Let’s focus on our expectations – and Hakan Kirkoglu

Moving the moon to Capricorn after the full moon shows that we can be thoughtful and realistic. We can move on to exaggeration and regret later, especially when it comes to finding joy and happiness. Even with good intentions, we should pay more attention to attitudes. The combination of Mars and Chiran also shows that we can learn a lot about a subject that requires courage and struggle. Let’s try not to be destructive.


You can be in a more serious mood than the first two days of the week and you can focus more on your work and status. The support you get in your business life will help you do your job throughout the day. You can approach the issues you are responsible for more carefully. You should take care to stay calm in your communication with those with whom you are in a relationship.


You can focus more on future plans and draw a new route for yourself. Travel may come in the future. You can plan to open new horizons. Philosophical issues may come to the fore. Bilateral relationships can affect you. You may want to make some adjustments to the issues you are working on.


You may have to deal with financial issues in particular. In the future, it may be helpful to be cautious about mutual funds. Situations that can cause crises can occur. It will be better for you to take time out for the things you enjoy. You can feel the awareness that you are responsible for the problem. There may be conflict in your relationship in the evening.


Issues related to bilateral relations and cooperation may come up in the morning. In the afternoon, things related to your wife may start to occupy you. You may be looking for confidence in your bilateral relationship. The things you are responsible for can make you mature. In the evening, it is beneficial to be calm in your relationship.

The lion

Events in your work environment can mark your day. The problem you are responsible for will affect your agenda. You may need to deal with incidents involving colleagues. You have to be careful about the things that make you tired. You can feel the breakup with the people you are in a relationship with. You should be aware of your spending in the evening.


Your creative side may come to the fore. You may want to express yourself with your creativity. Towards noon, you may feel that you are using your skills more and more in your work. Your love life can be moving. You can spend money on things you like. You can take the time to pursue your hobby.


You can feel more serious and take responsibility. There may be situations where you have to deal with your father. Family matters may come up in the future. You can make new decisions about the things you are responsible for. It is important to pay attention to the responses you give in the evening. Try to stay employed.


Your communication speed may increase. You can often associate with your close circle, and you may want to let them know your ideas. In the afternoon, you can feel the active hours related to the problems you are dealing with. Correspondence and conversations can be intense. You should pay attention to the problems caused by your communication. Changes in your immediate environment can affect you.


Today, you may have to deal with more financial problems and budgets. There are times when you can use your skills to solve the problems that are responsible for it. There may be a break in your business with financial matters. You may have to take things slowly. Or there may be some obstacles in front of you.


In the morning, your sensitive issues may come to the fore. You can change the image. You need to pay attention to your diet. In the future, your desire to start anew may increase. You are on a day where you can focus more on yourself and your own will. Be careful not to argue with the people around you.


You’re on a day where it’s hard to find your direction, especially in the morning. Delays may occur due to out of your control. Circumstances and the uncertainty of the loss can overwhelm you and make you feel trapped. Don’t be pessimistic and try to stay with the flow.


You can feel a very active time today. You may want to get together with your friends and make new plans and organizations with them. In the coming hours, you can set new goals for yourself and make new decisions. You can start taking serious steps to put your future plans on a solid footing.

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