Discussions on the Health Workers Act proposal are over

Speaking on behalf of the IYI party group, Istanbul deputy Ahat Andikan recalled that they criticized the proposal on health workers, who were brought to parliament in December and then withdrawn, only covering doctors and not covering about 39 groups in the health system. .

“Fiasco, a deception, a complete disguise”

Noting that the offer now only covers medical doctors and dentists, Andikan said:

“As an IYI party, we offered at least partial pay to pharmacists, nurses and other health workers during the commission discussions, but it was rejected. Unfortunately, the proposal we have discussed and discussed today does not have such an arrangement; very small improvements have been made, limited to a few hundred liras.

In the first proposal, the pension of general practitioners was increased by 4,710 lira and that of specialists by 5,415 lira. In the next proposal, 1648 TL for practitioners and 2,119 TL for specialists have been provided. In other words, it’s down to about a third of the bill’s figures. In Mr. Nebati’s words, I would like to bring this issue to the fore in the case of the dollar, since the Turkish lira has hit rock bottom and two currencies are now in use in this country. When we first accepted the offer, the dollar was 12 lira, now 17 lira; In this case, the total proposed figure for practitioners in the range was $ 392, now $ 97 proposed, i.e. a quarter; Although the one recommended by experts was $ 451, now it is $ 124, again close to a quarter. This is the so-called improvement of the pension, and the improvement of the additional allowances does not exceed a few hundred lira. Now I would like to ask the Minister: Did you pay this price to the doctors who fought selflessly in the front lines of the epidemic and praised you in Parliament? Dedicated, the mountain gave birth to a rat; It’s a complete failure, a complete deception, a complete disguise. “

Andikan says that today there is a very serious migration of doctors and nurses from Turkey to foreign countries and that the reason is the inability of the AK Party government to read the developments in the world properly.

“High Satisfaction Rate in Healthcare”

MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaisi said the bill included provisions aimed at improving the personal rights of health workers and more efficiently managing health services, and stated that the provision, organization and financing of health services should be effective, efficient and equitable. One of the most important responsibilities of the state. “Our country has made significant improvements in access to healthcare and quality of healthcare. Healthcare infrastructure, patient bed capacity and patient bed quality have improved. Thanks to these improvements, satisfaction with healthcare is at an all-time high,” Kalaycı said. Evaluated her.

“Violence against health workers is an unacceptable situation,” said Calaisi. Should ৷ “said

Noting that the regulation is designed to meet some of the demands and expectations of healthcare professionals, Calesi said, “However, a proposal for legislation to study the additional indicators announced by our President will come to our Parliament in the coming days. This regulation will also cover our healthcare professionals.” As a result, an increase of about 40 percent in monthly salaries, effective July 1, will greatly benefit retirees and government employees. ” He said.

“You pay less than you paid that day.”

HDP Batman Deputy Nekdate Epicuez recalls the bill on health workers brought and withdrawn in December, saying, “We are now June 15. In December, the dollar is 13 lira, fuel 11 lira, inflation. 37 percent, gold 700 lira. Is it good? Life is expensive. “Purchasing power is down, you pay less than you paid that day and you withdraw some of the rights you paid that day. What’s the law? What’s the procedure?” He asked.

Epicuez, who criticizes the “transformation of health”, says, “The transformation of health is making a contribution; the transformation of health is the absence of medicine; Five minutes for ultrasound, which means it will take one day next month, when you go for surgery, it means there is no material; change of health ‘We can’t do it, go private.’ I mean. ” Express your opinion.

“We’ve made some changes to the situation where we see errors.”

Kayseri deputy Ismail Tamar, who took the floor on behalf of the AK Party, said they had made arrangements to enable everyone in Turkey to exercise their right to health in the most effective way and to realize the principles of the social state.

With this legal regulation, they aim to devolve the rights of doctors who work day and night without seeing their children, Temer said. We have made some changes in the situation where we see their faults. ‘ Says

Temer said everyone knew about health problems until the AK Party government came to power, but these negatives were quickly forgotten. Used phrases.

“There is money, but who you give it to is a matter of choice.”

CHP Istanbul deputy Mehmet Bekarulu said there were complaints from all health components, but no results were found.

Bakerolu said the proposal, which was introduced in December and included better regulations than today, was withdrawn and the budget was constantly on the agenda. Bekaroglu, “There is money, but who you give money to is a matter of choice.” Says

Bakerolu, claiming that the proposal contains rules that would disrupt work peace among healthcare professionals, criticized the health transformation program and the city’s hospitals.
Bekaroglu argued that there were problems with access to health and that appointments had been made for a long time.

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