“Responsibility of society is very important”

“Senab-i-Hawk considers human life extremely valuable”

Bingol Provincial Mufti Mustafa Topal said, “Allah has made human life very precious. This has been emphasized in many verses. And the whole world has been blamed for causing the death of one person. That is why human life is very precious to Allah. The Qur’an specifically forbids ending human life. We say it in detail because everything goes into it. In our religion, ending one’s life unjustly, without any other reason, or directly for the purpose of killing someone’s life is considered as the biggest sin in our religion, which is forbidden in our religion. Suicide should also be evaluated in this context. Ending one’s life is considered a major sin in our religion and it is emphasized in Hadith-e-Sharif that it is a serious crime and it is a major punishment in the afterlife. This problem comes to our society and sometimes to our Mufti as a question. That’s the way it should be. ” He said.

“We must teach our children that human life is precious to God.”

Touching on the subject of awareness education, Topal said, “Of course, we all have a responsibility in this regard. First, we are all parents. We need to give importance to the education of our children in the family. We need to consider all aspects of our children’s education. First, we need to teach our children about their religious responsibilities. We should teach our children to be aware of the religious responsibilities that Allah has entrusted to us in the Qur’an, that human life is valuable, human life is precious to Allah and harming human life is a great sin. . Says

“Those of us who have love in our hearts cannot harm society and ourselves.”

“Even though we teach it, we are all parents and teachers at home,” said Topal. The important thing is that we should set an example for our children not with words but with our attitude and actions. We should always emphasize love, empathy and tolerance as an example for our children. Such is the example of the paternity of our Prophet (peace be upon him). As he treated his children, he treated them with affection, affection, and made him feel very close to his children. She feels very close to her family. Children need hearts and hearts to feel good about love. There will be no harm to the society, in whose hearts we have put love. So it will not be a loss. And the child never thinks of suicide. For him, primary education must be given in the family, be it religious responsibility, responsibility towards the society, responsibility towards oneself, that is, responsibility towards the individual state. So it is completed in school. ” Says

“Responsibility of society is very important as a priority”

Highlighting the importance of social responsibility, Topal said, “It is also the responsibility of the society itself. Our attitudes are our actions in our social life. What we do on the street, our attitude and what we talk about is very important. Our conversations with our children are very important. We should encourage them to take religious responsibility, to think about the plague in the eyes of Allah. It is also very important that our elders set an example for the children, so we need to set an example in our social life so that we treat our children responsibly and do not lead them to such actions and attitudes. Considered a crime in the eyes of God and a crime in the eyes of humanity. We are all responsible, the responsibility for this responsibility is first with Allah and then our own responsibility. We need to be especially sensitive about this. In the Qur’an, Allah must give the importance that He has given to our life, for human beings, for humanity. In giving this importance, we need to start with ourselves, our families and our children. Made a statement.

“Suicide is not a situation to be taken lightly”

Emphasizing the importance of taking suicides lightly, Huda Par Bingol provincial president Rafik Alpaya said in a statement: “There have been recent suicides. This really bothers us. We wanted to be quiet so far. We didn’t want to spread it too much on social media, but we were hurt, hurt and we decided to publish it specifically. We want everyone to take responsibility in this sense. Administrators, guardians, other non-governmental organizations, parties, do what they can. Do these happen with different activities or with family dialogue, so let’s do it more often. Let’s try it. Let us try so that by the grace of Allah these incidents do not happen and suicide does not happen. So, really, suicide incidents are not easy, and they cannot be taken lightly. Because in the end, the soul dies, the soul goes away and these souls are bestowed upon us, we should not forget this. So, of course, we can’t kill it because this life is for us, life is important, killing one life is like killing the whole life. That is why everyone should pay as much attention as possible. Spirituality is especially important, and those who are in distress need to find a way to solve their problems. We have to try for this goal. We have a Lord who created us, our Lord did not create us so that we can be free. “

“Let’s take care of our youth and be friends and worries”

Alpaya said, “If a person is a servant of God and acts in a way that pleases God, then this is the greatest freedom. Otherwise not freedom. Our call to our elders is as follows; “Let’s follow our youth closely, make friends with them, let’s be close friends and partners with them.” If we do these things, then they will be sensitive to the command of Allah, because whatever we say about freedom, that is, people cannot be free if they go astray. What we call freedom, what we call freedom, is slavery to God. Man is free when he is a servant of Allah, he is free when he is a servant of Allah. That’s why you have to pay attention to it. And again, we are telling our youth that we should not be fooled by such words, people are not lazy, they are not made in vain so that they can move freely. So let’s not be deceived by such words. The words of the stars may be uttered, but those words are not ours, they are not of Muslims, not even of humanity. He said.

“Suicide is the only sin without repentance”

Bingöl IHH President Muhitin Gili said in a statement, “Suicide is the only sin without remorse. There is no reason to commit suicide, but the deeper problem is related to faith. Probably the most frightening step among the reasons leading to suicide is that there is no other option, it has been shown as the only salvation. God forbid, this is a very dangerous situation. Everything done in life, every mistake, every sin has a compensation and repentance is one of them. Another thing is that they feel that they cannot be understood. Let’s listen to our friends about this. Let’s think about the problem of Muslims. Non-governmental organizations can also support this issue by strengthening social, cultural and religious issues. ” Says

“Technology addiction is the biggest cause of suicide”

“The biggest problem is substance abuse, a bad addiction, but technology addiction is a bigger cause than suicide, I think,” he said. The government also has to fix this technology dependence. Nowadays a bill has been passed in the parliament in this regard, hopefully it will become law. And it would be great if it could benefit everyone. Of course, we are always ready if any responsibility falls on us or NGOs. We always enter the stone with our body, not with our hands. As long as these problems do not occur, we have no guarantee that we will not have children tomorrow. Everyone should do their job, InshaAllah. ”

“There is no reason why life given to man cannot end.”

Sadet Party Bingol provincial president Muhammad Fatih Tiriaqi said in a statement; “We believe that nothing, no cause, can cause the death of the soul, which is the most precious asset given by man. As long as we live, as long as we breathe, we think there is hope for everything. We are aware that as a country we are going through difficult times. We are aware of the extreme frustration that the youth of our country have fallen into lately. We want our young people to pay more attention to their most precious things, their lives, their lives and their surroundings. Because for every lost soul, we also feel the pain of this work, though not so much as the family of our youth. For this we see fault in ourselves. We talk about how we can’t keep up with our brothers. In other words, we believe that our family or those who care about us should not be bothered. This life is a trust given by Almighty Allah. “

“Our young people will enjoy the security of life.”

“We know that many of our young people will take care of a normal belief that they will be given extra,” said Tiriaqi. We want to emphasize here that this life should not be forgotten as a faith, this life should be seen as a faith and we should not lose hope and fight the problem till our last breath. As long as we breathe in and out, we think there is a solution to everything in life except death. We say if not today then tomorrow, we think we should not lose hope. Look, people are losing their health, they’re losing millions of dollars overnight, millions of their lives could be lost to zero, and they’re still fighting. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Your loved one, the tearful mother, and the tearful father you have left behind, only you will not be disturbed, only your intimate circle will not be disturbed. Thus, we may have occasional fears. In fact, everything starts with a fear. So it starts with the fear that I won’t be able to do it tomorrow. Let us know that when life is over, it will not come back. I know this life is hope. Let’s face it – we’re not the kind of people who betray faith. “

“Let’s face it – everything can be solved without death.”

Addicted; “Let us know that everything can be solved except death. Let’s fight for it. Let’s believe, because believing is half the battle. No matter what situation we are in, no matter how bad we are, if we believe we will succeed, if we believe we will be victorious. If we believe, instead of building a beautiful world, we will build this world, our own and a beautiful world, InshaAllah, “he said.

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