He announced that it was ‘time’ … YÖK’s President’s ‘face-to-face education’ message

President of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), Professor. Dr. Errol Ozver said that if there was no change in health conditions in the new academic year, they would switch to face-to-face education at universities and said, “As YÖK, I would like to announce that it is time to face-to-face education with our esteemed rectors.”

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YOK President Prof. Dr. Errol Ozwar came to Kutahya to make various visits. Speaking at the International Hisarli Ahmet Symposium organized by Kutahya Health Sciences University, Ozwar announced that face-to-face education will now be introduced in universities.

“It’s time to go face-to-face training”

“Thank God, after a long epidemic, we are now closer to the new academic year 2022-2023. Now the finals have started or we have to start at our universities. I know,” Ozwar said. Of course, the new academic time is in front of us, we will leave the old one behind. If the health condition does not change for the new time, I hope we will have a new educational time. Before the start of the school year, both the university and YÖK as YÖK, I would like to announce that now is the new academic year with our esteemed rectors when it comes to face-to-face education. “She is OK.

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Noting that they would benefit from online or digital learning and training opportunities, Ozver said, “After a long hiatus, we care about our higher education institutions, universities, campuses, meetings and meetings with our instructors, teachers, students. Classrooms, classrooms. . ”

‘Parliament will decide who will include AFN’

Professor Dr. After he joined Kutahya at the International Hisarli Ahmed Symposium, Errol Ozwar’s student made a statement to the DHA about general amnesty. Recalling that the authorized authority on general amnesty, which is currently on the agenda, is the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ozvar said that they are ready to share all the knowledge and experience of YÖK in official communication.

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Noting that general amnesty opportunities for university students would be determined in Parliament, YÖK Chairman Ozvar said:
“It will be possible for the honorable members of our parliament to make arrangements for a general amnesty in higher education. Once the will has been granted, we will share the situation of both undergraduate and graduate students. General amnesty, if they contact YÖK. We will share with the esteemed members of the Assembly that the general amnesty has been revoked. We have some deputies who have contacted us on this matter. We will share our knowledge, experience and predictions about YÖK in an official communication in the coming days. Will be covered, but we will share information with students whose registration has been removed from the doctoral and associate degree programs. But it is important to make sure that the general pardon is a general pardon that achieves its purpose . We think we have the same views with Parliament on this issue. After all, our president’s desire for a general amnesty is very important. “

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Professor Dr. In addition to Ozvar, Kutahya Health Sciences University Rector Professor. Dr. Bhural Kavunku, Rector of Kutaha Dumlupiner University, Prof. Dr. Kazim Wisal and rectors of 19 universities took part in it.

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