The psychology of watching TV series: having fun or running away?

With the arrival of the summer season, many of the TV series that have been locked on our televisions have begun to finalize the season. Now he eagerly awaits next season, “Is that character really dead, what did he do in this difficult situation?” We will keep thinking. Of course, we hope the next season will be just as exciting. Those who watch Platform series instead of TV series can feel the excitement of watching all the episodes in one night. binge- watching They will continue to live. Which is good or bad is a matter of separate discussion.

His throne; Although it has started sharing with digital platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Exxen, Gain, television still retains its place in the middle of our home as an essential element of our daily life. Competitions, TV series, religious programs and reality shows affect our daily lives, understanding, socio-cultural habits and change our perceptions and decisions towards the outside world.

Although Turkish audiences found a field of entertainment with the Brazilian TV series that airs mostly in the mornings, nowadays, they may face dozens of productions on multi-channel television every day. In fact, this intensity causes confusion among viewers as to which series to follow and viewers are in a position in this crowd. The paradox of election Can live.

Moreover, television viewers can now only settle for Turkish series instead of foreign productions. Because the domestic TV series industry has been producing important products for almost twenty years. TV series of various companies (Ay Yapım, Tims Production, Med Yapım, Avsar Yapım etc.) and directors (Osman Exam, Gülse Birsel, Jale Atabey etc.) attract national and international viewers.

After the first examples like Bizimkiller, Neighborhood Headman and Super Dad, Kurtler Vadisi, Asmali Konak and Ekmek Technesi. New period productions such as Dirilish Ertugrul, Forbidden Apple and Innocent Apartments, which are also discussed in political, social and psychological contexts, retain the same effect and excitement today. Moreover, watching TV series and talking about them has become the most important socio-cultural activity in both home and public space.

There are multiple explanations for why people watch so many videos, movies and TV series. For example Theory of use and satisfaction He says everyone has different reasons for consuming media content. Some use media to have fun, some to share information, some to spend time, and some to add meaning to their lives.

Forgetting life in fiction

When someone is watching Catharsis Life is, in other words, free from daily worries and problems, even for a certain period of time. The work of television productions is to give shelter to a somewhat depressed person. They create a kind of escape place to forget.

Catharsis It is an important concept in both psychology and philosophy. In psychoanalysis, it refers to the liberation from annoying emotions transmitted unconsciously through other pursuits. In this context, the person, for example, feels a discharge from getting rid of unwanted emotions and thoughts, although he is not aware of it and thus, in a sense, he is freed from his pathogenic and nervous feelings.

In ancient Greece, catharsis was expressed as a “spiritual transformation.” While this has some similarities with its meaning in psychology, it is not entirely identical. Aristotle defined catharsis as the purification of the soul from evil thoughts. From this point of view, it is more A mysterious purification process To see. For example, one can experience this purification through yoga or worship. However, Aristotle also linked catharsis to theater, which is close to psychological discharge. According to him, theater actually tells people about themselves. Audience through the theater Mirroring And sees himself in the game. Because of this, he can both evaluate himself and escape from the world he is in for a while while watching the scene.

Para-social interaction or platonic love

Sure here From parasocial interactions Should also be mentioned. While watching the series the person introduces the actors to any person. She enjoys watching him on screen, watching the scenes he plays. Each scene strengthens the bond between the viewer and the protagonist. This is why this interest and bond between the media character and the audience “Parasocial interaction” Name given

There is, of course, one-sided or somewhat platonic love. The “favorite” character can embellish the audience’s imagination. However, this interaction did not occur only from “physical infatuation”; “Love” is not the only reason. The skill, success, ability, resources and knowledge of the character of the serial can also be the cause of identity.

The audience, who is strong with Batman, becomes rich with Adnan Bay in Asky Memnu. Or, when he finds himself in the Yunus Emre series Taptuk Emre, he becomes a roaring honeymoon in Chukurova Once Upon a Time.

Looks like we’re on the show

Viewers see the character in the series as a role model and friend. She talks to him, imagines him, learns from him and finally finds herself in him and is happy. While waiting for the serial to air next week, he thinks of the protagonist as a real life story and regrets it and prays for him if he is in a bad situation. The screenplay of the new episode is now written by the audience. “It should be, look for it and do it.” Said so in literature Cognitive engagement Given the name, many of us can do that. While watching a movie or TV show, “Go tell him. Do it Run. “Can’t we sometimes tell ourselves?

Another form of this is called “behavioral participation”. In behavioral engagement Viewers think they are in the series. He answers the hero, runs with him and helps him when needed. Of course, he would be more than happy to be with her. He then watched the series, met with his friends and acquaintances, and talked at length about the characters and their activities.

If your favorite character on the show dies

Well, on the show I identify What happens when an established character dies?

Then too “Parasocial Separation” Being. The pain of this separation is like love for a character. Just like that famous song of Muslim Gurses. “Everyone’s suffering is like their love.” As the pain increases, so does the reaction. Those who campaigned on the TV series, attacked any role in the series on the streets and were harshly criticized on social media. Parasocial separation It is related to the deep wounds caused. Remember that after the death of Chaki’s character in the Kurtler Vadisi series, there were those who performed janaza in his absence. Of course, in Asky Memnu Bihtar We should not forget those who built a tomb for him and went to see him on his death anniversary.

It is also possible to evaluate these ideas through their use of social media. From time to time, speculative account holders may identify themselves by events. With social media events that are famous and have many followers; They can connect via Instagram reels, Snapchat posts or YouTube videos. For example, he imagines clothing shared by the event as if he were wearing it himself, or he can feel as if he has been living in his house for a short time with the event being shared from home.

Well, on social media Parasocial separation Is this happening? Of course.

Phenomenon can close their account, block a follower, or actually kill them. That’s when social media breakups happen and sometimes the pain of this breakup can be as devastating as a series breakup.

Should we watch the series?

What to do considering all this? Shouldn’t you watch the series?

No, we’ll see. We will have fun and sometimes get lost in those scenes and images. We all need to run away and get lost sometimes. But we should not be addicted to it. If we are depressed, sleep can help us, but remember that it can only relieve us of our grief for a short time. We must find a more realistic and lasting solution.

Of course, we don’t sleep or watch movies because we are always sad. We can only find ourselves in the serial because it feels better for us. There is no problem in that either. But we should not build our existence by watching TV shows. We should be aware that both the series and the plot are fictional. Yes, some stories are taken from real life. But one thing we should keep in mind. There are new contributions to every narrative in every story. The narrator adds something of his own and sometimes completely changes the pattern. For this reason, we should pursue more meaningful pursuits that will be good for us, and pursue activities that will truly add meaning to our lives. So TV shows should not be at the center of our lives. It should wait for us on screen, just as an alternative to having fun.

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This article was first published on June 15, 2022.

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