Minister announces the reality of Casapolu dormitory! “Turkey is valuable to the whole of Europe”

State Minister for Youth and Sports in a special speech to Mehmet Muharrem has revealed Turkey’s investment in Casapolu dormitory. Casapolu responded with numbers of people who realized that there was a lack of dormitories.

Since the AK Party came to power in 2002, they have increased the capacity of dormitories from 180,000 to 750,000.

Answering questions from Osman Ateli, editor-in-chief of Haber 7, and Gamze Turk, reporter of Haber7, Minister Casapolu gave a clear answer to the perceived operations performed on student accommodation and dormitory needs.

Last year, the issue of student accommodation and dormitory was much discussed. About a week ago, you announced the good news of a new dormitory project for a thousand people. You said that the dormitory capacity has been increased and they will continue to be increased. What kind of preparation will be in the new academic year?

“We have increased the dormitory capacity of 180,000 people to 750,000.”

Dormitory is the pride of Turkey. The dormitory is a Turkish educational and youth service system. See, in 2002 the capacity of dormitory bed was 180 thousand. Many of these buildings were problematic. The infrastructure is completely disrespectful. It has a bathroom on one floor, people take time to take a bath one day, come once a week, don’t come; Hot water was the place where heating was a problem. Since we have destroyed and renewed almost all of that 180,000 infrastructure, we have built an infrastructure about 4 times that. About 800 thousand. We are coming forward. Now 750 thousand. And a modern living space is now the dormitory. We have a dormitory infrastructure in each case. And I want to say specifically that this is not just a job from today to tomorrow. We have guesses everywhere. We either add a new block or create a new place as needed. Did you say 1000 people … the number of beds is increasing every day. We are open every day. We have new projects. You will never see the same number, it changes every day. There are new additions. Therefore, I tell you that there is no other example of dormitory infrastructure in Turkey. The day before, we were in the van. It was 1900, the van’s infrastructure was in 2002. At present 10,500. 3,500 beds are also vacant.

“The total domestic power of all Europe is less than that of Turkey.”

“When you add up all the numbers in Europe, did you know that our capacity does not reach 750,000? All the European countries … all the dormitories are behind Turkey … those who are trying to create an exploitation zone from here are just deceiving themselves. I tell you, with such a strong infrastructure, there is nothing to work with different perceptions. You can’t. Look, we give each of our students 25 Lira a day of nutritional support. Look, we have 32 GB of internet. Free service in all dormitories. There is GB internet service. Trying to scrub and insult the infrastructure that is not found anywhere else in the world, and in this sense, creating various artificial agendas, lying, our nation. It does not. He appreciates it in the best way. We will continue to strengthen our infrastructure and assist young people in youth-oriented, shelter, feeding and other needs while adapting to them. Demand and demand. We keep an eye on them. “

You have good communication with young people. You are a name that young people feel and love. From time to time, we hear complaints about today’s youth. Am I honestly interested in your approach to this?

“The thinking of young people is very important to us.”

“Youth, athletes are our greatest hope. As athletes give us hope, so do young people. Young people are not only the hope of Turkey, but also of humanity. The vision of our youth, the needs of our youth is our top priority. There are thoughts. Look at us. We have declared 2022 as the year of participation. For what? To further engage our youth in this process. We want to manage our youth together, we want to implement them. We want to control the processes. Come on, let’s stay together in every case. Minister of Youth and Sports … Minister of Youth and Athletes … Turkey Every week we host young people from all over the country. Thousands of young people … Thousands of young people … They come in groups. We entertain them for a night or two. We talk. Wherever I go in Turkey, I always meet them. It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere. Jackets and ties. You take it off. Of course, our young people can sometimes think differently. I say let’s talk friends. Let me know if anyone has a different opinion. Let me know if you have any objections. Let’s discuss the issues. Talking, talking, being together doesn’t hurt anyone. As long as it remains within the framework of the civilized system. It happens with mutual love, mutual understanding. Each of these is solved. Being human, moving humanely … we are all human. We need to overcome prejudice by talking and getting to know each other. Superstition is both a major obstacle for the judge and a major injustice to the justice you approach. That’s why we sit and talk, get to know each other, feel the excitement, share their grief … I think each of these is an environment where we live together with our young people, the rules of our behavior … that are from within Come on … artificiality … artificiality … these are not in our lifestyle. We walk with sincerity, confidence and trust in each other … ”

Mehmet Kan Beloren – Sports Manager

News 7 - Mehmet Can Belloren

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