Lots of options for messages and sayings for Mother’s Day!

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On this day where meaningful gifts, beautiful words and valuable messages will come to the fore, Mother’s Day messages will guide social media and short messages. Mother’s Day messages will be sent by son, niece, siblings and friends to allow for emotional moments. Here are the options for the special Mother’s Day message.

Mother’s Day message

You are the umbrella that opens to me when all the pain falls on me, my mother .. I love you so much.

I believe that the only person who loves me more than me is my mother. I kiss your hand.

The consolation of my annoyance, my mother, in whose mercy I took refuge, who voluntarily shared my life .. How can I repay her right?

Your embrace, your compassion connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy mother’s day

The most beautiful man, the most beautiful mother, my guardian angel .. I kiss your hand.

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My mother .. My mother .. I always miss you except you .. Even if I am not with you, you are still with me.

A shooting star slides into the sky, we make a wish. Mom closes her eyes and wishes for me. I kiss your hand.

If the north wind blows or the storm breaks, you are the only port, I will take refuge, mother. How can I repay you? I have come to put my head on your knees.

Mother’s Day! Only you know how much I love you, even though I don’t always say it.

It turns out that the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain is your name. Every time I call you, either my pain doesn’t go away or my love grows … Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

A beautiful woman with a bright face and her heart pounding for her children, I love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

If you look at me with your heart without looking into your eyes, you will know very well how much I love you … Happy Mother’s Day …

Oh, I will die for your sweet smile, your loving eyes, your merciful heart, especially when you say my baby, my mother. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear mother.

You heal me when someone else cries for me, you always take care of me when someone else leaves. I love you so much mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

My mother who gives me strength and gives hope to me .. Happy Mother’s Day !!

The safest refuge in this world is in your lap. Being my mother is my greatest opportunity in this world. I love you mom .. Happy Mother’s Day mom.

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No matter who leaves my beloved mother, after you stay with me, there is no end for me, on the contrary, every day a new hope, every day a new happiness. Happy Mother’s Day to my dear mother.

My only sweet mother, I am always proud to be your child. I kiss your hand.

My mother, who loves me with boundless love, indescribable love, I am alive to be worthy of you. Happy Mother’s Day.

In my windowless room, you were a rare light. You were my mentor, my life counselor. The path is detached, but the heart is never. Your darling baby has not forgotten Mother’s Day. Goodbye mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

My dear mother .. Happy Mother’s Day. I am always your little child .. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother rose decoration, rose bundle, mother, captive to my words, indescribable composition mother, burning heart, tired in the cage, mother anxious howl, mother inside me. I love you so much mom, happy mom day.

My mother who gives me strength and gives me hope. I love you so much Happy Mother’s Day!

My dear mother, who calmed my tears, revived me and connected me to life. Happy Mother’s Day.

I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t connect. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

Mothers are like flowers, you can always see them in fragrant places, you know they are always there for you and thinking of you. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Your embrace, your compassion connects me to life, my dear mother. Happy Mother’s Day.

I want every new day that will create your future to be more beautiful than the previous day, according to your wishes and in a way that will make you happy. Happy Mother’s Day my angel mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother, your love is the only sun that warms my earth. I know you will never lose your light. I’m glad you’re here. Happy Mother’s Day, my dear mother.

Mother’s Day Poems

And if my forehead is clean, my head is high
If we have the strength, if I am happy
If I had a smile on my face in this city.?
If it’s shiny like a white lily, baby
And the child is the one that loves me everything
This happiness, this order, this endless light
Mother’s mouth for her water

Yavuz Bulent Bakilar

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Farooq Nafiz Chamlibel – Mother

Sleep and growth

I grew up with you, Mom.

Give me that white milk

You gave me, I grew up, mother.

Sleeping stars

Sardin, I grew up mom.

To your mother’s beauty

Erdin, I grew up mom.

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