Please do not set out without your health support document!

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The Guinean holiday season awaits us in a few weeks. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

While there is a fun and relaxing aspect to the work, we also have to think about many aspects that can be troublesome. In this context, one of the most important tasks is health care.

German legal insurance holders outside EU countries European health insurance cardMajor countries where they can get healthcare assistance:

The 27 countries of the European Union, including the European Health Insurance Card, and the major countries that receive EU health insurance cards despite not being members of the European Union are: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro.

For Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is not a direct road, you can visit. BH6 Healthcare certification required. In this context, there is no country where there is no health insurance agreement on the highway route.

Name of the health care document required for Turkey, i.e. for tourist travel T / A 11 Is

What can you do if you forget to get your healthcare documents for Turkey?

  1. You can apply to SSI individually and request a health care document through them. To make this function faster in the online environment, if you specify the e-mail address of the insured organization to SGK, it will make your job easier.
  2. You can contact your insurance company and request documents. We can send it to your address in Germany under the Personal Data Protection Act.

In order to benefit from healthcare in Turkey, the beneficiary must apply to the Regional Authorized Institutions of Social Security (SGK) with this document. From there, he is registered in the YUPASS system and is given a personal SGK-ID number. You can apply directly to a government health institution affiliated with the Ministry of Health with an identity card (such as a passport). Beneficiaries can also apply to a private health institution contracted with SGK. Cost of contracted private health care. 2 times 5004 TL x 2 = 10,008 TL)

What should be the definition and form of services received through T / A 11 document?

This is a health aid document provided for non-delayed, non-delayed treatment and emergency health services.

Are there any additional payments or contributions for the services received?

Yes, each country has its own obligation to provide health care, additional fees and contributions according to its own service law

If the service location is named “Green Service Area”, then Additional medical fees You don’t pay!

Which service area where contributions and overpayments are not paid?

You will not pay extra fees for intensive care services, burn treatment, surgery services, traffic accidents, services where emergency health services may be declared and cardiovascular surgery procedures.

Is it possible to get back the extra allowance and contribution fee paid in Turkey?

If you have extra insurance, you can reduce it in whole or in part. You can take out supplementary insurance from a private health insurance company of your choice or through the organization with which you have become a member. With the additional insurance that you will deposit, you will be able to guarantee the transfer function from Turkey, which is considered medically necessary, or you have moved to Germany from another country. So do not go on vacation without extra insurance!

Important information about document requests:

If the SGK or the contracted SGK-institution does not provide services in the T / A 11 document, ask the reason and apply to the relevant SGK-department and request redressal of your grievance. If a T / A 12 document is requested for persons with chronic disease other than T / A 11, this document must be requested along with an A / T 7 document from SGK. In this context, it is useful to provide sickness insurance email address services here. The relevant SSI unit may request the document via e-mail address. Otherwise, the documents requested from Germany may take several weeks to reach the relevant SSI unit in Turkey via regular mail.

Expenditure parity: If you have paid for the treatment out of your own pocket, if you go to the SGK institution with the invoice and other documents in your hand and confirm how much the services offered in SGK are in TL, your insurance German company will pay you a calculated amount. Have to pay. If you do not perform this function, your health insurance company may perform the equivalent of this cost for you. Based on the data we have, the expected processing time for this type of function is 3 to 12 months.

Receiving doctor’s report: If you work or receive unemployment benefits, if you are ill, if you receive a report, if you provide A / T15 and A / T18 documents from SGK, you will facilitate the acceptance of the reported time.

In this icon, you will see the Internet addresses of the companies in the Contracting countries and the online service languages ​​they use:

On this occasion, on behalf of me and my organization, I wish you all good health and a beautiful summer vacation.

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