Paü’s project will be the clinical key to physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Among the opportunities of the European Union Erasmus + program cooperation partnership in vocational education, supported by the Turkish national organization, Professor. Dr. The inaugural meeting of the project titled ‘Clinical Key for Electrical Stimulation in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation’ was held at the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation under the leadership of Nilufer Satishli Korkamaj of the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Rector Prof. Dr. Pamukkale University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Faculty member Professor. Dr. In addition to Nilüfer etişli Korkmaz, faculty members of the Faculty of Technology Assoc. Dr. Arzum Işıtan, Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member Association. Dr. Fatih Setisli, Dr. Ft. Furkan Bilek, Express. Fzt Fatma Nur Alçın and expert Fzt. Betül Söylemez was present on behalf of the University of Pamukkale, while Professor Dr. Liga Rusu and Mihai Rusu from Hatta Mustafa Kamal University, Association. Dr. Esra Dogru Hujmeli from Suleiman Demirel University, Dr. Instructor Member Mehmet Dure, PT from Siauliai State University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania. PhD. Vaida Aleknaviciute from Ablonske, PT Tartu Health Care College, Estonia. MSc. Join Kirkke Reisberg.

The inaugural meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, International Relations Coordinator, faculty members of the Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and graduate students, graduate and doctoral students of the Institute of Health. Science, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and business and profession. Dr. Nilüfer Çetişli Korkmaz says the amount of the project grant, which will last 30 months, is 213,320.00 euros.
At the inaugural meeting of the project, Professor. Dr. Nilufar Chetishly Korkamaz says:
“Electrical stimulation has been widely used for many years in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for neuromodulation, growth, pain and somatosensory management. Although electrical stimulation methods are widely used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, their functioning methods are still not fully known and there is no standardization in naming, although they have different definitions. Due to the lack of standard protocols for electrical stimulation for physiotherapists and differences in parameters this method cannot be used effectively, affecting the clinical decision making process and insufficient evidence in the literature for practice. The project is also supported as a relevant partner by national and European professional associations such as the Physiotherapist Association of Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Estonia, who report that there are regional differences in their ability to transfer vocational training and knowledge from European universities. The importance of providing additional training to stakeholders. The project is designed for the needs of undergraduate / masters / doctoral students, academic professionals, physiotherapists, supervisors, researchers and national and international physiotherapy associations. Through this project, the goal is to provide a general and international language for electrical stimulation in physiotherapy and rehabilitation education and practice on a European scale. The project will also support vocational education and training through digital and hybrid education for excellence. The CK4Stim project is expected to have scientific, academic, economic and social consequences. The project will create distance learning materials, guidebooks, web pages and mobile applications, which will be clinical key to physiotherapists’ evidence and requirements for electrical stimulation applications and procedures in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. “

“We have to show what position Pamukkale University has in the international arena.”
Rector Professor Dr. spoke at the opening ceremony. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan said: “Hopefully, this project will reach its goal and you will create an algorithm for humanity. I have been closely interested in physical therapy and rehabilitation since day one of taking office. Physical therapy and rehabilitation in the background of our lives, our lives It will become more common; it will show itself in all areas of life. The more we focus on physical and rehabilitation, the healthier our future will be. We have transformed our School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation into a Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Our aim is to show what kind of place Pamukkale University has in the international arena. We have a lot of potential. Pamukkale University is a university that should be at the forefront no matter what you talk about. Raising to a level that will contribute to the world is one of the responsibilities of our university W We are working hard to open our Prisoner Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. The center will play an important role in bringing health tourism to Denizli. At the same time, this center will be a field of study for our Faculty of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. We are working as an ambitious university. I believe that this project is really a good project with our stakeholders coming from abroad and from the country. It makes me proud that our university is at the top of our country’s Erasmus rankings and that our university is involved in international projects. ”

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