The quorum’s “gold medalist” governor set an example by donating blood

UMORUM (AA) – KEMAL CEYLAN – Mustafa Sifatsi, Governor of Çorum, one of the donors who received the “Gold Medal” from the Turkish Red Crescent, set an example with his sensitivity to help save lives by donating blood.

The farmer, who started working in the city in November 2018, donated his first blood in the quorum on January 26, 2019. Sifatsy won a “silver medal” from the Turkish Red Crescent for his second blood donation to Koram in April 2019, and for his 35th blood donation on May 18, 2022, he won a gold medal, according to the Turkish Red Crescent. Medal regulations.

On June 14, World Blood Donor Day, the Turkish Red Crescent visited the Quorum Blood Collection Center, talked to the director of the Çiftci center and the blood donors.

– He became a regular donor when he had trouble finding blood for his father.

Governor Siftasi told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that he made his first blood donation in 1991 when he was a student at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science.

Mentioning his father’s role in becoming a regular blood donor, Çiftci continued:

“My father had a heart attack when he was the district governor of Dervinku district in Navajo and he was admitted to Konya hospital. I did not donate blood regularly because of my father’s illness. My father’s illness was serious, his surgery was postponed. Twice. And RH negative, One of the rare blood groups. When I couldn’t find blood from military units and student dormitories, I went to the Konya Red Crescent Blood Center. Thanks to them, “Let’s find our blood. Konya has stocks, if we don’t find them here, we can collect them from Ankara. Whenever needed. We found the blood and took it to the hospital. ‘ “They said, and they did. They got blood in Ankara and brought it for my father’s surgery. So, I always prayed, ‘May Allah not harm our state, our nation and the Red Crescent.’ Donations are continuous and regular. “

Noting that he monitors the blood donation period every 3 months with a reminder message from the Red Crescent, Ciftci said, “I have officially donated blood 35 times so far. Others, I have given to emergency patients, my estimate is 50. I have personally applied. In hospital and in emergency. I donated blood. ” Used phrases.

The farmer, announcing that he had donated blood to his social media accounts, insisted that he had not neglected to urge citizens to donate blood.

Noting that healthy people should donate blood, Governor Siftasi said that not everyone should ignore the fact that one day they may need blood.

Mentioning that he feels conscientious relief every time he donates blood, Çiftci said, “We believe that saving the lives of all people is equivalent to saving one’s life. In this sense, there is a religious aspect to donating blood. There is also zakat for everything. I am healthy. This is how zakat should be paid. ” He said.

– “Our Honorable Governor Has Set an Example”

Director of the Turkish Red Crescent Quorum Blood Collection Center. Senem Sergeant, on the other hand, said that the amount of donations increased with the arrival of Governor Mustafa Siftasi in the city.

During the month of Ramadan, the number of donations has dropped to a level that could meet the needs of Siftasi, Sergeant said.

“Our esteemed governor supports us by donating blood and calling for donations when the stock goes down. The week he donates is busy here. Other donors are competing with our governor, in fact, they are competing with kindness. Our governor is a Setting an example. Our district governors support us. We also support blood donation in our districts. ” I invite all our citizens to donate blood, just like our governor. “

The sergeant added that the quorum required 70 units of blood per day and that the number of donations had reached a level that could meet the needs during the summer months.

On the other hand, in the city where an average of 20 units of blood was donated per day in 2018, the average daily blood donation after Ramadan this year has reached close to 70 units.

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