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It is estimated that there are more than 59 million healthcare workers worldwide. In recent years there have been discussions about the working conditions and personal rights of health workers around the world. As a result of this discussion, people who work as health workers have to follow the news of their professional life more and more. Because of this, there are reports that 59 million healthcare workers worldwide are concerned. News The number of sites is growing rapidly.

Definition of health workers; It covers various topics like Emergency Medical Technician, Dentist, Pharmacist, Midwife, Doctor, Nurse, Health Manager. All health professionals are included in the definition of health workers.

Thematic news sites that work in the field of employee health publish news that raises the concerns of professionals who call health workers. This news is mainly about the personal rights of the workers.

Websites also have the following news sections that report news for healthcare workers:

Legislation News: Legislation; Determines workers’ rights, working conditions and job-related authority and responsibilities of employees. For this reason, current laws need to be followed and known by health workers.

খবর Ministry of Health News: The work of health organizations, including private hospitals, is regulated by regulations issued by the Ministry of Health. For this reason, the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health are binding on both health workers working in the private sector and health workers working in the public sector. The latest developments related to the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health reach the health workers through the workers health news sites.

খবর Union News: TurkeyMore than 75% of Turkey’s healthcare workers are members of a union. Because of this, health workers are following the news of the union struggle with interest. News about the union’s activities for healthcare workers can be found on healthcare workers’ health news sites.

Sample of petition: health worker; Transacts through petitions such as settlement, appointment and coordination. For each transaction, a petition containing various information has to be issued. The petition must be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Site editors, who follow the rules and regulations, share updated petition drafts, arranged separately for each process, with health workers in this news section.

News sites (sites where news can be read via the Internet) report on everything. From the Turkish agenda to the world agenda, from politics to technology, all kinds of news are shared on such sites. For this reason, the sites in this section do not adequately address the concerns of healthcare workers.

Since the focus of health worker news sites is a single issue, such sites contain more comprehensive and accurate news. In addition, since such sites contain less news from different categories, there is no risk of readers missing important news about health workers.

Thanks to the extensive analysis it has published, the Health Network manages to be one of the first sites to come to the attention of health workers. The Sub-Contractor Breaking News published by the site was followed with interest by thousands of people working as sub-contractors in the Ministry of Health and other public institutions.

The Health Network newspaper headline page, on the other hand, catches the attention of everyone who likes to follow the daily newspaper headlines. On the newspaper headlines page, you can read the daily headlines of national and local newspapers across Turkey. The headline is updated every morning so that every day; The current title is presented to readers.

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