He wrote a book at the age of 12 and will donate his income to the school. 12-year-old Ilul Akbe has immortalized his brother’s story.

Ilul Akbe, a 12-year-old resident of the Beatles’ Tatvan district, wrote a book called “The Little Hero of the Beast” inspired by his younger brother’s incident.
Ilul Akbe, a 7th grader at Tatvan Van Lake Secondary School, decided to write a book inspired by author Ayesha Sengul, whom he met at the age of nine. Akbar made his first attempt to write a book when he was in 5th grade; He wrote stories, fairy tales, poems and compositions. Later, inspired by what happened to his younger brother during the epidemic, Akbar wrote a 50-page story book called “The Little Hero of Animals” at the elementary school level. Akbar, who is an example to his peers despite having technology during the epidemic process, celebrated his first book signing day at the school where he was educated and brought his book with his readers.

“I will donate the proceeds from the sale of books to the Parent-Teacher Association.”
Akbar, who was happy to celebrate his school’s signature day, said he would donate the proceeds from the book sale to the Parent-Teacher Association. Ilul Akbe, who said he received a very good response on the day of the signing, said, “When I was in 4th grade, on the day of the signing, I met a writer named Ayeshengul. She told us her story and I was impressed. After that, I was convinced that I would write a book. I took the first step of writing a book in 5th grade. But I gave up because the writing was wrong. Then I decided to write again in the sixth grade. My mother gave me ideas and corrected my book for me. I consulted with my Turkish teacher and she gave me a lot of morale and ideas. I sent my complete book to a publishing house. Publishing House writer Ayesha Shengul has helped me a lot. Then my book came out and today is my first signing day. I’m very excited. I’ve had a very good response. I am planning to write hundreds of books after today. I plan to donate my book proceeds to my school family union. I would like to thank my school principal, teacher and author, Ayesha Sengul, and especially my family for their contribution to this book. ”

“Today, I’m sharing my daughter’s excitement.”
Mother Ozlem Akbe, who said she always supported and inspired her daughter to write a book, said she was excited when her daughter started writing a book and said, “September told us she wanted to be a writer. . He made this decision, but the book coincides with the epidemic process. She saw her brother’s story and told me. I told him to book it. Maybe he tried many times. When he started writing his brother’s story, he liked to write. I have always been a supporter and have always inspired him. In the end, he made a beautiful work. I talked to our teacher Ayşe Şengül and she helped us write the book. Thank God our book is out. Today, I share my daughter’s excitement. I am very happy and proud. How happy we are that we are working happily on such a beautiful day. Many of his friends believed that they could write a book after seeing Ilul. I support them and I will do my best. ”

“We’ve seen students who have had great success at a very young age.”
Nevjat Ulus, director of the district national education department, said that what is given to children from an early age must be taken, “Encouraging students at an early age and being able to write such books is one of the best aspects of education. From childhood, whatever you give to children, you will get. We have seen students who have had great success at a very young age. We will do our job and encourage students and we will not give up our support to make our kids work at a young age. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the school administration, our teachers and their families for their efforts. ”

“September is an exemplary student who has consistently won degrees in many competitions.”
Shahin Ballikaya, principal of Van Lake Primary and Secondary School, has always supported Ilul since the day he started his book-writing adventure. Across our district. We have been walking this path together since the day he started this adventure. I would like to thank my teachers, especially my family, who have provided all kinds of financial and moral support. Writing is a passion. I wish he would not give up this passion and create more beautiful works that will impress our country in the years to come. ”

“Sister Ailul has set a great example for us.”
“Sister Ilul has set a great example for us,” said Elif Sena Takin, a student who said reading books empowers people. This book has shaped our future very well. When I grow up, I will write a book, ”he said.

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