in Balikesir, Chanakkale, Bilesik and Yalova in South Marmara, as well as Bursa.

Bursa City Hospital Chief Physician. Dursun Topal told AA correspondent that it has been 3 years since they started providing services.

Noting the high patient density, Topal said, “We have treated more than 5 million patients in three years. We have provided surgical services to 200-250 thousand patients, of which 1.5 million are emergency patients. These are very serious numbers. Bursa is a 3 million people. City. If we think our hospital is a health base that serves not only Bursa, but the whole of the southern Marmara, we will see that it is a health base. ” He said.

Noting that they provide specialized services, Topal said they are a leading institution, including Cardiovascular, Oncology and Neurosurgery.

Explaining that they performed 433 open heart surgeries last year, Topal said: “We’ve achieved this figure in about 4-5 months this year. The procedure of going and all other qualified procedures are performed in our hospital in this case. Says

“We provide outpatient services to approximately 10,000 patients daily at the polyclinic.”

Topal thanked all the physicians and health workers who worked tirelessly to provide outpatient services to approximately 500,000 patients during the difficult Covid-19 epidemic and to follow 30,000 patients, including 5,000 intensive care units. As.

During this time, when the effects of Kovid-19 diminished, and the epidemic was more severe than in the days before, Topal said, “We are experiencing severe intensities in both polyclinic services and surgery. 9,500 patients last month. We also performed surgery. ” Shared his knowledge.

Topal noted that they have performed challenging operations such as endoscopic surgery, spinal and spinal cord tumors, scoliosis and neurosurgery.

Noting that they have treated 1,700 patients in neurosurgery last year, Topal continues:

“In addition, the important services we provide include interventional radiological procedures. In very important cases such as acute ischemic stroke and aneurysm, treatment of carotid artery, stent insertion of cancer patients, especially in the gallbladder and liver, our hospital can easily operate. There is a stroke center, 16-bed. We have cured 160 patients with thrombectomy or clot removal treatment. In addition, we have the most important burn center in the region. We have a 14-bed intensive care unit and a 20-bed service. Since then, we have served about 1,600 patients with burns. Corneal transplantation at our hospital “We are doing important work in the field of hand surgery. About 2,500 cases have been treated at our hospital. It’s a complete rupture, which we call important ‘replantation.’ “

Topal said the hospital receives more than 1,000 ultrasounds, about 400 MRIs and 300-400 tomographs every day, adding, “When we look at our satisfaction rate and survey, it’s more than 99.5 percent. Of course, choosing is a serious burden.” Used phrases.

Dr. Dursun Topal further said that the physical structure of City Hospital is more than that of private hospitals.

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