Sunburn increases the risk of cancer by 3 times

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the climatic regions of the world, including our country. 1 out of every 5 people is diagnosed with skin cancer. There is a very simple way to prevent this type of cancer; Protect from the sun. Professor of Dermatology. Dr. Gülsüm Gençoğlan points out that sunburn once in childhood increases the risk of skin cancer by three times in advanced age.

How should we use sun protectors?
Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun. The effect of the creams lasts 3-4 hours. For this reason, protection needs to be repeated every 3-4 hours to continue. The expression “waterproof” in some sunscreens will not confuse us. The effect of sunscreen is greatly reduced after immersion in water or after washing the face. However, because we are using sunscreen, being in uncontrolled sun will also be harmful.

Because preservatives are effective at certain rates and times. There are basically 2 types of sunscreen, including a mineral filter and a chemical filter. Mineral filter sunscreens are recommended for pregnant women and babies.

Can we go into the sun at any time?
Especially We should avoid outdoor activities while the sun’s rays are perpendicular. Morning and afternoon, when the sun’s rays do not rise, are the best time to go out in the summer months. Under no circumstances should you be in the sun between 11:00 and 16:00.
What are the health benefits of the sun?
The most important effect of the sun on our general health is the production of vitamin D. However, vitamin D drops and vitamin tablets are widely available today. We do not recommend that anyone take sun damage for their vitamin D supply. If you have vitamin D deficiency, consult your doctor and use vitamin D drops.
This would be a more practical approach.

What should be the choice of clothes on a sunny day?
Especially If possible, be careful not to go outside when the sun is coming up vertically and the ultraviolet light is high. Since these are also hours when the air temperature is at its highest, it would be beneficial to pay attention to these hours to prevent sunstroke, increase or decrease blood pressure, burns and scars, especially for mothers, adults and children.

Which clothes are from the sun? Does it help protect us?
The first step in sun protection is mechanical. In other words, we should minimize sun exposure to our skin with clothes and hats. Even the type of fabric is effective in protection. For example, polyester and wool absorb more UV rays than cotton fabrics. Washing clothes with chemicals that absorb UV rays enhances protection. The passage of ultraviolet rays through very thin and light colored fabrics is even more intense. Therefore, this product should not be preferred. Ultraviolet rays of densely woven fabrics provide low permeability and high protection. Moisture in the fabric also increases the permeability of UV rays. If the fabric is wet, this causes the fibers to swell and the texture to loosen rather than dry. It should be changed as soon as possible in case of moisture, sweat or getting wet. Clothing and hats made of ultraviolet filtered fabric are especially useful for protecting the head from sunstroke. The use of these products reduces the risk of damage to individuals and children with white skin, light eyes and hair color. Children should be protected from direct sun exposure, especially in the first 3 years of age.

Holiday plan If you do it right Time selection Be careful
For the holidays, spring months, May, September and October should be preferred as they are the months where the intensity of the sun is more reasonable. In the summer months, especially June; It has a tolerable temperature compared to July and August.

Pregnant mothers can sunbathe So what
We do not recommend sunburn to any patient, but we want our pregnant mothers to be more careful in special situations like pregnancy. Due to the increase in hormone levels during pregnancy, there is a tendency to have scars, especially melasma. However, since our skin moles are sensitive to hormones, high hormone levels can cause an increase in the number of moles as well as an increase in activity. These hormonal inductions can increase the incidence of mole cancer during pregnancy.
Babies can sunbathe So what
Children should be protected from direct ultraviolet exposure, especially in the first 3 years, and should not be exposed to the sun when the intensity of light is strong. Sunscreen with mineral filter SPF 50 or higher must be used when going out during the day. Swimsuits and hats made with ultraviolet filtered fabric should be preferred for children.

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