(Summary) Results of the Turkey-Lithuania match: 2-0 – National team news

Our national team hosted Lithuania in the 4th match of the 1st group of the League of Nations C, which they lost 6-0. The Crescent and Stars Gursell, managed by Stefan Kuntz, played at Axel Stadium and won 2-0 under the direction of Stephanie Frappert, the female referee of the French Football Federation, and secured the lead. Kan Ayhan scored 36 and Hakan Chalhanoglu scored 54 from the penalty spot to bring 3 points. In ’81, Cengiz Ünder did not benefit from winning the penalty. In the other match of our group, Luxembourg and Faroe Islands drew 2-2.

Reaching the +12 average at the end of the 4th match and taking the lead with 12 points without conceding a goal, our national team will host Luxembourg in the 5th match in September 2022. The national team, which will play the Farrow Islands away in the 6th game, will be eliminated from the group.

Luxembourg is second in Group C of the C League with 6 points, and Faroe Islands is third with 4 points. Uncategorized Lithuania ranks last.

Minutes from the match:

৬ ‘ Cengiz Ünder sent the ball into the goal from a great distance from the right wing and Lithuanian goalkeeper Dziugas Bartkus pushed the ball into the corner with his finger at the last minute.

11th ‘ Hakan Chalhanoglu took the ball to the free kick which the national team won from the left diagonal. In the penalty area, Serdar Dursun’s head shot was activated from the left wing through a free kick used by the star midfielder.

12 ‘ Captain Hakan’s shot from outside the penalty area returned the ball to Klimavicius. While the national players were waiting for the penalty, Frapart continued to play.

16 ‘ The nationals are looking for goals in the Lithuanian goal. Hakan’s free kick from the right wing, rising to the back post, came out of Kagler’s head shot from above.

18 ‘ Cengiz Ünder, one of the most influential names of the time, drove the ball he got in the right wing and made a shooting angle for himself. The ball passed to Bertkus from above when the young player saw a goal from the opposite direction and took a shot from a distance.

20 ‘ Going forward towards the free kick used by Cengiz Ünder, Kan Ayhan’s head kick could not hold the goal in the penalty area. The Nationals waited for the penalty as Uzela pushed Kane into position, but the game continued.

25 ‘ Bertkus snatched the ball at the last minute from a well-placed shot by Hakan Chalhanoglu. From the left diagonal, the spinning ball bounced back from the Barvacas.

28 ‘ Genghis Unders shot from outside the penalty area and the ball went wide.

30 ‘ The shot of Golasicus, which was activated through a pass in the middle of Lacicus, went over the ball.

31 ‘ In Lithuania, Baravikas was shown a yellow card for a foul on Kerem.

33 ‘ Halil’s shot failed to catch the ball, which was carried diagonally into the penalty area from the left.

36 ‘ Keram saw the ball in the left corner near Ferdi and hit the far corner, Bertkus slapped the ball into the corner at the last minute.

Target | 38 ‘ Cengiz Ünder uses the right wing corner and snatches the Lithuanian defense ball. Once again controlling the ball, Genghis made in the middle of the penalty area, Kan Ayhan, who got up well, made a head shot. Bertkus’ intervention was not enough and our national team led after crossing the ball line. 1-0

45 ‘ In the penalty area, the ball sent by Hakan in the carom ball remained in front of Ferdi. When the star player kicked from outside the penalty area, the ball went to goalkeeper Dijugas Bertkus.

The first 45 minutes ended with our national team taking a 1-0 advantage.

The second half has started.

46 ‘ In Lithuania, Lacicus was replaced by Armanvicius and Barvikas was replaced by Cervis.

47 ‘ Hakan Chalhanolu’s hard shot from the right passes Bertkus diagonally and the ball bounces out.

48 ‘ Lithuanian captain Sarnich was shown a yellow card for fouling.

52 ‘ Genghis Wonder, who filled the ball in the attack of the fast-growing national team, remained on the ground in the penalty area with the intervention of Armanvicius. While Crescent and the star players were waiting for the penalty, French referee Frapart continued the game. Frappart, who checked the position with a VAR warning and showed a penalty spot, showed Armanvicius a yellow card.

Target | 54 ‘ Hakan Chalhanoglu, who took the ball from the penalty spot, sent the leather ball into the net and extended the lead to 2 with his 16th goal in the 72nd national match. 2-0.

59 ‘ Using the left lane very effectively, Ferdi moved away from the service and made the middle. Climaviusius, who intervened at the last minute, removed the danger.

61 ‘ Yunus Akgun replaces Halil Dervisoglu in our national team and Dogukan cynic Kerem Akturkoglu is replaced.

67 ‘ Hakan Chalhanoglu’s shot from outside the penalty area went wide.

73 ‘ Hakan Chalhanoglu sent a good ball that Genghis Wonder sent to Hakan without waiting, but the ball remained in the lap of Dijugas Bertkus.

75 ‘ The ball sent by Sergeant Dursun Jackie hit the front post but the goalkeeper Dijugas Bertkus did not allow the goal.

78 ‘ Injured Linus Climavicius could not continue the game. He was replaced by Golubikas.

80 ‘ Genghis, who was hanging behind the defense near Yunus, entered the under penalty area and fell to the ground with the intervention of Milasius, Frapart without hesitation showing the penalty spot.

81 ‘ Genghis, who took the ball from the penalty spot, could not pass to the under-goalkeeper Bertkus and could not use the opportunity to increase the gap to 3.

84 ‘ In the national team, Ozan Kabak Hakan replaces Chalhanoglu, Genghis Under is replaced by Tiago Kukur, and Ferdi Cadioglu is replaced by Mert Muldur. On the tour, Milasius left his place in Tuticorin.

88 ‘ Goalkeeper Dijugas Bertkus left the hard shot that Yunus sent to the goal from the right side.

Stephanie Frapart blew the final whistle and 90 minutes ended with our national team leading 2-0.

Status: Gursel Axel

Referee: Stephanie Frapart (xx), Mikel Birchebru (xx), Cyril Mugnier (xx)

Turkey: Altay (xxx) – Jackie (xxx), Kan (xxx), Çağlar (xx), Ferdi (xxx) (Min 84 Mert), Salih (xx), Hakan (xxx) (Min 84 Ozan), Genghis (xxx)) (Minimum 84 Tiago), Halil (xx) (minimum 61 Yunus xx), Kerem (xx) (minimum 61 Dogukan xx), Serdar (xx)

Lithuania: Bertkus (X) – Bervicus (X) (Min 46 Cervis X), Girdvinis (X), L. Climavicius (X) (Min 78 Satkus X), Barauskas (X), Lacicus (X) (Min 46 Armanvicius) x), Megelaitis (x), Uzela (x), Milasius (x) (Dk, 85 Tutyskinas), Golubickas (xx) (Dk. A. Klimavicius x), Cernych (xx)

Goal: Min 37 min, min. 54 (P) Hakan (Turkey)

Yellow card: Baravyskas, Cernych, Aramanavicius, Milasius (Lithuania)

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