“Ismail Kartal deserves to be in Fenerbahce” – TRT Spore

Osman Jackie Korkmaz has announced the story of the yellow-black team’s championship and their goal in the Super League.

The 40-year-old coach said: “Since the acquisition, we have achieved a perfect match as a football player, management and technical staff. The game we have created. Pleased. It’s common in the TFF 1st League. After confirming the playoffs, we practiced every moment of the game for the last 3 weeks.

We were mentally, physically and strategically prepared for the playoffs. We got a great win in our first match. It was a harbinger of something. We played in the final reflecting our consciousness on the field. We have a culture of play. The real happiness is to achieve something without giving up. It was a championship behavior that we came from behind and won the Eyüpspor match. “We started believing that we would be the play-off champions that day,” he said.

“There is nothing that makes Istanbulspor proud, because the only team that bears the name of this beautiful city competes at the highest level.” Karkmaz continued his speech as follows:

“Our main motivation in the Super League will be to train the players. When we achieve this at the Super League level, another level will start. The club’s revenue will increase. We will not interfere. We have set a scale for foreign players. There will be a balance within the team: ‘The budgets of other teams are much higher, how will you compete with them?’ “We did it in a lower league. We have become champions with an equal budget of 2-3 players from many teams. We will continue our journey by strengthening our player portfolio in the Super League. Istanbulspor has a game plan and executes it with utmost discipline. It must be said. “

– “We will continue on our way by creating players”

Istanbulspore has always been made up of young footballers and has been described as a good football team, with Osman Jackie Karkmaz using the following expressions:

“Istanbulspor was run with a different identity in the 1990s. It did a lot of damage to the club. The late Om Serialioglu brought the club out of this crisis and made it manageable. I believe he is feeling it and watching us. “Istanbulspor is known throughout its history as a team of young and talented players who play good football. We will unite today with its historic structure. Istanbulspur is the second team of all. Don’t talk and say ‘Homeland First’. The football we play and the role model we create, we will win a lot of football fans. I believe we will be a team. “

– “I followed the path of the club”

Karkamaz, who began his coaching career at the Fenerbahce infrastructure in 2006, has been Ismail Kartal’s assistant for many years. Osman Jackie Korkamz, who promoted Amaspor to the regional amateur league in his first coaching experience in 2014, had the pleasure of being promoted to the Super League with Istanbulspore in his second experience at this level.

The 40-year-old coach said he was deeply influenced by German football, had been researching German football for many years and cited world-renowned coach Jর্গrgen Klopp as an example.

“German football has fascinated me in recent years. I spent about 20 days at Borussia Mেনnchengladbach in 2018. That was the last point of my research on German football. I followed the lead of Jেনrgen Klopp. I went to Valery Lobanovsky. Teaching the world what to do, Lobanovsky, a coach who changed the face of the ball when he was on the opposing team, is the father of modern football. Go and Klopp make it one of the best in the world.

I saw and analyzed the Dynamo Kyiv in the 1980s. We have in our archives how Dynamo Kyiv closed the field. How Sacchi, Michelle and Cruyff created different options while holding the ball and how they used positions flexibly … We followed this line and it gave us the opportunity to create our own unique model. You can’t just pick up a school and put it in another place like it’s a dress, because your culture may demand something else. We actually tried to adapt the mentality to ourselves there. We will try to adapt our playing mentality in the Super League. “

– Role model Sir Alex Ferguson

Osman Jackie Kirkmaz says his role model is the legendary Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Explaining that the Scottish coach has trained many young footballers in the English delegation, where he has had great success, Korkmaz said, “I brought a biography of Ferguson and read it when it was first published in England. I follow the documentary about him. Manchester United Time Ferguson has spent money, in the last 6 games of Manchester City it is equal to the cost of one year, which is why Ferguson is my role model.

I am a technical person who has adopted practice as a role model through production and teaching. Here we have achieved it in 10 months. They insisted on transferring the defender at halftime, but I said I would continue with the young players. I will continue production, ”he said.

Note that his long-term goal is to work in a team abroad, Karkmaz said:

“I can speak English and Spanish. I learned Spanish. It’s a language I like. I like listening to Spanish music. That’s why I learned this language. I wanted to listen to Julio Iglesias with understanding. Learning a language is a social skill. I. I like to develop it. ”I want to grow it in the short term. Our players successfully represent us in high-level teams abroad. We need to prove to the world that Turkish football not only trains individual players, but also produces technical men with a systematic approach and a football approach. “

– Pro license issue

Osman Jackie Korkamz stressed that the Turkish Football Federation should give priority to coaches working in the UEFA Pro Licensing Program.

Noting that many tech men in Turkey have problems getting pro licenses, Korkmaz said, “I went to a course in 2013. After working on an A license for 3 years, you came to the stage where you would be called for a pro license হিসেবে as an assistant coach, in 9 years. 100 Super Leagues and TFF 1. I have a league match, I have a TFF 1st League Championship.

As a coach I have 38 matches and one championship. The selection must be made effective. We need to see tech people who work and choose. I think the election should be more transparent, “he said.

– “Ismail Kartal deserves to be in Fenerbahce”

Osman Jackie Korkmaz says Ismail Kartal, with whom he has worked for many years, deserves to be at the top of Fenerbahce through his performances.

Talking about Kartal’s separation process, the 40-year-old technician said, “Ismail Kartal deserved to be in Fenerbahce. We worked together for many years. We formed a lucky union. He is very disciplined, always thinking without football. When he Not fit. This year, he has achieved what he deserves. Ismail Kartal will find what he deserves. ” Evaluated her.

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