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My late mother and father both loved theater. They also instilled in us a love for theater. He used to take us to all the theaters that came to Manisha. I knew Muzammil Karaka, Cantalleri, Doraemon Theater, Gonul Ulku-Ghazanf’s Ozkan even in elementary school.

We would go to Izmir and see the theaters that were not closed by Manisa. Vasif Ongoren, a native of Brecht’s school, asked, “How do you get rid of this?” We also saw his play called Mela. It was the early 70’s, the March 12 memorandum had not yet been issued, and leftist and social dramas were freely staged. My late father was a complete Democrat, he never separated the left, the right, the opposition, agreed in the industry, he led us in every good game. I was a teenager in high school. I saw the play as the story of a prostitute in a brothel, with a bit of shame and boredom. The play was one of the most watched dramas of all time and “How to get rid of it?” And after that day, how to get out of a difficult situation became a question.

In the face of rising living costs, uninterrupted fuel prices, uninterrupted foreign exchange growth, and the persecution of our low-income citizens who cannot afford them, citizens ask: “How can this be achieved?” Saying

If you ask about economics, the answer is simple… first, you get rid of arrogance, saying that I know everything, I am an economist, and leave the work to the wise. You will re-establish the DPT and re-establish the treasury. You will recognize the autonomy of the central bank and publish the Turkestat. You will leave the management of public banks, ministries and institutions directly related to the economy with instructions and hand them over to the worthy hands. You will protect the bureaucrat who does his job properly. Don’t make those who don’t come to your service stand in front of your door, don’t force them to resign. They too will make the right decision to work without the sword of Democracy in their heads. You will support workers and producers, you will reduce the burden of VAT and SCT on agricultural inputs to zero, you will not get money from irrigation water, you will abolish tax on pumped electricity. You will stop raising fuel and your taxes will not be levied on diesel fuel used in agriculture and transportation. In the short term, they breathe fresh air into the public and the economy. We’ll talk about the long term in the future, but first you’ll say “nose”. You will make decisions that bring forward the more important concept of “counseling”, that is, counseling, counseling, common sense, not alone, but negotiating, consulting, governing state institutions, and you will hear the voice of the people. You will avoid wastage, you will save money, and you will inform those who talk nonsense, saying that “the salary of civilian employees is a burden on the budget”.

Do you have the desire to do this? Otherwise, we will grind our teeth until 2023. Will there be a strong government in 2023 that can show this desire? Opinion polls suggest change, but the AKP seems to be the first party to fall from power. Is there a solution? Yes, I always write, I say, the only force that will get DYP and ANAP votes back in AKP is center-south Neither the parties that sever ties with nationalism nor the politicians who cannot be detached from nationalism can achieve this. Unfortunately, the DP, the center-right representative, is still listed as “other” in the vote. Then “How do you get rid of it?” Let the Democratic Party, the representative of the 76-year-old tradition, be questioned. How to get DP?

It is easier for me to answer this question than the other. I’m not modest about it. If you count those who know best the Democratic Party’s founding and history, coups, our recent political history and center-right tradition, its principles and practices, you will find me there. Discovered documents, notes, letters, photographs and memoirs in transient form and hundreds of printed works are kept in my personal archive and Demirsi Atif Akin Library.

Yes, how does the Democratic Party survive? In a word, it protects its essence and values. In the speeches and statements of Bayer, Menderes and Demirel, the words spoken in the post-World War II environment of democracy and independence, “Fourth Declaration”, “Treaty of Independence”, “Promise of National Agreement” The cadres up to the delegates should have this awareness and conduct politics accordingly. Otherwise, if your provincial chairman praises the racist and putkist rhetoric of the other party chairman, insults the real democrats who justifiably criticize this attitude and still sits in that seat, how will you persuade the democrats and get votes?

At the last Congress of the DP, I wrote my opinion about the newly joined cadres. I will not repeat it, but if these new people do not insult the real owners of this case, for which they work on the same board, do not insult, threaten, curse and curse those who do not tolerate it and criticize it. Democrats are open to criticism, learn from criticism, are tidy, tolerant, polite, do not swear, do not speak badly, have a wide heart and embrace everyone. If he can’t, then he is not a democrat, nor is he a Turkish nationalist.

The democratic community has a broad spectrum. In that spectrum, everyone finds a place according to their own opinions, lifestyles and dispositions, but it is a prerequisite to have a democratic attitude regardless of ideas, beliefs or dispositions. Democrats have also embraced real Turkish nationalists. Hamdullah Sufi Tanriover, Arif Nihat Asiya, Sadri Maksudi Arsel, Sait and Sadettin Bilgik, Tevfik Ileri, Ahmet Nihat Ake, Fethi Tevetoglu, Mustafa Kemal Ercovanli, Aga Okte Gunar, Ike Kamal Mewar . Some of them were poets, writers, intellectuals and statesmen whom we admired, some of whom were our lords, and some of whom we respected and enjoyed working with, chatting with and being at their tables. Everyone I knew was a tolerant, democratic, mature man, without exception. I have not heard any bad words from any of them, especially insults, insults. They all spoke carefully chosen words in a beautiful and humble Turkish language and knew how to convey them to their interlocutors. They will not shout like shopkeepers, they will not interrupt or insult their interlocutors. Among these beautiful people, I did not count those who drowned Chillar and Agar and then parked in Baheli’s tent and those who came as Chillar A group and left the group under the dam.

This abusive brother, whom the democratic community does not yet know, will choose his own path, will either digest the democratic upbringing, will remember like this beautiful man, or will take his place in the pile of political garbage like other parasites. Yes! And one last thing. And do not try to stand in front of the leader of this party. I have come, I have brought movement in the party, if I was not there, you would not have said that you would have crawled on the ground. We criticize mistakes sometimes, but we take care of our party and chairman, and we don’t want to tell anyone. You cannot bear the burden of this party, Dada Chepani of Mesudiye hill village of Oru understands my language but does not understand your language, this is the language of democracy. Either you learn or you shut up and stand by. Don’t forget, you also apologize.

We said how to get rid of coming, where did we come from? The DP returns to its essence, extends its roof and grows if it succeeds in attracting center-right, large and small, democratic parties, groups and platforms. As the DP increases, the AKP becomes smaller and the 6-player table becomes stronger. If we want to save Asia then there is no other way.

Be well

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